to take on the potential fallout when things got real.
This was what human society was like.
Knowing this fact didn't disappoint or disillusion Kang Jin-Ho, though.

In all honesty, he still preferred this society despite knowing the truth.
At the very least, no visible threat to his life existed, and he also wouldn’t experience vomit-inducing hostility in this world. In addition, someone getting bullied and tormented had nothing to do with Kang Jin-Ho.
He had experienced far too many crappy things to care about each and every instance of bullying, anyway.
Having to persevere through them all those years was more than enough for him.

To be brutally honest, Kang Jin-Ho would probably not even bat an eyelid if his classmates suddenly died this second.
He simply didn't care enough about anyone here for him to protect them from danger.

“You f*cking crippled bastard!” Choi Yeong-Su roared.

Kang Jin-Ho frowned a little.
Cripple, was it…? What an unpleasant word to listen to.
Especially when it invoked the memories of the distant past when he had been paralyzed from his waist down.

“Hey, Yeong-Su, take it easy, dude.
This punk might really die at this rate.”

Nah, he won't die.

The two goons next to Choi Yeong-Su cackled insidiously while staring at Park Yu-Min.
Spineless leeches were bound to stick to the person with power, hoping to siphon off some of that power for themselves.

Kang Jin-Ho got up to leave.
No, he wasn't planning to butt in or anything like that since this childish nonsense didn't interest him.
He merely wanted to visit the bathroom before the class started.

“Urgh, seriously.
This f*cking cripple still pisses me off.”

Kang Jin-Ho's steps came to a halt.

An emotion he couldn't quite understand quickly overtook him.
What Choi Yeong-Su said really got on his nerves, but…
It was as if he wasn't exactly sure what part triggered him so much.

“If you're a f*cking cripple, you should've known your place.
How dare you walk around with your head held high? A cripple should've gone to a damn cripple school, you know what I mean? Do you really think that you're normal now just because you come to this school?”


Kang Jin-Ho glanced behind him.
The battered and bruised Park Yu-Min was kneeling on the floor, his head faltering and blood trickling from his burst lips.

“Hey, dude, what about this?” The punk standing to the right of Choi Yeong-Su seemed to have thought of something and went to fetch a metal bucket from the corner of the classroom.

Choi Yeong-Su tilted his head.
“What's that?”

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“I think it's the leftover water after rinsing the mop?”

It seemed that whoever was in charge of cleaning the windows didn't bother to throw out the dirty water afterward.

“That sounds like an amusing idea…” Choi Yeong-Su smirked.
“Hey, cripple.”


Choi Yeong-Su smiled gently and pushed the bucket toward Park Yu-Min.
“Drink this.”


“If you drink this, I promise I'll never torment you ever again.”

Park Yu-Min wordlessly stared at his chief tormentor.

Choi Yeong-Min maintained the smile.
“But if you don't drink that, I'll kill you right here.”

Park Yu-Min's trembling hands grasped the bucket but didn't bring it any closer to him.

What he had done seemed to have wiped the smile off Choi Yeong-Min's face.
“You're actually thinking twice about this? Are you insane? Maybe you need to get hurt some more so you can finally wise up?”

Park Yu-Min's eyes darted urgently between the bucket and Choi Yeong-Su.
He could see all the dirt floating on the surface of the dark water.

Choi Yeong-Su roared, “I said, drink it!”

Park Yu-Min on his knees brought his face closer to the bucket with some difficulty, then slowly tipped it toward him.
But he just couldn't place his lips against it in the end.

His hesitancy only stoked Choi Yeong-Su's anger even further, however.
The latter furrowed his brow and roared.
“Argh, you f*cking c*nt!”

He suddenly kicked the bucket, causing the dirty black water to splash on Park Yu-Min's face.

“Cough! Bleurgh!” He inadvertently swallowed some of the dirty water and began coughing and wheezing urgently.
But that only riled up Choi Yeong-Su even more.

“You really wanna die today, huh?!” Choi Yeong-Su roughly kicked Park Yu-Min’s side while the latter was toppling over and coughing laboriously.
But that failed to lessen his anger, so he grabbed a nearby chair and slammed it down on Park Yu-Min's back.


Choi Yeong-Su roared.
“A f*cking cripple wants to be defiant, eh? Is it because only one leg is f*cked up? Huh?! In that case, breaking your other leg will probably solve things, right? At least, you'll be more balanced from now on!”

“Does that mean he'll be crippled in both legs?”

“Wait, isn't that whatchamacallit, paraplegic? He’ll be a real disabled person, then?”

Choi Yeong-Min's goons cackled and grabbed Park Yu-Min's hair to pull the latter up.  “You f*cking c*nt, wanna die?”

Park Yu-Min whimpered, “I, I'm sorry…”

“Aren't you gonna drink it?”

“…B-but, it has spilled, though?”

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“Oh. So, you can't drink something on the floor, is that it?” Choi Yeong-Su smirked like a snake before stepping several times on the dirty water on the floor.
He cackled insidiously.
“You still can't drink it?”

“N-no, I…”

“Well, lick it off the floor.”


Choi Yeong-Su growled angrily, “Didn't you hear me? Lick the f*cking water off the floor and drink it!”

Park Yu-Min's figure began shuddering as his bullies yelled at him.

“Huh? This b*tch's crying now.”

“Wow, how embarrassing.”

“Hey, dude.
Isn't this like, we're the bad guys here?”

Choi Yeong-Su and his two goons cackled once more and began smacking Park Yu-Min in the back of his head.

Smack, smack!

The smacks echoed throughout the classroom, and the other students began realizing that things might have gotten a bit too serious now.
Wasn't this bullying crossing the line in some way?

Park Yu-Min's head faltered and his body was still trembling.
Choi Yeong-Su leaned in closer and snidely muttered into Park Yu-Min's ear, “You crying, boy?”


“Then, what the hell are you doing? Lick the f*cking water already.”

Park Yu-Min brought his face closer to the floor.
Even if he did this, this trio would probably continue to torment him in the future.
But there was no other choice if he wanted to end this miserable situation to end as soon as possible.

Park Yu-Min's trembling hands pressed down on the floor.


The floor stained by dirty water loomed large in his view. Park Yu-Min wiped the tears off his face, then brought his lips closer to the water pooling on the floor.

Choi Yeong-Su nodded in satisfaction at the sight of this.
“That's right, a f*cking cripple should act like a crippled b*tch!”

Park Yu-Min began shuddering.
Did he really have to drink this? Really? Was there anyone willing to help?

He knew better than anyone that such thoughts were utterly useless.
After all, no one in this class was brave enough to help Park Yu-Min and make an enemy out of Choi Yeong-Su.
The bully and the bullied in this school were just too far apart in status, and that was why it would be better for him to just stop hoping for a miracle at this stage.

But then, Park Yu-Min's teary view caught the sight of something rather strange—a person's foot.
A foot clad in a white shoe stepped on the puddle of water in front of his face.

“…?” Park Yu-Min raised his head in confusion. 

'Kang Jin-Ho?'

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