“And you don't need to know, either.
That's why my sister will not make her debut with you.
We'll have the damages for the breach ready, so terminate the contract right now.
You do whatever you want because I don't care.”

Park Hyeok-Gi finally blew his top.
“What the hell?! That's it, I've had enough! Do you really think I'm a pushover?! Do you really think you can come and go as you please here?!”

“I do.” Kang Jin-Ho coldly grinned.

“You keep this up, fella, and it ain't gonna end pretty for you.
If I want, the likes of her will…”

Before the situation spiraled further out of control, Jo Gyu-Min stepped in.
“Director Park, I advise you to stop.”

“Who the hell are you?!”

The road manager fidgeting nervously by the side hurriedly rushed over to Park Hyeok-Gi and whispered into his ear.
The latter's expression changed almost instantly.

Jo Gyu-Min continued as the stunned director of the talent agency stared at him.
“It'll be better for you to watch what you say.
Otherwise, this situation will no longer be salvageable for you.
In fact, no one will be able to save you if that happens.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“No, you threatened us first.
I'm merely warning you.”

Park Hyeok-Gi frowned deeply.
The situation had become very complicated if this punk was really from the Jaegyeong Group's Office of Secretaries.
Just what was Jaegyeong Group? That corporation was in a completely different realm compared to the backgrounds of the rabble that had gathered here.
If Jaegyeong wanted to, a tiny speck like Starwiz could be disintegrated in mere seconds.
Park Hyeok-Gi would be left penniless, too.

The question was—what was the relationship between this young punk and Jaegyeong Group.
Park Hyeok-Gi had been involved in the cutthroat world of the entertainment business for a long time, which allowed him to climb quite high thanks to the power of discernment.
Just from Kang Jin-Ho's attitude alone, it was easy to see that he occupied a higher position than the Jaegyeong Group's secretary.
However, letting go of Kang Eun-Yeong because of this would greatly damage Starwiz in the long run.

'Man, what should I do…'

Should Park Hyeok-Gi remain uncompromising? Or give up now? Neither of them seemed like a viable option.
He opened his mouth one more time to fix the situation.
“For now, let's calm down first and talk.
If our side needs to fix our ways, then I promise you, I shall…”

“No need.” Kang Jin-Ho flatly refused.


“I want nothing from you.
Go and bring me the contract here, right now.”

Park Hyeok-Gi gnashed his teeth when Kang Jin-Ho didn't yield.
Not only that, but the younger man's rude attitude was also getting on his nerves.
If it wasn't for that Jaegyeong Group secretary, Park Hyeok-Gi would have knocked some teeth out of that punk's mouth by now.

“Young friend, you're rather rude, aren't you?” Park Hyeok-Gi growled.

“If you want respect, earn it.” Kang Jin-Ho scoffed derisively.

“O-Oppa…” Kang Eun-Yeong tried to stop her older brother before things got out of hand.

Kang Jin-Ho groaned.
He briefly glared at Park Hyeok-Gi before turning around to leave.
He could see that listening to this idiot might lead to him causing a scene.
Destroying an idiot was a cakewalk for Kang Jin-Ho, but he didn’t wish to show something uncouth to his little sister if possible.
After all, he was Kang Jin-Ho, not Heavenly Crimson Demon Emperor.

“Let's go.”


Kang Jin-Ho held his sister's hand and began walking away.
He issued a new command to Jo Gyu-Min without even bothering to look back.
“Please take care of the rest.”

Please rest easy, I'll have everything sorted out.” Jo Gyu-Min bowed deeply and bade Kang Jin-Ho goodbye.

However, just as Kang Jin-Ho led his sister outside the practice hall, a torrent of abusive words suddenly hit them.
“F*cking hell! I knew that b*tch would do this! This is why I shouldn't accept random nobodies!”

Kang Jin-Ho let go of Kang Eun-Yeong's hand.


He ignored his sister's calling and turned around to slowly make his way to Park Hyeok-Gi.

“Hey, what do you want now?!”

Kang Jin-Ho ignored Park Hyeok-Gi's call and simply gripped the latter's throat.


Park Hyeok-Gi's complexion went pale in an instant.

His arms flailed about, eventually gripping onto Kang Jin-Ho's hand holding his throat.
However, that hand must be made out of granite or something as it didn't even budge an inch.
Park Hyeok-Gi's eyes began rolling over at the intense grip.

Kang Jin-Ho yanked the Starwiz agency's director close, then pressed his face even closer to the latter.
“Repeat what you said…”

“Kuk! Keh-ek!”

“I said, repeat what you said.”

The female trainees began screaming at the sight.
Their shrill cries echoed unpleasantly within the practice hall.

Kang Jin-Ho ignored them.
“You see, I'm not in the best mood right now.”


“So, why don't you repeat yourself? What did you say?”

“…!” Despite his lips flapping weakly, Park Hyeok-Gi and his pale face couldn't say anything.

“I can't hear you.
Speak up.”

Jo Gyu-Min rushed up and urgently grabbed Kang Jin-Ho's arm.
Jin-Ho, don't! He'll die at this rate!”

Kang Jin-Ho sharply turned his head.


Jo Gyu-Min froze in his spot when he saw crimson streaks swirling around Kang Jin-Ho's eyes.
Only then did he realize something crucial.
He might have seen Kang Jin Ho’s various facets, but he had never witnessed the young man when he was truly furious.

Jo Gyu-Min's heart began pounding away uncontrollably.
Meanwhile, his body didn't want to move an inch.
Still, he managed to squeak some words out.
“He… He will die… Mr.

Kang Jin-Ho narrowed his eyes at Park Hyeok-Gi before releasing him.

“Keh-ek! Cough, cough!” Park Hyeok-Gi collapsed to the floor and coughed before roaring in anger.
“Y-You bastard! I, I'm gonna sue you!”

“Go ahead,” Kang Jin-Ho replied while turning around.

Jo Gyu-Min managed to sober up in time and stared at him.
“What will you do now, Mr.

Even though he already knew the answer, he still had to confirm it, just in case.

Kang Jin-Ho glanced around at the practice hall.
“I've changed my mind.
Getting rid of this agency will be doing the world a favor.”

“I agree, Mr.
What about those kids…?”

Kang Jin-Ho lightly shook his head.
“Those kids aren’t at fault.”


“However, their parents certainly are.”

“I shall get right on it, Mister Jin-Ho.”

Kang Jin-Ho noticed his little sister shivering like a rain-soaked bird and wrapped his arm around her shoulders.
“Let's go home.”


They finally emerged from the agency's building.
Kang Eun-Yeong could no longer hold back her tears and began sobbing away.

“You don't have to cry, Eun-Yeong.”

“…I'm sorry, Oppa.”

“No need to apologize, too.
It's my fault for noticing it so late.”

“Still, I’m sorry…”

Kang Jin-Ho gently chided her, “Tell us sooner the next time, okay? What would be the purpose of your family members if you can't even share your worries with us?”

“Okay, I will…” Kang Eun-Yeong nodded her head nonstop.

“Let's go home now.”


As they headed to the parked car, Kang Jin-Ho gently patted Kang Eun-Yeong's back.
Even as they were leaving, he still glanced at the building behind him with his cold and unforgiving eyes.

'You shouldn't have provoked me…'

He had been provoked.
His family had been provoked.
His anger was slowly blooming, ready to burst at any moment.

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