Sanas POV

After almost 1 year am at Mumbai. Its such a good feeling. I woke up and went to freshen up. After joining Army it has become my habit to wake up early and freshen up. After taking a good shower of 30 minutes or more I came out.

Its still 7:00 Am. No one would be up by now. So yeah I have to scroll something on my mobile only. Well well my friends already know that am here. Great my day is sorted as am going to have fun with my friends. Fair enough.


After 2 hours

”Good morning papa… Good morning mama. ” I greeted them both as I went down for breakfast.

”Good morning princess. ” They both said in unison.

”Wow aloo Paratha… After so many days. ” I said joyfully.

”I made it for you… I can see you aren eating properly there. So before you go I will make you gain weight. ” Mama said proudly. Papa and I shared a Is she serious look..

”You both father and daughter can talk afterwards now eat. ” She said again and we 3 started eating.

”Umm papa am going out in the evening with my friends. ” I said after I finished my food.

”Ok. Be careful. Actually I and your mother are going to Ashoks house. Can believe Veer is getting married in next 15 days. ” He said and again I felt I lost my everything.

”Hm Veer is such a nice boy. Nisha is lucky to have him as his husband. By the way Sana do you have someone in your life? ” Mama asked out of the blue.

”What? Why would you ask that? ” I asked completely shocked at her question.

”Princess you know in your generation its common. So if you love someone then tell us we will talk with their family. ” Papa said. Why are they both trying to marry me off so soon.

”There is no one papa. If someone would have been there I would have told you. ” I said.

”Umm.. then should we find someone for you. ” Mama again said all of a sudden.

”Woah whats so hurry? Why you both are trying to marry me off so soon. ” I asked.

”Princess you are 24 and girls of your age have a boyfriend or even some of them are married. ” Mama said.

”Seriously stop it. I am not marrying anyway soon. ” I said firmly and they both just hummed.


In the evening at Central shopping mall.

”Where are you all? ” I asked Jasmin over call.

Jasmin and Anwesha are coming together. They said me to come sharply at 5:00 pm and now its 5:30 pm and still there is no sign of them.

”Booh. ” They both came from the back.

”That wasn scary. ” I said annoyingly.

”No hi no hello nothing directly scolding us. ” Anwesha said faking anger and then I pulled them into a hug. Meeting them after a year.

”Darlings you both said me to reach here at 5 and you both aren here till 5:30. ” I said.

”Got stuck in traffic. Mumbais traffic you know na. ” Jasmin said I hummed.

”By the way Sana do you scold your juniors the same way you burst out on us a minute ago. ” Anwesha asked.

”I scold them even bad if they don do something on time. ” I said.

”Poor juniors. ” Anwesha said dramatically and I hit her on her head.

”Well by the way your best friend is getting married. So is that why you came Mumbai. ” Jasmin said and it was really hard for me to control my emotions.

”No bro I came to meet everyone. Its been one year since I came to Mumbai and co-incidently Veer is also getting married at the same time. ” I said hiding my emotions.

We chit chatted for some more time and then went to watch a movie. After long time I watched a movie. It feels so good. Its like am living my childhood again. After joining Army it has been literally hard for me take some time out for myself.

After that we went to our favourite restaurant to have our dinner and then we drove to Marine drive to get some fresh air. It was almost 1 am when I reached home. Everyone was asleep by then. I went to my room, changed into my PJs and yeah after many days I enjoyed my life. I hope tomorrow will be even better.


After 15 days

My nightmare came true. Yeah its Veers wedding today. I think I should be happy because he is happy. Well lets just forget everything and go to his wedding. The wedding is after 5 hours but he strictly said me to come early, ofcourse am his best friend. I reached the wedding but I don know why am getting very bad vibes as if something very bad is going to happen.

”Sana..!!! ” Veer almost yelled as soon as I entered the venue.

”Calm down man people will think of us as mad people. ” I said.

”Shut up… My wedding is in 5 hours and you are coming now. I told you I need my best friend beside me. ” He said faking anger.

”Man you are just getting married. You aren going to war that you are so much tensed. ” I said assuring him.

”When your time will come then I will tell you girl. ” He said with a smirk.

”Whatever… Where are aunty and uncle and you idiot instead of helping them you are shouting at me. ” I asked him.

”Sana your parents and my parents strictly said me to stay out of their business what can I do. ” He said and I showed him my tongue.

”Sana dii. ” Someone hugged me from back.

”OMG Karan. How are you and how come you became so tall. What is the secret bro? ” I asked teasing him.

”Its because of Veer bhaiya. ” He said faking anger.

”What he did this time? ” I asked out of curiosity.

”After he joined army he has completely changed dii. He calls me every morning at 6:00 Am and asks me to run about 3 kms per day and by chance if I deny I have to bare his long lectures and after that also I have to run and do various sort of excercises and what hurts more is Mom and Dad also support him. ” He said making a pout.

”Karan you are a dead meat if you won stop your drama now. ” Veer said sternly.

”See dii I told you he is completely changed, earlier if someone scolded me he used to support me but now he himself is scolding me. ” He said in baby voice.

”Karan he is saying for your good. You know right he wants you to succeed in every difficult situation thats why he is being strict. And man you
e 19 years old. So grow up boy. You brother just wants your good. ” I completed my short speech and Karan just hummed happily.

”Am really lucky to have you as my best friend. ” Veer said with a smile.

”Pleasure is mine. ” I said and winked.


After 2 hours

”This can happen. She can play with my sons life. ” Jaya aunty cried.

”Calm down Jaya. ” Ashok uncle was consoling aunty.

My parents were also trying to calm her down. Veer was furious for what was happening. Karan and Shreya were dumbfounded owing to what was happening.

Yeah Nisha ran away from the wedding. She betrayed Veer. She left behind a letter saying that her ex-boyfriend is back and that she is still not over him so she is going back to him.

”The wedding is in three hours. How can she do such a thing. How can she play with my sons life. ” Aunty was crying continuously.

”Rajesh please do something, I can see her like that. ” Uncle pleaded to papa.

”Rajesh Bhai I know you have done a lot for our family but can I ask one last thing. Please don deny. ” Jaya aunty requested to papa

”Ofcourse bhabhi. ” Papa assured her.

”Can you give us your daughter for our son. Please Rajesh Bhai, please Sudha. ” Aunty gave everyone a shock and I was standing dumbfounded.


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