“I also don ’t know much about them, other than rumors of such people existing among us,” said Hwang Jeong-Hu.

“Even you…
don ’t know the details, sir?” Jo Gyu-Min was slightly taken aback.

Take a look.” Hwang Jeong-Hu pointed to the TV.
“We live in an age where seemingly every information can be obtained with a touch of a button.
If you ’re suspicious about something, all you gotta do is fire up your search engine.”

“…Yes, that ’s true.”

“But now, what if you don ’t hear about any reports regarding unusual individuals in our country? No, how about the entire world? What would you think about that?”

“Sir, I ’d treat such rumors as a mere urban legend.”

“Indeed, you would.” Hwang Jeong-Hu slowly nodded away.
“I ’ve heard the usual rumors.
Just rumors, nothing concrete.
Rumors has it that people different from us walk among us and that those people manipulate our world from the shadows.
But we all have heard about such stories before, haven ’t we? Such as the Freemasons and the Order of the Rosy Cross.”

“In other words, conspiracy theories…”

“That ’s why I never paid much attention to them.
As you may know, I ’ve done all sorts of things to build Jaegyeong to its current self.
Obviously, I ’ve experienced a few strange events during my time.
Back then, I thought of them as weird coincidences, but now, I think I know what happened.
After meeting Jin-Ho, of course.”

Jo Gyu-Min slowly nodded, still paying undivided attention to his boss.

Hwang Jeong-Hu continued, “Meeting Jin-Ho taught me that those rumors were real.
At least half of them, at any rate.”

“Why half, sir?”

“I finally know that ‘special’ individuals exist, but that doesn’t prove that any of them are manipulating the world, does it? As an example, look at Jin-Ho—is he trying to manipulate the world?”

“No, sir…” Jo Gyu-Min shook his head.
How should he describe the ’Kang Jin-Ho ’ he had been observing until now…? An uneven rubber ball that would never bounce or roll around unless someone touched it first, something like that? A rubber ball that stayed perfectly docile on its own until someone decided to play around with it.
It would then bounce around unpredictably.

As long as no one provoked this rubber ball, everything would be at peace.

Hwang Jeong-Hu rubbed his chin.
Something else confused me a great deal.
Jin-Ho seemed utterly clueless about the existence of the other world.”

“Yes, I think that was the case.”

That ’s why I couldn ’t figure it out.
Just how much of it is true while the rest is just made-up nonsense?”

Jo Gyu-Min contemplatively nodded.
“And now, you are certain…”

I am, more or less.”

“Chairman, honestly speaking…
I ’m deeply confused about this.”

“Confused? How so?” Hwang Jeong-Hu tilted his head slightly.

Jo Gyu-Min cleared his throat first before replying, “It ’s…
I ’ve learned that the world I know isn ’t everything there is to see.
It feels like my knowledge of Earth being round turned out to be false all along, and that someone told me things like gravity were just some fancy inventions to fool people like me, sir.”

Hwang Jeong-Hu chuckled softly.
“That ’s a funny way of explaining your feeling, Gyu-Min.”

“Sir, what…
should I do now?”

Hwang Jeong-Hu blinked a couple of times and stared at Jo Gyu-Min.
“What do you mean, what? Just carry on living as you have always done.”

“How can I do that, knowing the truth?”

“That ’s an odd thing to say,” Hwang Jeong-Hu replied, then smirked quietly.
“…Gyu-Min, you already have been living that way.”

“I have?” Jo Gyu-Min tilted his head.

“Listen, Gyu-Min.
Humans tend to ignore things they know are true…
if they can ’t see it physically happen before their eyes.”

“…Sir, I don ’t do that.”

“Is that what you think?” Hwang Jeong-Hu chuckled playfully.
“In that case, can you guess how much kickback our trusted elected officials receive?”

“You mean, politicians…
receiving bribes?”

“Yes, that.”

Jo Gyu-Min mulled his answer before opening his mouth to speak.
“I ’d imagine it could be over dozens of billion won, sir.”

“Dozens of billions, eh?” Hwang Jeong-Hu guffawed.
The meaning behind that laughter was so obvious that Jo Gyu-Min couldn ’t help but sigh.
Hwang Jeong-Hu ignored that sigh and carried on.
“Very well.
Let ’s say it ’s a few dozen billion.
In that case, why aren ’t you doing anything about it?”

Jo Gyu-Min clamped his mouth shut.
The meaning behind Hwang Jeong-Hu ’s question was crystal clear to him as well.

“It ’s not just you, Gyu-Min.
Most people turn a blind eye to things they know are happening out there and simply carry on with their lives.
You can probably count on one hand the number of people that believes in the idea that there are politicians with integrity who would never accept bribes.
However, none of us have ever tried to expose their corruption.
We all know the truth, but we don ’t act on it.”

Jo Gyu-Min slowly nodded in acceptance.
Hwang Jeong-Hu wasn ’t wrong, after all.

“I ’m not criticizing such behavior here, Gyu-Min.
As long as the crap swept under the carpet won ’t affect your life or your work, you wouldn ’t go out of your way to drag that stuff into the open.
Think about it, Gyu-Min.
Think about how our world is ripe with irregularities and corruption.
We all keep our mouths shut unless we become the victims, don ’t we?”

“…Yes, Chairman.”

“As such, all you gotta do is just carry on living as you have always done.
It ’s not that difficult, I think.
However…” Hwang Jeong-Hu chuckled as if something amused him.
“…Your life is already entangled with those folks.
I wonder, will you be able to turn a blind eye now?”

Jo Gyu-Min ’s head lowered.
Without a doubt, Hwang Jeong-Hu was right about Jo Gyu-Min being knee-deep in the world of those ’special ’ individuals.
He knew the truth about the duality of the world, but the price for that was his life becoming incomparably more dangerous than before.

“Here is your point of no return, Gyu-Min,” said Hwang Jeong-Hu while drawing an imaginary line on the coffee table between him and Jo Gyu-Min.
“You ’ve been doing your best until now.
I acknowledge that.
That is why I ’ll now give you an opportunity.”

“…An opportunity, sir?”

“It can end right here.
If you want, you won ’t have to get tangled up in Jin-Ho ’s business anymore.
I will transfer you to…
a regular department.
Your current position and pay grade will remain as is as a sign of my appreciation for everything you ’ve done so far.”

That was an unexpected and powerful offer.
Jo Gyu-Min had ridden on the coattails of Kang Jin-Ho to enjoy a meteoric advancement through Jaegyeong ’s hierarchy.
However, such a thing was inevitable as Kang Jin-Ho gradually grew out of being a student and into an adult, which meant more…
’work ’ had to be done.

Simply put, Jo Gyu-Min ’s rapid rise in ranks was not entirely due to his capabilities.
He was aware of this situation, and he had consequently prepared himself to see his status within the corporation fall once Kang Jin-Ho no longer required his assistance.

Even though Hwang Jeong-Hu was also aware of this, he promised to let Jo Gyu-Min keep his position.
An opportunity to evade the danger but still taste all the wonderful benefits? Jo Gyu-Min was not an idiot, so he could tell what a huge offer this was.

“Sir, that ’s not necessary,” Jo Gyu-Min replied firmly.

“Hmm? Why? I thought my offer was good enough?”

Jo Gyu-Min smiled brightly.
“Of course, Chairman.
After objectively analyzing your offer, I should take it right now and end my involvement in this matter for good.
However, humans are not rational creatures, sir.”

Hwang Jeong-Gu looked dumbfounded by that reply.
“Fella, you shouldn ’t be saying that to your boss!”

“But sir, it ’s the truth,” Jo Gyu-Min cheerfully replied as if he had shed the load weighing down on his shoulders.
“The more I think about it, not being next to Mister Jin-Ho will leave me with a lifetime of regret, sir.
It ’s certainly not easy lately, but I don ’t think I can enjoy a dynamic life without Mister Jin-Ho around.”

“You say that because you ’re still young,” Hwang Jeong-Hu chuckled while shaking his head.
“Very well.
I ’ll leave Jin-Ho ’s care in your hands.
Okay, going back to what we were talking about…
You said the Chinese were aiming for Jin-Ho ’s life?”

“Yes, Chairman.”

“Mobilize all available channels and find out more about who was aiming for Jin-Ho ’s life.”

“Understood, sir.
I ’ll find out as quickly as possible and report back to you,” Jo Gyu-Min replied affirmatively, then ungainly got up, thinking that their meeting had ended.

Hwang Jeong-Hu chuckled again.
“Gyu-Min, you ’re gutsier than I expected.
Just thinking about dealing with the aftermaths of all the incidents Jin-Ho causes gives me indigestion, you know?”

Jo Gyu-Min smiled back at Hwang Jeong-Hu.
“Yes, Mister Jin-Ho does cause issues every now and then.
However, as long as no one provokes him, he won ’t do anything on his own, so it should be fine for the time being, sir.
I also think that he has learned to be more cautious from the incident with the Chinese.”

Unfortunately, Jo Gyu-Min was making a wish in vain.


“No, thank you,” said Kang Jin-Ho while firmly shaking his head.
“I ’m not doing it.”

Jang Hak-Seon put on a cramped smile.
“N-no, don ’t be like that and please listen for a…”

“I ’m not doing it.”

Jang Hak-Seon tried several times to persuade Kang Se-Ah ’s handsome older brother, but the replies he got were just too firm and concise.
If only Kang Jin-Ho were just a little more wishy-washy with his refusal! Jang Hak-Seon would have found a way to lengthen their conversation and try to change the other party ’s mind.
However, Kang Jin-Ho didn ’t even give him that chance.

To make matters even worse, Jang Hak-Seon himself was not the type to use slick words to convince a reticent opponent.
Totally lost and exasperated, he glanced at the assistant director for help.

The assistant director instantly figured out what his new job was from that glance.
After a soft groan, he approached Kang Jin-Ho with a cramped smile of his own.
“You are Mister Kang Jin-Ho, yes?”

Before he could finish speaking, though, Kang Jin-Ho cut him off first.
“I ’m not doing it.”

“N-no, hold on.
I was—”

“I am not doing it.”

“Please, just listen—”

“I am not doing it.”

“Can I say someth—”

“I said, I am not doing it.”

Four consecutive blows left the assistant director dazed and too weakened to continue, so he trudged back to his PD and muttered weakly, “How about we just hold auditions, sir? I ’ll quickly call everyone here.”

“…Step aside, you dumbass!” Jang Hak-Seon shoved aside the useless assistant director and walked up to Kang Jin-Ho again.
The result seemed so easy to predict, but he still had a reliable ace up his sleeve that hadn ’t been deployed yet.

“You ’re Miss Se-Ah ’s oppa, yes?” Choi Yeon-Ha smiled radiantly at Kang Jin-Ho.
No hot-blooded man alive would be able to resist that smile!

“I am not doing it,” said Kang Jin-Ho.

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In that regard, Kang Jin-Ho couldn ’t have been a man.
The way he stared at Choi Yeon-Ha was practically the same as with Jang Hak-Seon or the assistant director.

Jang Hak-Seon ’s jaw almost dropped.

’What is up with this punk?! ’

Then again, this guy showed up during a live broadcast to forcibly drag Kang Se-Ah away from the stage, didn ’t he? That was ballsy of him, but it also almost wrecked the chances of his sister keeping her role in this production.

Choi Yeon-Ha remained undeterred as she continued, “Please don ’t be like that and listen to us first before making up your mind.”

“It ’ll only be a waste of time, miss.”

“Isn ’t it fine to waste that little bit of time, though? We are only asking you to humor us.” Choi Yeon-Ha politely bowed her head.

Kang Jin-Ho ’s expression became unreadable.
“Very well.
I ’ll listen.
Before that, however…”


“I ’d like to know why you ’re doing this, Miss Choi.
According to my sister, you ’re a very successful actress.
I don ’t see a reason for you to get involved in the casting.”

“My reason is pretty simple, actually.” Choi Yeon-Ha smiled brightly during her reply.
“I believe an actor ’s job isn ’t simply to act.”

“I ’m sorry?” Kang Jin-Ho tilted his head in confusion.
What was she even talking about?

“I ’m striving to make good shows, rather than put on a good performance.
Even if my acting is singled out as terrible, I won ’t care as long as the production is deemed entertaining.
Nothing is more miserable than being the only redeeming quality in a failed production, you see.”

“Hmm…” Kang Jin-Ho nodded while rubbing his chin.
He liked this woman ’s mindset.
She could be a good mentor in life for Kang Eun-Yeong if they managed to stick together for a while.
After all, Choi Yeon-Ha was a senior walking on a similar path as Kang Eun-Yeong.
“Very well.
I ’ll listen.”

Kang Jin-Ho already knew what this woman would say, but she had answered his question, so the polite thing to do was to spare a little bit of his time for her.

“You are not even remotely interested in becoming a star, yes?”


“With a face like yours, and with your younger sister in the show business, anyone would have knocked on a talent agency ’s doors by now.
But you don ’t have any plans of doing that, yes?”

Kang Jin-Ho wordlessly nodded.

Choi Yeon-Ha smiled as if she understood, then slowly opened her lips.
“And that ’s why you should be more willing to do this, don ’t you agree?”

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