Sanas POV

Next day :-

On our way back from hospital we had our lunch in a restaurant. After that we returned home and I went to freshen up while Veer went to bring some groceries for home.

I guess someone is at door. Must not be Veer as he just went out. Wondering I went to open the door, only receive a powerful punch on my face.

”Maya. ” I yelled joyously as soon as I saw her and spread my hands to hug her.

”Bitch I will kill you. ” She said and ran after me with her shoe in her hand.

”Bro am sorry, am really sorry. It happened all of a sudden I literally didn had any idea about it. Calm down babe. ” After much apolozing she was somewhat relaxed.

”How? ” Thats all she asked.

”Well.. umm.. you know ummm… Nisha ran away leaving behind a letter that she is still not over her ex, so she is going back to him. ” I said in a go.

”Are you happy? ” She asked. Well I guess I too don know the answer to this question.

”Yeah. ” I said not meeting her gaze.

”You can fool the whole world but not me, and you know that very well. Now cut the crap and answer me honestly. ” She said in a serious tone.

”I don know Maya. Its just that am going with the flow. Don know what life has in store for me but I just hope it will be good. ” I said looking blankly at the wall.

”You love him right? ” She asked.

”No. ” I lied and she raised her one eye brow not believing what I said.

”What? ” I asked annoyingly.

”I don want to hear your lies darling. Its visible in your eyes that you love him. The way you see him with affection, the way you talk with him with adoration, the way you care for him can be hidden from anyone but not me. So answer me honestly do you love him? ” She said in one go and I couldn help but blush.

”Ok yes I love him. Not from today but when I was a 12 year old girl. ” I said.

”Then why don you confess. How many more years will you wait. ” She said.

”I don know. Maybe for the rest of my life I have to wait I guess. ” I said.

”Who is waiting for whom for the rest of the life? ” The voice was different. Yeah its Veers.

”Nothing just random talks. ” I replied back.

”Hi Veer. ” Maya greeted him.

”Who are you? ” Veer said faking anger.

”Bro am sorry. I didn get a leave. I really wanted to come but its just that my leave application wasn accepted. ” She said making puppy eyes.

”I ain melting this time. ” He said.

”Veer please. ” She said in cute voice and made a pout. I pulled her cheeks so hard.

”This is the last time am forgiving you. ” He said.

e the best brother. ” She said like 5 year old girl.


After a month

Life was as usual boring. Our relationship was also same, but there was something different. Veer was different. Once a careless guy now cares the most for everything. Only he knows what got him to be like this. Don know if am just assuming or is it real but I can hear something from the kitchen.

OMG. There is a thief. I heard thieves come when the whole house is dark but what kind of thief he is who is coming at 9 pm when the whole society is awake.

”Better you go back, else I won mind breaking a bone or two of yours. ” I said and he was advancing towards me. Just some fight. Ok. I held him by his shoulder and kicked his stomach. Then turned around but I guess he is powerful. He is trying hard to get out of my hold.

Not so easy. I hit him on his leg and throwed him on the dining table and then broke a glass vase on his head. Yeah he is bleeding. Now let me break his hand. I got hold of his right hand and hit him against the wall. No its not enough. Then I hit him with my elbow on his chest.

Still not enough. I dragged him near the kitchen window and hit his face there and then with my hand am hitting his right hand continuously till it fractures, so that he would never ever dare to enter any house.

But then I got another biggest shock of my life. He took his mask out and it was none other than Veer. Shit.

”What the ** was going on in your mind? ” He was angry. Sana be prepared to bear his anger.

”Sorry. I thought some thief is trying to break into the house. ” I said not meeting his gaze.

”Have you seriously lost your mind. Just that I had a face mask on my face doesn mean am a thief. Thieves cover their whole face except eyes but in my case only my nose and mouth were covered. Can you recognise me. You should have atleast waited for some time. ” He said in tiring voice holding his right shoulder with his left hand.

”But why do you have to wear that mask on your face. There is no disease which is spreading out currently. And moreover why didn you shout. ” I tried to justify my answer.

”On the way to home, some small students were giving these masks and they gave me one so I wore it. And about shouting, you didn even let me utter a word with your continuous punching. ” He said.

”But why did you enter from the kitchen? ” I asked.

”Because from ½ hour am ringing the door bell but no response and I didn have the keys so I had to jump inside from kitchen because that was the only window which was open. ” He said completely irritated.

”Am really sorry. The bell was off. Lets go the doctor. ” I said completely embarrassed at my action.

As we reached the base hospital we rushed to casualty ward. The doctor took an x-ray of his right hand and was examining it, while the nurse applied ointment and band aid on his head because of a cut which happened due to the vase.

”Your right shoulder is dislocated and has a small hairline fracture. It will take around 1 and a half month to be cured. I will bandage your hand and please don drive any vehicle for a month. ” Doctor said.

”But Sir can I work with this bandage? ” Veer asked.

”Yeah you can write and type but not too much. Just don fold your hand if not that necessary. ” Doctor said and we both nodded.

He wrote some medicines and gave. We bought those medicines from the store.

”Veer… Sana ” We heard some known voice. Turning back we saw Abhay Sir waving at us.

”What are you both doing here at this time? ” He asked us.

”Your sweet little sister broke my hand. ” Veer said.

”What the hell? Are you serious? ” He was shocked.

”Umm.. sir actually he entered from the kitchen like a thief so I just hit him a bit too much because I thought he was thief. ” I said in one go.

”There must some reason why he entered like that. ” Sir said.

”Yeah actually he didn have the keys and also the door bell was switched off so he had to jump into the house from the kitchen window. ” I said but Veer was shooting daggers at me.

”Veer. You know right she is completely insane. Atleast you would have wore some rubber jacket or something like that to protect yourself. ” Sir said.

”Sir I thought she might be sleeping but who knew she was wide awake and lost in her own dreamland and that a small sound would break her dream and in return she will break my bones. ” He said.

”Now its literally late. You both should go home. Veer you take some rest and get well soon. ” Sir said and we both left after bidding a bye.

The ride towards home was silent. I was driving my bike and Veer was sitting behind and by seeing his face from the rear view mirror I can easily say he is going to kill me as soon as we reach home.

After reaching home he was all silent.

”Sorry. ” I said and I really meant it.

”Its ok. ” He said without any emotion.

”If you want you can also hit me like we used to hit each other playfully when we were kids. ” I said trying to cheer him up.

”This isn a give one take one game and most importantly we aren kids anymore. ” He said sternly.

”I didn do that intentionally. Am sorry. ” I said in a childish voice and holding my ears.

”Its ok. But am really proud of you. The girl who was once meek is now no less than a fighter. ” He said with a wide smile.

”Thats why am an army officer. ” I said.

”By the way am hungry. Lets eat. ” He said and we both had our dinner or you can say I had my dinner and fed him his, because doctor said not to fold the hand until that necessary and then we both retired for the day.


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