s landed on him, he muttered, ”Pass it to the old man. ”


Cheon Tae-Hun finally realized it.
This young man—Kang Jin-Ho—couldn ’t care any less about Cheon Tae-Hun or his colleagues.
To him, they were trifling existences that could be snubbed out of life at any time or suppressed without much trouble.

Just like how a lion wouldn ’t particularly care if a puppy were tossed inside its cage, Kang Jin-Ho treated Cheon Tae-Hun and his colleagues as if they were air despite sharing this rather small space with them.

Humiliation and anger instantly rose up in Cheon Tae-Hun ’s head, but those emotions were swiftly beaten down into oblivion by fear.
As a result, he didn ’t protest and did as told by placing the cigarette between Lee Jung-Geol ’s lips.

Cheon Tae-Hun wasn ’t the only one shocked by this situation, as Lee Jung-Geol ’s expression was also ’complicated ’ as he mouthed the cigarette.


Meanwhile, Kang Jin-Ho lit another cigarette, this time for himself, then quietly sucked in the unhealthy smoke before slowly releasing it into the air.
“Looking back, there were times when I desperately longed for a smoke.
That was when I just couldn ’t get rid of the stench of blood from my body.
During those times, just one cigarette would have been great.”

A faint grin slowly formed on Kang Jin-Ho ’s face.
However, Cheon Tae-Hun was in no mood to smile along, as he couldn ’t quite understand the flow of this situation at all.

Just why was this young man so…
relaxed? And why couldn ’t Cheon Tae-Hun do anything in this situation other than pathetically shiver?

He was scared.
That was undeniable.
More specifically, he was too scared of the individual in front of his eyes and could barely keep himself standing.
What he couldn ’t figure out wasn’t the fear itself, but the ’why ’ of it.

Why was he so scared of that young man?

Was it because he was covered in blood? Was it because he was a crazed but skilled murderer who had just killed twenty martial artists outside?

No, those weren ’t the case.
Cheon Tae-Hun had also experienced all kinds of hell to arrive at this point in his life.
He had become far too callous and worn down to get scared by such reasons.
The number of people he had killed with his own hands should be well over twenty by now.
So Cheon Tae-Hun wouldn ’t get scared by being in the presence of another murderer.

In that case, why? Why did Cheon Tae-Hun ’s heart still feel like it was shriveling up?

Kang Jin-Ho didn ’t seem to care what was on Cheon Tae-Hun ’s mind and relaxedly puffed away at his cigarette for a while.
Eventually, he fixed his gaze on Lee Jung-Geol.
“Your granddaughter asked me to save you.”

Lee Jung-Geol ’s irises powerfully quaked at the mention of ’granddaughter,’ then a flicker of light quickly returned to them as if he had seen a distant streetlamp illuminating the inky-black darkness of the night.
“Y-you mean, my Hyeon-Ju?”

“Yes, her.” Kang Jin-Ho took another puff before lazily exhaling the smoke.
“So, I came to ask you.
If I save you, what will you do for me in return?”

Everyone in the room stared at Kang Jin-Ho with their eyes strongly quivering.

wants to negotiate now?! ’

Even though he had already killed twenty men outside? Did that mean the reason for killing all those people and entering this room was that he wanted to negotiate?!

’You insane son of a b*tch! ’

Cheon Tae-Hun barely managed to suppress the only words suitable to describe this situation from coming out of his mouth, and there were no more doubts that the young man was insane.

No one in their right mind would do such a thing.
And it seemed Cheon Tae-Hun wasn ’t the only person thinking that way.
Even the other party in the negotiation, Lee Jung-Geol, could only look on slack-jawed at Kang Jin-Ho.

Kang Jin-Ho tutted.
“I ’m a busy man.
Hurry up.”

“I, I…!” Lee Jung-Geol couldn ’t withstand the pressure emitted by Kang Jin-Ho ’s glare, and he gasped before yelling in a hoarse voice, “W-what is it that you want? Tell me! If it ’s within my powers, I ’ll grant anything you want!”

Kang Jin-Ho ’s eyes became withdrawn.
“Looks like you haven ’t understood me.”

Lee Jung-Geol ’s expression was quickly dyed in shades of confusion.

Kang Jin-Ho shook his head.
“I don ’t want anything from you in particular.”

Lee Jung-Geol started shuddering from more shock.
If that was true…
what did this young man want from him then?

Kang Jin-Ho resolved the confusion in the old man ’s mind.
And through perhaps the worst possible way, too.
”Tell me what you can offer me.
Think about an offer that can pique my interest.
Since I don ’t want anything from you, I might as well go home if you can ’t offer me anything enticing enough.
So you better think real hard and fast before I get bored and leave. ”

A powerful realization dawned on Lee Jung-Geol.
This young man wasn ’t joking, and he was definitely not ridiculing him as well.
The young man was being genuine.
This was indeed…
his current thought process!

’In that case, why did he even come here? ’

Lee Jung-Geol couldn ’t make heads or tails of the young man ’s behavior, but this wasn ’t the time to worry about that.
Indeed, instead of debating what was sensible or not in this situation, he should be trying his best to save his neck right now.
If that young man agreed to step up, Lee Jung-Geol was certain that this situation could be reversed in one breath, and the trio of assailants would be suppressed in the blink of an eye.
”I, I— ”

However, just as Lee Jung-Geol was about to say something, someone else acted first.

“Y-you think this is a joke, you punk?!”

Cheon Tae-Hun ’s brows shot up.
One of his colleagues, Bak Cheon-Yong, had stepped forward while pointing angrily at Kang Jin-Ho.
Bak Cheon-Yong’s expression clearly said that he couldn ’t endure this anymore.

“Where the hell do you think you—”

Bak Cheon-Yong couldn ’t finish his words, and it was obvious why he couldn’t continue.
A man with his throat sliced open would not be able to speak, after all.

’…J-just when?! ’

Cheon Tae-Hun ’s figure started shivering like a lone leaf against the winds.
The sword stabbed to the floor seemed to have teleported into Kang Jin-Ho ’s hand, and right at that instant, a slender crimson line manifested in Bak Cheon-Yong ’s throat.

“…Uh?” Bak Cheon-Yong hurriedly touched his own neck as an expression of shock filled his face.

The initially-slender red line resembling a thread rapidly grew thicker.
Cheon Tae-Hun knew very well what that line signified.


As the sound of a wet object splitting apart rang out, Bak Cheon-Yong ’s head rolled off his body and tumbled to the floor like a scene from a movie.
Shortly afterward, his headless body fell to the floor, followed by a fountain of blood gushing out of his neck.


All that gushing blood only served to make this scene feel even more unreal.

Kang Jin-Ho didn ’t even spare a glance at Bak Cheon-Yong ’s headless corpse as he muttered to the rest of the living in the room, “Didn ’t I say this before? I ’m too excited right now.”

His words made the room feel even colder.

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