pissed off about something from work, you see? So, if someone unwisely gets in his way now, that poor person will bear the brunt of his anger.
That ’s why I think we shouldn ’t say anything to him and provoke his rage.”

“Although I don ’t fully understand, I do accept your explanation.
But the production team is currently auditioning various actors right now, you know? We can ’t afford to delay this for long.
When will he stop being angry, Miss Eun-Yeong?”

“Well, usually…” Kang Eun-Yeong pondered something for a bit.
“I can ’t say for sure how long it ’ll take, but he might feel better after some idiot steps in and provokes him first…”

“I see…
But what will happen to that hypothetical idiot?”

“Mm…” Kang Eun-Yeong hesitated for a while before finally resolving herself.
“Judging from how you ’re looking at me, you probably think I ’m badmouthing my orabeoni for no reason.
But please believe me when I say that ’s not true.
What I ’ve been telling you is the truth.”

“I ’ve never thought that way about you, Miss Eun-Yeong.”

“In any case, the fate of that idiot would be…
Well, he ’s going to regret it.”

“Regret, you say?” Choi Yeon-Ha tilted her head.

An extreme level of regret.” Kang Eun-Yeong shuddered and quickly shook her head as if she didn ’t even want to imagine it.

Choi Yeon-Ha could only look weirdly at Kang Eun-Yeong.
“Mister Jin-Ho doesn ’t look like that sort of a person, though?”

“Senior, please listen.”

“Mm? What is it?”

“Please be honest.
You think I have a bad personality, don ’t you?”

“…Honestly?” Choi Yeon-Ha hesitated, not knowing how to answer here.
She thought Kang Eun-Yeong ’s personality was indeed poor, but something like that couldn ’t be said to the person ’s face.
That would be rude, after all.

“It ’s okay, senior.
I know what I ’m like, anyway.
But even I can ’t squeak a word out to my orabeoni.
That ’s how rough his personality is.
It ’s pretty simple to understand, right?” Kang Eun-Yeong sagely nodded.

“…I guess so.” Choi Yeon-Ha sighed while deciding to slightly revise her impression of the man named Kang Jin-Ho.
Obviously, she wasn ’t a witless fool and could sense how genuine Kang Eun-Yeong was right now.

“In any case, please be a little more patient.
Until either my orabeoni is no longer angry or some idiot provokes him first.” Kang Eun-Yeong sighed in lamentation.
“Although, idiots like that are hard to come by, so…”


Lee Seong-Hwi continued to glare murderously at the cafe.

“How about asking for reinforcements?” Lee Hyeon-Ju asked anxiously.

“Reinforcements?” Lee Seong-Hwi gritted his teeth loudly.
“Are you implying that I can ’t even deal with a brat like him? So, you want me to call a group over and gang up on him? Is that it?”

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from bit.ly/3iBfjkV.

“That ’s not too far off the mark, now is it?”

“Listen here, Hyeon-Ju! Better watch what you say!”

“But you ’ve already lost to him once, haven ’t you?”

Lee Seong-Hwi angrily roared out.
“That happened only because I let my guard down!”

His yell only made Lee Hyeon-Ju stare back at him with a cold gaze.
“Oh? Did you really?”

“Yes, really! Take another swipe at me, why don ’t you? See how long you ’ll last.”

Lee Hyeon-Ju stared at the still-seething Lee Seong-Hwi, her eyes filled with nervousness.

doesn ’t make any sense, though! ’

Everyone in the Korean Martial Assembly would think Lee Seong-Hwi getting beaten up by some unknown young man was a funny joke.
They might not be aware of Lee Seong-Hwi ’s personality, but his skills had been widely acknowledged by them, after all.
However, Kang Jin-Ho did subdue Lee Seong-Hwi in only a blink of an eye.
That was an undeniable fact.
Lee Hyeon-Ju was there to witness it, wasn ’t she?

’Will this really be fine? ’

Someone in her position had no choice but to order others around.
However, she was unwilling to crush the pride of a man who could become the leader of the Martial Assembly in the future.
Her mind was telling her to summon more people to help deal with this situation, but…
she just couldn ’t come to a decision at all.

’It feels like I ’m making a mistake… ’

Lee Hyeon-Ju still hadn ’t erased Kang Jin-Ho ’s glare she had received at the underground parking lot from her memories.
Remembering that helped her realize Lee Seong-Hwi had only seen half of what Kang Jin-Ho really was.

“…No, this won ’t do.
I ’m calling my grandfather,” said Lee Hyeon-Ju.

“Sure, go ahead.
We will never speak to each other again if you do!” Lee Seong-Hwi grunted unhappily.

“That doesn ’t sound like a loss to me?”

“Sure, sure.
So, call your grandpa.”

Lee Hyeon-Ju groaned deeply.
Why couldn ’t men get over their stupid pride?

“Besides, it ’s too late for that now,” said Lee Seong-Hwi.

“Mm?” Lee Hyeon-Ju shifted her gaze to the cafe and spotted the store ’s lights going off.
Soon, Kang Jin-Ho, his father, and Jo Gyu-Min stepped outside.
After locking up the door, the three of them discussed something, then Kang Jin-Ho ’s father got in his car to drive off.

“Hmph, looks like he ’s searching for me?” Lee Seong-Hwi clenched and released his fists, then took a step forward while waving his hand slowly.
Over here.”

Kang Jin-Ho ’s gaze shifted over to Lee Seong-Hwi ’s position.

“You told me to wait, so here I am,” said Lee Seong-Hwi with a loud growl.

Kang Jin-Ho discussed something with Jo Gyu-Min, then he beckoned at Lee Seong-Hwi and Lee Hyeon-Ju.

“Looks like he wants us to follow?”

Lee Hyeon-Ju didn ’t say anything, simply crossing her arms in front of her chest.

Lee Seong-Hwi tutted, then asked her, “I ’m going.
What about you?”

“…Do I have a choice? I ’m also going with you.”

Anyway, she already knew—Kang Jin-Ho wasn ’t someone she could escape from even if she tried to run away.
Besides, she also wanted to confirm something.

’I ’m not good enough to assess him. ’

Lee Hyeon-Ju was not strong enough to figure out the true depth of Kang Jin-Ho ’s power.
The gap between the two was simply too vast for that.
However, if it was Lee Seong-Hwi keeping his guard up and going all-out—he should be a good yardstick to measure Kang Jin-Ho’s strength.

Kang Jin-Ho climbed into Jo Gyu-Min ’s car.
The vehicle glided toward the duo from the Korean Martial Assembly before coming to a smooth stop.
The passenger ’s side window rolled down, and Kang Jin-Ho looked at the duo.
“Get in.”

“…Oh, so you want to chauffeur us? Nice.” Lee Seong-Hwi smiled odiously before yanking the rear passenger door open.
As he climbed, he glanced at Lee Hyeon-Ju.
“Aren ’t you coming?”

She couldn ’t help but shudder while staring at the open doorway.
Why did it feel like that doorway led to the mouth of Hell? She had a feeling that it might not be too late to turn around and escape from here.
Her instincts, not her rational mind, were screaming at her to take this chance and run.

Unfortunately, she couldn ’t do so.

“Get in,” said Kang Jin-Ho.

The moment he issued that order, Lee Hyeon-Ju found herself already halfway inside the car.

The door closed shut behind her, and the vehicle smoothly set off.
Kang Jin-Ho leaned on his seat and quietly addressed the duo.

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