The Enraged General

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The three people returned to the car together, and when they went to the treatment, they entered the hollow needle in their hands.
When they stared at the time, they stared into the second, and the air solidified for a short time.

“You just seem to be swearing.” Shijin tried to shift the topic.

He took advantage of him, and the hand holding the mobile phone was loose and tight, tight and loose, and finally he said: “You are really bad at acting.”

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Shijin would like to say how you have been fooled by my bad acting, but seeing his expression is very bad, swallowing this sentence with interest, squeezed out a slightly sorry smile, said: “Yes It’s awful…but I’m looking at the nine eagle’s subtle stupidity, I can fool him.”

卦二磨牙: “You are so smart.”

Time to be modest: “Thanks to the prize, it is your predecessor who taught well.”

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卦二: “…” Suddenly want to fight when you die, your hands are itchy.

I put the hollow needle in the hand into a sealed box.
When I turned back, I heard a little bit of other sound on my eartips.
I frowned and looked for it in my body.
Finally I fixed my eyes on it.
On the phone in his hand, he asked: “Oh, you have a voice in your phone.
Who are you calling?”

卦 卦 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才You explain it yourself.” After finishing the drill directly from the gap between the two seats in the front row, sit on the driver’s seat and start the car.

Please Keep reading 0n MYB0XN0VEL(.)C0M

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“Explain what? Hey, why are your mobile phone plugged to me, I…” When the time was inexplicable, I said that I pressed the mobile phone of the second one, and then I saw the call interface and the call object above.
The sound, the hand is faster than the brain, and directly hangs up the phone.

Little death: “You…”

Time advance: “I…”

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One person and one system are stupid, and then suddenly come back to God, a squid hits up from the seat, madly rummaging in the car, said: “Flat, fast, give me a tablet!”

He took a tablet without a word and handed it to him.
Then he took the van and didn’t drive it away.
He lowered a window and shouted a gun.
He said that he had to take a step and take time to go to the hospital to cure the wound.
Please, he stared at him, and told him to tie all the hens who were still alive, and sent them to Lianjun.

Under the possession of the back gun, I didn’t know that Shijin was acting, and my heart was anxious and angry.
I heard a quick voice and said that everyone around the van had let it go.
After the van left, I couldn’t help but go to the dark hand.
The Nine Eagles came down.

The nine eagle is under his command, and his eyes are hooked on the direction of the van leaving.
The expression is crazy and strange, like a madman who has just taken medicine.

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