it instead stoked the flames of pure fear in his heart.

Obviously, he still hadn ’t fully gotten rid of his fear.
However, at the very least, he recognized that his current behavior could not be normal.

Yi Jae-Seok gritted his teeth.
His opponent’s identity didn’t matter.
He had already crossed the line he shouldn ’t have, anyway.
In that case, the only thing that mattered was who would be left standing at the end of this encounter.

Just as he finished thinking that way and tried to resolve his fighting spirit, something bizarre happened…


A pitch-black cloud-like fog began bellowing out from around Kang Jin-Ho as weird hissing noises echoed inside the factory.
And that sight cleanly wiped out all semblance of fighting spirit in Yi Jae-Seok ’s heart.

on earth was that?! Yi Jae-Seok ’s eyes quaked uncontrollably.
The spectacle was fundamentally different from everything he knew and thought of as reality.

Could that be the result of a cultivation method? However, the cultivation techniques Yi Jae-Seok knew could not produce such fog from a person ’s body.
The only suitable word to describe this bizarre sight would be ’mystery.’

’Is he even human?! ’

Just what exactly was this monster…

At that moment, Kang Jin-Ho ’s figure suddenly extended like a string of spaghetti.
Yi Jae-Seok freaked out and tried to retreat, but his reaction speed was no match for Kang Jin-Ho.


Yi Jae-Seok sensed his head being grabbed by the black smoke-like something, and he started flapping around like a skewered fish.

Kang Jin-Ho quietly growled.
“Now, sleep.
We have a lot to talk about afterward.”

Pain indescribable with mere words assaulted Yi Jae-Seok through his head, and his consciousness started to fade away.

’No, this can ’t be…! ’

His thoughts ended there, and Yi Jae-Seok blacked out completely.


How long had it been?

Yi Jae-Seok ’s dazed mind stopped wandering the darkness of the deserted empty ocean of his subconsciousness and slowly rose back up to the surface.

Theft is never good, try looking at

’Where am I? ’

Since when did I fall asleep?

His dazed mind prevented him from figuring anything out.
It felt like he couldn ’t understand and remember anything.
But then, his consciousness, seemingly drunk on anesthesia, was finally woken up by an acrid metallic stench.

The stench was uncomfortably vivid while also being thick and acrid enough to stab him through his nostrils and course throughout his body.

’…Stench of blood? ’

Only then did Yi Jae-Seok finally open his eyes.
And when he did, the slumbering molecules in his body awakened as well.
The languidness flew out of his system in an instant, and his muscles contracted urgently.

Yi Jae-Seok recalled what happened just before he fell asleep.
His eyes shot open wide, and he hurriedly took a look at his surroundings.
His previously glazed eyes regained their focus and caught the carnage around him.


The first set of emotions washing over him contained indescribable despair and terror.

“Ah, ah-euh…!”

Blood was everywhere, and the place was utterly overflowing with blood.

The factory ’s floor, its walls, and even its ceiling were completely dyed in the hue of blood.
This sight was so bizarre that Yi Jae-Seok momentarily thought the interior had been painted red.

And the acrid stench of blood filling up the factory left little room to wonder if all this copious amount of crimson liquid was anything else but blood.

’That bastard…
He ’s completely insane! ’

Yi Jae-Seok had been called a madman countless times before.
His infamy within the Yeongnam Group, probably the most violent martial artist organization in Korea, was high.
People calling him a heartless, cruel bastard was a daily occurrence by now.
Some said he had no human-like feelings and that he was utterly nuts.

But Yi Jae-Seok still existed within the realm of ’human.’ Sure, he had killed before.
Saying these sorts of things as a killer was a laughable notion, but well, he still saw his targets as human beings.
At the very least, he had never treated his targets like toys or lifeless objects like what Kang Jin-Ho had done!

“You insane motherfu…” Yi Jae-Seok muttered.

He wasn ’t expecting any response, but the monster listening to him was surprisingly considerate.
At least, judging from how quickly he responded, that was!

“Are you finally awake?” Kang Jin-Ho asked in a composed voice.
It sounded far too composed, and that made him even more monstrous and bizarre.

Yi Jae-Seok ’s seven colleagues should all be dead by now at the hands of this monstrous bastard.
However, the said bastard was maintaining his previously composed voice despite causing carnage beyond human comprehension.
How unnervingly creepy was that?

“Euh, urgh…” Yi Jae-Seok tried to grip the floor.

The dirt dug in between his fingers and pricked his skin, but he had no mental leeway to care about that.
That was because he could hear the sound of Kang Jin-Ho ’s approaching footsteps.

Clomp, clomp…

Yi Jae-Seok couldn ’t even think about resisting.
What about running away, then? Even he could tell that was out of the question.

His fate and his colleagues ’ fate had been as good as sealed the moment Kang Jin-Ho burst through the abandoned factory ’s gate and entered the fray.
Just like a cow trapped in an abattoir, no less.

All Yi Jae-Seok could do now was pray that his death wouldn ’t be painful and prolonged.

“Well, then…” Kang Jin-Ho stopped in front of Yi Jae-Seok and crouched.

Yi Jae-Seok panted heavily while staring at this monstrous individual.
That face…
it was normal—it was absolutely ordinary.
It might sound weird, but Kang Jin-Ho ’s current expression could only be described as ordinary and unperturbed.
Who could have guessed that below his calm, cool-looking facade was unimaginable violence slumbering away, ready to be unleashed at any time?

Indeed, this insane bastard wouldn ’t even hesitate to rip Yi Jae-Seok apart while maintaining that calm; nay, peaceful expression.

“Huff, huff, pant, pant…!”

Yi Jae-Seok ’s breathing grew heavier and shorter.
His entire body was shivering like a wreck as buckets of cold sweat flooded down his skin like rain.
His bloodshot eyes urgently darted about, unable to find a place to settle.

Kang Jin-Ho wordlessly observed Yi Jae-Seok ’s transformation before leisurely getting things going again.
“Now, speak.”

Yi Jae-Seok couldn ’t disobey.

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