e better… something—if possible.

'That's why…
I'll do what I can.'

After all, wasn't there a saying about how “Man proposes, God disposes”?



Kang Eun-Yeong finally came home when dinner time arrived..

Kang Jin-Ho greeted her back.
“You're home.”

She gleefully jumped up and hugged him tightly, making him wonder if he had made the right call by letting a still-immature kid work in the world of adults so soon.

Kang Eun-Yeong grinned brightly and explained, “I wanted to come home yesterday, but my schedule was too packed, and I just couldn't find the time.

“Really?” Kang Jin-Ho's expression stiffened a little.
He didn't like the fact that his sister's jam-packed schedule had prevented her from coming home.

“W-wait, Oppa, it's not what you think!” Kang Eun-Yeong noticed the look on her older brother's face and hurriedly tried to solve the looming crisis.
“I asked the managers to give me as much work as possible, you see! It's kinda like, uh… Yeah, make hay while the sun shines! That's right!”

“Hmm…” Kang Jin-Ho narrowed his eyes, evidently still unhappy about this situation.
“Eun-Yeong, take a seat for a second.”

“Yes, sir…” Kang Eun-Yeong obediently settled down.
She sat in a hurry, but of course, that was understandable.

One word from Kang Jin-Ho was all that was needed for Kang Eun-Yeong's idol concept and schedules to change literally overnight.
Having witnessed this demonstration of total power from the front row, Kang Eun-Yeong knew just how much influence her brother had.

Simply put, Kang Jin-Ho could kill her career in the entertainment industry stone dead.
In that case, how could she not prostrate and grovel on the floor?

Kang Jin-Ho waited until his sister was seated and looked into her eyes.
“Eun-Yeong, you’re going to attend university, right?”

Kang Eun-Yeong pouted deeply.
“…Do I have to, oh dear brother?”

Kang Jin-Ho wordlessly turned his head and stared at his parents in the living room.

Kang Yu-Hwan spoke first, “I vote yes, she must attend.”

Baek Hyeon-Jeong swiftly followed suit.
“I also vote yes.
She's definitely attending.”

“…You will be attending university.” Kang Jin-Ho immediately utilized the opinions of his parents to his advantage.

“But! Honestly, I won't learn anything properly by attending a university while working as an entertainer, you know!” Kang Eun-Yeong retorted with a pout.

Unfortunately for her, Baek Hyeon-Jeong came prepared with a comeback.
“Nowadays, entertainers get whatchamacallit, 'special admissions,’ to attend universities without problems, Eun-Yeong.”

“That might be true, Mom, but honestly, how many of them make use of their majors? I think it's just a waste of time if you ask me.
Nothing more than getting a nice plaque and stuff, that's all.
Besides, do you think a working entertainer will have enough free time to attend university? I believe that focusing wholeheartedly on my career instead of wasting time like that is far more constructive!”

Kang Jin-Ho acknowledged that Kang Eun-Yeong's argument had some merit.
Attending a university course was meant to prepare you for your future, but an already-active idol attending a drama, or music course to learn to become an entertainer? Wasn't that somewhat weird?

An established entertainer or an actor in other countries wouldn't suddenly stop working one day just to attend courses in drama.
This bizarre situation could only happen in South Korea, as the country’s culture had placed too much importance on diplomas earned from attending universities.

Kang Yu-Hwan asked in a slightly concerned voice, “Even so, Eun-Yeong.
Don't you think it's better to attend one?”

Kang Eun-Yeong resolutely shook her head.
“I don't think it's as simple as that, Dad.
I mean…
I've been a trainee since the beginning of high school, and I never got to study properly, you know? In that case, I don't think I will learn anything by attending university.
I just don't have the foundation, I think…”

“Mmhm…” Kang Jin-Ho nodded, thinking that this problem wasn’t as simple as it initially looked.
Both sides of the argument had their fair points.
“Let's take our time and think about this.”

Maybe, the whole family needed more information before they could come to a decision.

“However…” Kang Jin-Ho didn't give up and drew a clear line on the sand.
“You're a singer, right?”

am? So?” Kang Eun-Yeong replied in an uncertain voice.

“As far as I know, you don't know how to compose a song, or write lyrics.
You are just someone who sings someone else's songs, and dances according to someone else's choreography.”

“Holy cow, and you call yourself my oppa…?” Kang Eun-Yeong grumbled unhappily.
Even though Kang Jin-Ho wasn't wrong, wasn't his attack too merciless and sudden?

Kang Jin-Ho ignored her and continued, “I'm not saying that's wrong.
However, it also means you lack the ability to maintain your fame without other people.
Isn't it?”

“But Oppa, plenty of my seniors have enjoyed long-lasting careers while doing exactly that, you know? Sure, it'd be nice to compose and write my own material, but…
I don't think I have the talent for it.”

“In that case, making alternate plans for the future won't be such a bad idea.
If you're still unwilling to do that, then it must mean what you desired all along wasn't to sing on a stage but to be under the spotlight.”

Kang Eun-Yeong was unable to respond to that.
That was because a part of her didn't care whether it was through acting, singing, or just prancing around on a stage as long as she could become famous.

Kang Jin-Ho crossed his arms.
“I won't tell you to become a world-class singer.
However, remember this: you won't be able to rely on your youth as a weapon to continue working as an idol ten years from now.
Only a handful of people can survive as idols after ten years in the scene.
Knowing this, I'd like you to build your career with an eye out on the future.”

“I understand, Oppa.” Kang Eun-Yeong made a grave expression and slowly nodded.
“However! Please note that this sister of yours is very saddened that her brother's first words after a month of being apart are incessant nagging.”

“I'm not nagging you.”

“Yes, yes.” Kang Eun-Yeong lay down on the living room couch as if she was too tired to even sit upright.
“Aigoo~. My future is one thing, but right now, I'm dying of starvation, Mom.”

Baek Hyeon-Jeong dusted herself off and got up.
“Alright, let's have dinner, then.”

“Ehehe~, Mom, I really missed your cooking.”

The Kang family settled around the dinner table.
While enjoying the food, they talked about various things happening in their lives.
Kang Jin-Ho didn't really partake in the conversation; he simply munched on his food.

Only after the meal was done and the coffee brewed by Kang Yu-Hwan had been served as desserts did Kang Jin-Ho break his silence.
“Everyone, there's something I'd like to discuss with you.”

“Mm?” Kang Yu-Hwan heard how serious his son sounded and focused his attention on Kang Jin-Ho.
“I see that you have something important on your mind.
What is it?”

“Yes, Father.
It is important to me.”

We're listening.
Go ahead.”

Kang Jin-Ho took a breath, then spoke in a firm, resolute voice, “I'd like to set up my own foundation.”

“Mmmm?” Kang Yu-Hwan's eyes opened wider at that unexpected announcement.

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