Destined To Be His Wife…

Do I still love him?

Hey..!!! Dear readers. Thank you so much for giving this story a chance.

This story is completely based on my imagination and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is completely co-incidential. Therefore I hope no one would copy my story.

Enjoy reading..!!!




Ashok Rathod – Father of Veer, retired professor of mathematics at IIT Bombay.

Jaya Rathod – Mother of Veer, a cardiologist and social worker.

Karan Rathod – Younger brother of Veer and is currently pursuing his engineering from IIT Bombay.

Shreya Rathod – Younger sister of Veer and a cute bubbly girl. She is currently studying in STD 10th.



Rajesh Sharma – Father of Sana, a mechanical engineer and loves his daughter like anything.

Sudha Sharma – Mother of Sana, a lawyer by profession and a social worker.


Both the families are great friends. Sana and Veer know each other from childhood like when they were merely 7 years old. And from then continued their great friendship.

If there is any mistake please do let me know in comments.

So lets begin the story….

Enjoy reading..!!!

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