Sanas POV

The ride towards home was all silent. I was really scared about his outburst. He would be out of control if he is angry. After we reached home he threw my suitcases and dragged me inside our room. I was about say something when he interrupted me

”Dare you utter a word before I ask you something, I won think twice before killing you. ” He roared angrily and I nodded.

”What made you pull this ridiculous stunt? ” He asked sternly.

”I.. umm… actually. Its nothing like that. ” I said.

”I don have patience to hear your nonsense. Just spit the truth. ” He said angrily.

”Actually I got a letter from Nisha. ” I said and handed him the letter. After reading the letter he mumbled some incoherent words under his breath.

”Will you believe anyone especially a stranger? ” He said calmly but anger was visible in his eyes and I nodded negatively.

”Then what made you go damn it? ” He said sternly.

”I thought what she wrote was true, because there wasn any reason for her to lie according to me. And something in me said that what she said was true. So I just blindly packed my bags and went. But even if it is true I don have any problem with it. You can marry her. I was just a substitute. I know you think of me as a burden and curse yourself for me. You don need to do that anymore. You
e free from now. Please don spoil your life because of me. I won come in your way ever. I will apply for transfer on monday. You don have to see my face ever. ” I completed my short speech and waited for his reply. His one hand was scratching his forehead and other on his hip.


That was a hard slap though. I almost fell on ground but somehow got my balance.

”How could you stoop so low of me Sana? You call me as your best friend right. If not husband but atleast your best friend. How the ** could you stoop so low of me. I was thinking to talk with you about giving this relationship a chance but I never thought of you as a burden. I never expected this from you. Am feeling like someone backstabbed me. You really hurt me. ” With that he stormed out of the room.

I hid my face in my knees and cried till there was no tear left. I really hurt him, I shouldn have done that. I didn sleep the whole night. My whole mind and heart was with him.

It was morning 7. I took a long and relaxing shower. Last nights memories flashed into my mind. He was out of house the whole night and till now there is no sign of him. I tried calling him but all in vain. Veer please come back.


It was almost 9 pm in the night and there was still no sign of Veer. My head was spinning like a giant wheel because of the fever and as well as thinking about Veer. Suddenly everything around seemed to be blur. My vision got blur and suddenly everything was black.

Veers POV

I was angry on Sana but more than that I am angry on myself. I shouldn have raised my hand on her. But I don know what happens to me when I get angry. I literally loose my patience and presence of mind everytime I get angry. Its all because of that Nisha. I swear I won spare her.

I couldn think straight and in the heat of the moment I hurt Sana. I should apologize to her. It has been almost 18 hours since I left home. Something inside me is telling me to go home fast. My subconscious was telling that something very bad has happened.

I rushed towards home. I opened the door only to see Sana lying unconscious on the floor. I lifted her in bridal style and placed her on the bed. I immediately called doctor.

After some 20 minutes the doctor came examined her. She gave her some injection.

”Captain, there is nothing much to worry. Its just that she hasn eaten anything from more than 30 hours and moreover she is taking way too much stress. And thats why she is having fever and as per me she is having fever from almost 2 days. Thats why she fainted. Here are some medicines, and most importantly she should take them regularly for a week. ” Doctor said and I replied with a thank you and after that she went.


After 1 hour

I was sitting by her side and suddenly I felt some movement. I moved my gaze and saw her opening her eyes. I passed her a smile and she returned it. I brought dinner for her.

”Veer, please don be angry with me. I am sorry. I didn mean to say all that. Please forgive me. I swear I will never do that again. ” She said and I just hummed and started feeding her. She didn utter word but something inside me wanted her to speak like there is no end.

I went back to the kitchen and did the dishes and returned back to her. She was still looking at me with pleading eyes. I settled myself beside her and held her hand.

”Sana… Am sorry. ” I apologized.

”But why? I am at fault, not you. ” She said.

”No its not like that. I shouldn have raised my on hand you. I just lost my control then and it all happened in the heat of moment. ” I said lowering my gaze.

”I didn mind that anyways. Maybe I deserved that for my brainless behaviour. ” She said.

”Hey don blame yourself. Let us both forget that. Umm.. if you don mind can we give this relationship a chance? ” I asked nervously and what she did next literally shocked me. She kissed me on my cheek and I was gawking at her. The next moment she realised what she did and hid her face with her hands.

I composed myself and asked her the question which was haunting me from many years.

”Sana.. do you still love me? ” I asked and she looked at me with horror.


Sanas POV

”Sana.. do you still love me? ” He asked and I looked at him with horror.

”What are you saying? I.. I can understand. ” I managed to say and he smiled.

”No need to hide it anymore. I knew it long back but its just that everytime I tried to reciprocate my feelings, I wasn able to do that. ” He said and I was shocked at this newly found information.

”Time passed by and I thought you must have moved on and unfortunately I fell for Nisha. That was the biggest mistake of my life. When I said you and Maya about my wedding with Nisha I saw your face becoming dull but I ignored that. I thought its just my imagination and nothing else and by now you must have moved on. But now tell me honestly please do you still love me? ” He asked again.

”Veer you know there is no time limit for love. It lasts for years and years and some even break in between and those which break in between are not called as love. Its just attraction. If love happens once it won let you think of any other person. Love is divine. Love is pure. It gives you happiness even if you
e sad but the person whom you love is happy. It helps you to forget all the bad things happened with you.

It gives you a new hope. Hope that keeps you alive, hope that doesn let you loose faith in the person whom you love. Even if the person doesn love you back you still will be happy if he or she is happy. Your happiness should lie in their happiness even if you aren the source of their happiness.

Love demands sacrifice Veer, and I decided to sacrifice my whole life for you. Yes it did hurt me when you didn show any feeling for me yet I was happy because you were happy. For a while I decided to move on. I thought that it was wrong to love a married person. Before I entered the wedding hall I was really sad but something inside me said me not to be sad because you were happy. My happiness always lied in you Veer, but its just that my fate wasn with me at that time.

Don take me other way, I was genuinely happy for your and Nishas wedding but when she ran away I felt like killing her because you were hurt and Veer I can never see you being hurt. Its called love Veer.

And today I am saying this with my whole heart and mind. I love you Veer. I always loved you and will only love you even if you don love me. You
e my first and last love. ” I said and broke into tears.

”Sana.. please forgive me. I didn mean to hurt you. Please give me some time. I won disappoint you this time. ” He said and hugged me. I was feeling protected in his embrace. I wanted this moment to never end. I hugged him back and we both slept in each others embrace.


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