yeong-Gil glared at the principal with a crumpled expression.
“What the hell are you doing?! Why aren't you making that call?!”

“S-sorry? Ah, y-yes, sir!”

Kang Jin-Ho tried to stop them.
“I'll talk to them, so you don't have to bother.”

“You shut up! Mister Principal, make the call!”

“I said, don't!” Kang Jin-Ho growled at the old man.

“You think something will change just because you tell them?” The Chief Director gloated as he said that, then he whispered so quietly that no one but Kang Jin-Ho could hear.
“This is merely the beginning, you bastard.
Do you think this is enough for me?”

Veins began bulging near Kang Jin-Ho's temples.
He must endure this.
He had to.
But for how long must he hold himself back?

But something unexpected happened just then.

“M-Mister Principal!” A voice came from the end of the corridor, and a school staff member could be seen urgently running from there.

The principal replied in an annoyed voice, “What is it now?!”

“S-sir, there's something you gotta see outside!”

“Can't you see that I'm busy?!”

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“Sir, it's an emergency!”

“What? What emergency?”

“L-look outside the window, sir! There, by the schoolyard!”

The principal tilted his head in confusion, then walked up to the windows to take a gander at the yard.
“Wha-what's going on here?”

A row of black sedans could be seen parked out in front of the school building. They weren't some ordinary sedans, either.
Anyone with eyes could see that they were top-of-the-line luxury models.
Choi Myeong-Gil also spotted them, and his eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets.

He spoke in a slightly quivering voice, “Who are they? Wait, could they be an inspection team? N-no, a government inspection team wouldn't show up in such flashy cars, so…”

The staff member cried out. “I-it's Chairman Hwang Jeong-Hu! He came to our school, sir!”

“Say what?!”

“The chairman of the Jaegyeong Group has come here, sir!”

Chief Director Choi Myeong-Gil cried out as shock filled his face.
“W-why would he come here all of a sudden?!”

His cry was answered by a composed voice coming from the end of the corridor.
“What's wrong? Do I need your permission to come and see my grandchild?”

Clomp, clomp…

The weighty sound of expensive loafers stepping on the tiled floor lazily echoed within the corridor.
A large contingent of people consisting of bodyguards and secretaries were headed their way, with Chairman Hwang Jeong-Hu leading from the front.

The chief director gasped in shock and hurriedly rushed toward the group.
“C-Chairman! It has been a long time, sir!”

Hwang Jeong-Hu narrowed his eyes, then asked Baek Yeong-Gi next to him, “Yeong-Gi, have I ever met this moron before?”

Baek Yeong-Gi glared at Choi Myeong-Gil apathetically.
The way he stared at Choi Myeong-Gil was the polar opposite of how he reverentially gazed at the Chairman.
Even if he used to be the odd man out among the directors in the past, one should never forget that he was still one of the Jaegyeong Group's directors.
His status was in another realm altogether compared to some measly educational foundation's chief director.

“Chairman, sir.
I believe you might have met this man when you were once invited to attend a few conferences of chief directors held by various educational foundations, sir.
Although, it's not a surprise that you don't remember him.”

“Ah, is that right?” Hwang Jeong-Hu nodded. Then, he stared at Choi Myeong-Gil disinterestedly.

“C-Chairman Hwang! I had no idea that your grandchild is attending our school, sir! You could've given us some prior hints, sir.
Allow me to guide you from now on.
Which year and which class is your grandchild…”

“No need for that, fella.”

“I'm sorry?”

“You see, he's already right there.”

Choi Myeong-Gil's hands began trembling just then.
grandchild of Hwang Jeong-Hu was already right there? 'There' was obviously the corridor they were in, but only one student was currently standing in it—there was none other than Kang Jin-Ho.

Hwang Jeong-Hu smiled warmly after spotting Kang Jin-Ho.
“There you are.”

The chairman roundly ignored Choi Myeong-Gil and walked straight past him.
When he got near, Kang Jin-Ho lowered his voice so that no one else but Hwang Jeong-Ho could hear him.
“What are you trying to pull here?”

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“I came after hearing about some matters troubling you.
Besides, didn’t I say I'd bring 'it' to your school?”

Kang Jin-Ho stared at Hwang Jeong-Hu in a daze.
If the latter was here to deliver the money, he should have done that and left quietly.
But now, what on earth was he trying to pull with this 'grandchild' nonsense? Kang Jin-Ho was pretty sure that he had no blood connection to Hwang Jeong-Hu, even if he went back and looked up the previous eight generations in his family.

Hwang Jeong-Hu suddenly broke into a loud peal of laughter while patting Kang Jin-Ho's shoulder.
“It has been a while, Jin-Ho! Have you been well? How's school?”

so-so,” Kang Jin-Ho replied, having decided to play along with this childish charade for the time being.
It seemed a bit too late to back out of this fresh mess that Hwang Jeong-Hu had started.

Afterward, Hwang Jeong-Hu glanced at Choi Myeong-Gil.
“Chief Director?”

“Y-yes, Chairman?”

“I happened to hear that you have been taking care of my grandson…” Hwang Jeong-Hu spoke with a cold grin on his face.

“N-no, well, that is…”

“I obviously can't overlook all the nice things you've done to my grandson now, can I?”

Choi Myeong-Gil's complexion became completely ashen.
He had been suppressing others with wealth and his position until now, so he knew better than anyone how frightening the power of those two things combined could be.

Choi Myeong-Gil's power was like a tiny little candle before a blazing sun compared to what Hwang Jeong-Hu had in his hands.
While Choi Myeong-Gil would have to bribe the press to shut them up, Hwang Jeong-Hu wouldn't even have to lift a finger.
The press would automatically shut themselves up just to avoid angering him.

As a matter of fact, the whole of Korea could go into an upheaval if that was what Hwang Jeong-Hu wanted to see.

“Your name is Choi Myeong-Gil, isn't it?”

“…Y-yes, Chairman.”

“I heard that you've been abusing that pathetic little power of yours until now.
Then again, what's the point of rebuking you at this stage when you still haven't wizened up in your old age? Indeed, you'll just pay the price, and that’s the end of it.”

“W-wait, Chairman Hwang! Please, don't kill me!”

“Huh? When did I ever say I'll kill you, fella? I'm not that kind of a person.
Jo Gyu-Min?”

“Yes, Chairman,” Jo Gyu-Min replied while bowing his head.

“What did you do with the related information you collected?”

I've handed them over to the prosecuting authority.”

Hwang Jeong-Hu tilted his head.
“Not the Ministry of Education?”

“Even though the Ministry's inspection team will investigate the ongoings of this educational foundation, the uncovered crimes can only be dealt with by the police and the prosecutors, sir.
While handing over the information, I urged the prosecutors to be especially thorough with their investigation since you would be keeping a close eye on the developments, sir.
I hope you don’t mind what I have done.”

“Oh, is that so?” Hwang Jeong-Ho nodded before taking another glance at Choi Myeong-Gil.
“What do you think?”

“C-Chairman, please!” Choi Myeong-Gil desperately cried out.
He seemed to be mere moments away from clinging onto Hwang Jeong-Hu's pants regardless of whether there were witnesses here or not.

Unfortunately for him, though, Hwang Jeong-Hu's glare was icy.
His lips slowly parted before a thunderous roar exploded forth from him.
“Do you really think I'll spare you after you tried to hurt my dear grandson?!”

Choi Myeong-Gil's legs lost all their strength just then.

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