before, you know! I ’m the only virgin loser here!”

“That ’s… nice.” Choi Yeon-Ha sighed loudly again.

It seemed that these three were simply unsalvagable.
If there were only one of them, he could have ridden on the coattails of ’normal ’ people around him and lived a sensible life.
Since that was the case, how unfortunate it was for them to come similar to a package deal like this!

Choi Yeon-Ha held her head as he continued her explanation, “In any case! What kind of a pizzeria doesn ’t even offer pasta or risotto? It ’s not like you offer specialized dishes, either.
And you don ’t even sell salads! All you sell are pizzas, so who would come back here again?”

Park Yu-Min cautiously raised his hand.
We also have pickles?”

Choi Yeon-Ha retorted sarcastically, “Wooow, what an amazing side dish you have there!”


”It ’s the same story for drinks, too! Couldn ’t you mix mojitos or some kind of juice? Lemonade? Anything? You brazenly put only Cola and cider on the menu, and you thought your business would make money?! ”[1]

Park Yu-Min muttered in a daze, ”Huh? So, it wasn ’t the interior decoration after all? ”

That was when Ju Yeong-Gi yelled, ”I told you, didn ’t I?! I told you it wasn ’t the interior ’s fault! I keep saying my interior idea is the best, so how dare you spit on the face of my sharp intuition! ”

But then, Choi Yeon-Ha coldly rained on Ju Yeong-Gi ’s parade.
“No, we all should keep spitting on that face.”


”In any case…
So, uh…
Urgh, damn it! ” Choi Yeon-Ha suddenly spat a cute-sounding curse in frustration.

Ju Yeong-Gi ’s crumpled face softened into a brief chuckle at that.

I get to see all sorts of things by being next to Jin-Ho, eh… ’

When would he ever get to witness a top actress in the country hurl insults like this aside from here?

Choi Yeon-Ha blew her top.
”I just don ’t know where to even begin! No, this won ’t do! Mister Jin-Ho! ”


”Close your store for a day.
You need to watch and learn how other pizzerias operate first.
And get a better understanding of what a real menu looks like, too! I ’ll personally take you to a well-known establishment and show you how it ’s done! ”

“I ’m sorry?”

“Haven ’t you heard about how imitation is the mother of all inventions? You gotta understand how successful stores operate before you can figure out what to do for your own business!”

Kang Jin-Ho was rendered speechless just then.
He opened a pizzeria because that was what he wanted to do, but now, he had to offer something else extra?

“Wait, does a pizzeria need to offer stuff like that in the first place?”

“Of course! Haven ’t you eaten in other pizzerias before?!”

“I only ordered takeaways before, so…”

Park Yu-Min chimed in.
“Yes, me, too.”

Ju Yeong-Gin sagely nodded.
“Me, three.”

Choi Yeon-Ha scanned the trio in pure stupefaction before yelling in anger, “What the hell is up with you three?! Are you ETs or something?!”


Cai Kechang couldn ’t dare to raise his head.

The Crimson King didn ’t say a word, but his silence was far scarier than any words at this point.
Eventually, though, he did break his silence.
“You told me to leave it to you.”

Cao Kechang flinched nastily.

“And so much time has passed since then, yet I haven ’t received any reports regarding that matter yet.”

“My sincerest apologies, my lord.”

“It ’s not uncommon to taste failure.
Succeeding certainly is wonderful, but failing isn ’t necessarily bad.
However, what is truly unacceptable is—watching nothing happen.
You can analyze the reasons for your failure, thus turning it into an opportunity to build a firmer path to success.
But constant delays won ’t lead to benefits for the parties involved.
Do you understand what I mean, Cai Kechang?”

“Yes, my lord!” Cao Kechang prostrated even deeper as he silently gnashed his teeth.

’Those stinking bangzi bastards…! ’

He had left the matter to the hands of some lowly punks, but to think that they still couldn ’t handle it properly and only ended up creating this unpleasant situation! Cai Kechang swore that, as soon as this meeting ended, he would rip those Korean idiots a new one!

The Crimson King continued in a grave voice.
“Cai Kechang.
The Luminous King has made a move.”

Cai Kechang ’s head shot up.
“My lord?! The Luminous King is on the move?”

“That ’s right…” The Crimson King nodded briefly.

Cai Kechang clenched his fists tightly.
For some reason, the Luminous King had made a move.
Even though he was well-known for digging in and never budging from his spot! The implication behind it was significant, to say the least.
Maybe the frontal warfare they had been worried about might break out for real.

“However, the reason the Luminous King decided to move was rather amusing.
It seems he has noticed that demonic arts practitioners are getting more active.”

”Demonic arts practitioners! ” Cai Kechang ’s eyes grew wider as the thoughts in his head started to race at a million kilometers an hour.

If all unnecessary hyperbole and modifiers were removed from the description of Cai Kechang ’s current assignment, it would simply be about hunting down a single demonic arts practitioner.
The purpose of mobilizing the Yeongnam Group was to deal with that demonic cultivator named Kang Jin-Ho, after all!

But now, Zhongyuan ’s demonic cultivators were also making a move?

’Is this merely a coincidence? ’

Demonic arts practitioners were like cockroaches.
They were cockroaches that would keep on crawling out of dark corners despite stomping on them so many times.
It wasn ’t strange for cockroaches to appear from here and there, but…

’I ’m not getting any good vibes from this. ’

Cai Kechang frowned deeply.
And it seemed that Crimson King shared that opinion, too.

”Whether the demonic arts practitioners are really on the move, or it ’s just a nice-sounding pretext cooked up for their own convenience, I do not know the truth yet.
However, now that the Luminous King has made his move, the peace we have been enjoying so far will be broken pretty soon.
if the Dark King also decides to join in, a storm of blood and cruel slaughter will beset Zhongyuan once more. ”

“That ’s correct, my lord.”

“I do not fear them, Cai Kechang.
I am the Crimson King.
No one can oppose me.”

Cai Kechang hurriedly planted his forehead on the floor.
That was right; the mighty individual before him was none other than the Crimson King! One of the only three martial artists in Zhongyuan to have legitimately earned the title of ’King,’ and he was someone Cao Kechang firmly believed to be an extraordinary and peerless cultivator!

“However, Cai Kechang!”

“Yes, my lord!”

“A general always secures his rear first before heading toward his warzone.
I won ’t be able to focus on the Luminous King or the Dark King with that demonic arts practitioner business in my rear.
Do you understand?”

“My lord! This Cai Kechang will answer your call and eliminate that pesky demonic cultivator no matter what it takes!”

You can leave now.”

”By your will! ” Cai Kechang prostrated once more before cautiously exiting the throne room.
He sucked in a deep breath while wiping his forehead.
“Bloody Korean bastards…”

Just how long had it been since he left this matter in their hands? Yet, they still couldn ’t finish the job properly?

Cai Kechang gnashed his teeth while yanking out his phone.
“This can ’t go on…”

This would be their last chance.
He had to urge the Koreans to get a move on for one last time, but if they still failed to finish the job, then…!

Cai Kechang made up his mind to personally get involved, and then he coldly eyed his phone.
If he were forced to move, his target wouldn ’t just be Kang Jin-Ho anymore.
No, he would definitely teach the Yeongnam Group and the Korean martial artists what it meant to fail him in this manner.

Indeed, he would teach those weak Koreans what real martial arts were like.
The real martial art techniques that were abundant in Zhongyuan, not the fake ones found in Korea!

Cai Kechang ’s cold and withdrawn eyes were fixed on the phone ’s screen as he tapped on the call icon.

In Korea, ’cider ’ isn ’t an alcoholic drink but a fizzy drink similar to Sprite.

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