-what ’s going on? ’

Jin Bao urgently raised his head, realizing that his throat was no longer being crushed.
Kang Jin-Ho had released his grip and taken a step back.
His intense stare made the kneeling Jin Bao shudder.

Kang Jin-Ho eventually raised his voice.
“Since you want to struggle, I guess I should give you a chance.”

Jin Bao flinched, his muscles tightening.
His pride began rearing its head from deep inside his heart from that provocation.

’Yeah, I know you ’re strong.
However…! ’

Kang Jin-Ho was undoubtedly strong.
That much was rather obvious just from the little snippets of the capabilities he had shown so far.
However, Jin Bao hadn’t gotten to where he was professionally by dealing with only enemies weaker than himself.

You’ve underestimated me!” Jin Bao gritted his teeth.
The truth was, he had already lost count of how many people stronger than him he managed to kill until now.


Jin Bao ’s hands were quickly filled with ten daggers, five in each hand.
“I shall tear the flesh off your bones!”

Kang Jin-Ho narrowed his eyes at Jin Bao ’s threat before smirking faintly.
He was clearly mocking his challenger.
“Let me say this again.


Sounds of bones popping rang loudly from Kang Jin-Ho ’s clenched fists.

“…Have provoked someone you shouldn ’t have.”



Daggers flew out of Jin Bao ’s hands.
They headed toward Kang Jin-Ho while slicing through the cold night air.

Swiiiish! Fwhooooosh-!

They were not flying in a straight line, either.
The ten daggers all drew bizarre arcs and performed sudden changes of directions in mid-air to attack Kang Jin-Ho from not just his front, but also from his sides and above.
At first glance, all of his escape routes seemed to have gotten blocked.

Jin Bao glared murderously at Kang Jin-Ho, his eyes crimson after all the blood vessels in them had burst.

’Let ’s see if you can dodge this! ’

So many bastards proudly boasting about their superior strengths had died from this attack.
Unless his opponents were close, Jin Bao was confident of coming out as a victor in most long-ranged battles.

As proof, behold! Kang Jin-Ho was rooted to the spot, unable to escape!

“Die!” Jin Bao cried out.

But then, something unbelievable happened.

“A mere parlor trick.” Kang Jin-Ho frowned a little while leisurely raising his hands.

Grab! Grab! Grab! Grab!

Kang Jin-Ho proceeded to catch all the incoming daggers in the air.
Jin Bao involuntarily covered his slack jaw with both hands at this unbelievable sight.
He was so shocked that his heart threatened to leap out of his mouth.

How is that even possible?! ’

Catching a knife thrown by an ordinary person was already challenging enough.
But those daggers were thrown by a martial artist.
And not just any martial artist—it was Jin Bao! He threw those daggers with the help of his Qi, yet Kang Jin-Ho caught them all with his bare hands?!

’My daggers are sharp enough to pierce steel plates, so how?! ’

It made no sense for human hands made out of tender flesh to catch daggers sharp enough to pierce steel.
And without getting injured, to boot!

Should Jin Bao be shocked by Kang Jin-Ho’s explosive reaction speed that enabled him to instantly catch ten daggers in mid-air? Or should he be more shocked by the depth of Kang Jin-Ho’s cultivation that allowed him to catch daggers imbued with destructive Qi without any backlash? Jin Bao just couldn’t make up his mind.

A dagger throwing technique, is it…?” Kang Jin-Ho lightly tossed the daggers in the air to catch them the other way.
After catching them all, Kang Jin-Ho smiled eerily and leisurely walked up to Jin Bao.
“You ’re here to investigate me, aren ’t you?”


“I know, I know.
You can ’t answer me.
Whether it ’s the past or present, pawns like you are only good for one thing, after all.” Kang Jin-Ho chuckled, then suddenly threw a dagger in his right hand.


Its flight speed was incomparably faster than when Jin Bao had thrown the same weapon.
Unsurprisingly, its power was also in another realm altogether.
The dagger flying at the figurative speed of the light went straight through Jin Bao ’s thigh, but it was so fast he couldn’t even react.

“…Huh?” Jin Bao couldn ’t even feel the pain at that moment—that was how stupendously fast the dagger was as it punctured through his flesh.
He stared in disbelief at the hole in his thigh before the tsunami of pain gradually announced itself.
He urgently grabbed his injured leg as he fell to the ground.

Kang Jin-Ho continued to walk up to Jin Bao rolling on the ground.
He chuckled and muttered once again, “Maybe I ’m being rather lenient with you.”

Blood was rushing up to Jin Bao ’s face.
What was this insane bastard even talking about…?!


It was at that very moment that another dagger pierced Jin Bao ’s right hand.
It went through his flesh and stabbed into the ground below, firmly restraining his right arm.


Crunch! Crunch!!!

More daggers flew in to stab through various parts of Jin Bao ’s body, basically nailing him to the ground.

“…!” Jin Bao ’s mouth flew open from the intense pain shooting from his whole body, but no scream came out of his throat.
He was indeed screaming endlessly in his head, but only the sound of the air being squeezed out of his throat came out of his open mouth.

Kang Jin-Ho stood over Jin Bao.
“So, I ’m going to teach you.”

“…!” Jin Bao looked up at his tormentor, his face a mess of tears and snot.

Kang Jin-Ho bared his fangs and cackled ominously.
“I ’m going to teach you all about me, starting now…
So, go back to them and tell them everything you saw and felt today.
I ’m sure they ’ll finally understand who I am.”

Jin Bao ’s eyes opened wider and wider as his pupils shook in pure fear.
“Huff, huff! Fuuwook!”

Kang Jin-Ho ’s sinister grin deepened as he leaned closer to Jin Bao.

”You knew, didn ’t you? ”


“You knew that threatening my family would make me really angry.
That ’s the only reason why you chose to show up today.
To gauge my reaction.
Am I wrong?” Kang Jin-Ho ’s grin was now a menacing snarl.
“But what should I do? I don ’t know what makes you angry beyond reason, you see?”

Kang Jin-Ho lowered himself and leisurely reached out, grabbing Jin Bao ’s finger.

“Well, in that case…
Let us find out together.
One thing at a time.”

This was the moment when Jin Bao genuinely regretted his actions.
He shouldn’t have accepted this job.
Aside from that, he should have never threatened Kang Jin-Ho ’s family.

Jin Bao finally learned that—no matter how quick regret was—it would always come too late.

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