ype of 'interest.' 

The placard senior rubbed his chin.
“Hmm… After a pro gamer, we now have a potential future celebrity? Mister Jin-Ho, are you interested in joining a talent agency in the near future?”

“No, I'm not.”

“Everyone, it seems the South Korean entertainment industry has just lost a potential superstar.”

The group exploded into another round of laughter.

“Okay, next person, please!”

Han Se-Yeon got up next.
“Hi, everyone.
I'm Han Se-Yeon, also from Dongmyeong High School.
My hobby is singing, but I don't have any particular specialties.
My wish is to spend this year having fun and making good memories.”

She spoke in a polite tone and kept her comments concise.
Of course, Kang Jin-Ho still stared at her with a face that said, ‘Stop being so fakey, will you?’ Han Se-Yeon frowned ever so slightly at that.

This time, it was the turn of the male students to smile gently in her direction.
Han Se-Yeon was one of the top idolized girls back in high school by the male population, and her face was pretty enough for Kang Jin-Ho's old self to even pine for her.
Not to forget, her outward personality also seemed pretty nice.
So, she seemed like an ideal girlfriend type.

As she settled down, Kang Jin-Ho whispered to her, “Really? Don't you know when to stop?”

“Shut up, or I'm gonna torment you for the rest of today!” She quietly threatened him even though her lips were closed.
Her power of ventriloquism immediately shut Kang Jin-Ho's mouth.

The introduction of the rest of the class eventually came to an end.
The senior put the placard down and smiled brightly.
“Well, then! Many other activities have been prepared for today, but truth be told, that's what the higher-ups told us to do! Let me ask you, what do you think is absolutely essential in getting close to other people?!”

Almost everyone replied in unison, “It's booze!”

“Yes! Let's go and drink to our future!”


The sudden change in plans meant everyone was now heading to a nearby bar even though the sun was still high up in the sky.
The class settled down in their spots, forcing seniors from other classes that had arrived a little too late to groan and seek alternate establishments.
Judging from their reactions, this particular bar must have been a well-known watering hole in the university.
The Class C senior triumphantly declared.
“Did you all see that? This is why speed is everything!”

“You're the best, senior!”

Kang Jin-Ho and his friends occupied a table of their own.
Park Yu-Min was always going to stick next to Kang Jin-Ho, anyway.
Meanwhile, Kang Jin-Ho himself didn't feel a particular need to join other tables, so he chose an empty one instead.
As for Han Se-Yeon, she seemed initially hesitant before settling down next to Kang Jin-Ho.

She sighed in disappointment.
“To think that I must hang out with you guys even in my university life…”

Kang Jin-Ho tutted, “You can leave, then.”

“What? Do you really think I won't? I'm only joining you out of pity here.
I can already imagine you two sitting here by yourselves, looking like lost sheep.”

“We'll be fine.
So, leave.”

“…May I sit here, Lord Kang Jin-Ho, sir?”

Kang Jin-Ho grinned.
“I shall permit it.”

Han Se-Yeon guffawed and settled down.
Despite her bravado, she still felt a little intimidated by the prospect of meeting new people.

Booze soon reached the tables, and the power of alcohol soon loosened people up enough to make them relax and more talkative.
Those with outgoing personalities even began table-hopping with their glasses in tow.

“Hmm…” Han Se-Yeon observing her surroundings suddenly shrugged.

“What's the matter?” Park Yu-Min asked her.

She replied in an unconcerned manner, “University isn't much, I guess.”

“You think so? It's all so weird for me, you know?”

“Nah, everything looks the same to me.”

Kang Jin-Ho agreed with Han Se-Yeon's assessment.
The scenes of idealized campuses as seen on TV were just that, fakes cooked up to make their dramas more interesting.
In the end, universities were just like everywhere else populated by human beings.
Nothing was special about them, and there was nothing to be surprised about here.

“Here, here, here! Juniors, allow me to pour you your next shots.” The senior wielding the placard earlier stopped by at Kang Jin-Ho's table next.

“Ah, yes.
Thank you.” Han Se-Yeon politely offered her glass first.

“Your name was Han Se-Yeon, right?”

“Yes, senior.”

“My name is Gong Gil-Yeong.
Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, too.” Han Se-Yeon bowed slightly.

Gong Gil-Yeong leaned slightly closer to her.
“Give me your phone for a sec.”


“Yeah, your phone.
Don't tell me, you don't have one?”

“No way,” said Han Se-Yeon with a slightly cramped expression.
She then presented her phone to Gong Gil-Yeong.

The senior saved his contact number on her phone and gave it back.
“That's my number, so if you're not sure about something or want to know more about our campus, you can always call me, okay?”

“Thank you.” Han Se-Yeon bowed her head again.

Gong Gil-Yeong poured booze into the empty cups of Kang Jin-Ho and Park Yu-Min, then turned his attention back to Han Se-Yeon.
He pressed forward a bottle of soju in her way.
“How about another glass?”

“I'm fine, actually.
I'd like to take it slow, senior.”

“Hmm, that's no good.
We'll be heading to another bar later to carry on the proud tradition of sharing the booze bowl, so I wonder, will you be able to survive with your low alcohol tolerance?”

“The booze bowl, you say?”[1]

“Yup, we'll be sharing a booze bowl.”

Han Se-Yeon shook her head.
“I'd like to opt out of that, senior.”

“You can't not drink it just because you don't feel like it, though.
It's a tradition, after all.”

“…I see.” Han Se-Yeon looked somewhat displeased, but she didn't voice it.
It seemed more prudent to let it slide for now.

Gong Gil-Yeong lightly waved the soju bottle around.
“Alright, so… One more glass, then?”

“But, senior…” Han Se-Yeon tried to politely decline.

But Gong Gil-Yeong wasn't an easily-dissuaded type.
“Uh-huh! Your senior is offering you a drink here, so just accept it.”

Left with no choice, Han Se-Yeon wordlessly accepted the drink.
She furrowed her brow while downing her cup brimming full of soju.

Gong Gil-Yeong grinned.
“What's the matter? Too bitter?”

“Yes, senior,” Han Se-Yeon replied while covering her mouth.

“Then, have some snacks.
Munching on snacks while drinking will solve your problem.”

“…I'll do that.”

“Well, then! Time for another round! Downing three shots during a first meeting is the basic of all basics, after all!”

Han Se-Yeon became a little firmer with her refusal.
“No, I'm fine, senior.
I think I'll stop here for today.”

“You've only had a couple of shots, though? Come on, just one more.”

“Senior, it's just that I'm not good with alcohol…”

“No, no, no.
That won't do! You gotta get good with drinking to make lots of friends and get close to your seniors more easily.
There, there~.
Here's one more for you.”

“…Sigh.” Han Se-Yeon sighed softly while pushing her cup forward.
She wasn't sure if anyone she had met in her life so far was as pushy as this senior.
However, with the occasion being what it was, she couldn't really lose her cool or keep refusing.

“There you go, one for Se-Yeon.
And… Oh? Why aren't you drinking, Yu-Min?”

Park Yu-Min hurriedly waved his hand.
“A-ah, I can't hold down alcohol, senior, that's why.”

“Come on now.
No one is good with booze from the get-go.
You get better by drinking more, you see? Have one more.”

It was at this moment that Kang Jin-Ho finally broke his silence.
“Senior, do you believe you're good at holding your booze?”

“Mm?” Gong Gil-Yeong shifted his attention over to Kang Jin-Ho.
“What's up?”

“How about we find out?” Kang Jin-Ho picked up the bottle and poured some booze into Gong Gil-Yeong's cup.

The university senior smirked at the sight of his full cup, then looked back at Kang Jin-Ho.
“So, you want to challenge me in drinking, eh? Is that it?”

A “booze bowl” is a large bowl meant for cold noodles but would be filled with soju.
It's passed around by a group to be shared. ☜

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