Fairies name themselves.

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Because of that, the names of the fairies were varied.
There were names that were difficult to call and memorize, such as ‘Poshtilius Sakstockiya’, and others that were easy to call, such as ‘Mimi’.
There are meaningful names such as ‘Aqua’, and there are names that are just playful without much meaning such as ‘Woohe’.

There are other names related to the place of birth and one’s own attributes, etc.

What’s my name?

My name will soon become my identity and it will be the name of my flower, so I didn’t want to make a hasty decision.
I didn’t want to be called ‘don’t eat’ either.
So until then.

I pointed at myself and said over and over again.



“Yes, I am a fairy.”

The child followed well, from the experiences of imitating ‘don’t eat’ and ‘you can eat’.

“Fairy, don’t eat.”

He might’ve really thought my name was ‘don’t eat’.
I managed to separate the grass from the flowers, but this time, I have to separate ‘Fairy = Don’t eat’.

I wanted to tell that apart right now, but I was too tired to teach it.

Breath is Patares that consumes a lot of Vita.
I’ve used it several times, so it was only natural for my small Fatuma to be depleted.
Read only at pm tl.

But there was still work to be done.


It is a Patares that sends it back to Terra, either as a Breath Patares or by a contractor created with a soul skill.

I made the flowers bloom several times and squeezed the Fatuma to get rid of the shabby grass.
There was nothing left in the place where the grass had been scattered with tiny light.
Can I sleep now?


Newborn fairies spend most of their day sleeping like a newborn baby, and I was proving it myself.

Wriggling inside the child’s fist, I took a position that was as comfortable as possible.
Putting my arms in the hollow space between his thumb and forefinger and lying on my stomach, I felt like I could sleep comfortably.

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The child was looking at me as always.
He knew I was going to sleep, so he kept his mouth shut as I was chirping.
Blinking my eyes, I quietly looked at the child, then smiled softly and greeted him.

“Talk to you later.”

I closed my eyes and darkness came.

Oh, I miss you already.

It was a waste of time to sleep, but I had to sleep and wake up to fill my Fatuma.
I can’t help it.
I have no choice but to compromise by seeing you as soon as I wake up.

Welcome me as soon as I open my eyes.

Oh, by the way, I have to teach ‘hello’ too…



As I woke up, I thought I would be comfortable.
I thought it would be soft and warm, but it was hard and cold when I woke up.

Blinking my hazy eyes, I leaned on the floor and stood up.
I was lying in the corner of the room out of the light.
I thought I could get up comfortably on the skin of a child…


There was no child.
Only the chains that bound the boy’s limbs were scattered about.

Of course, as soon as I opened my eyes, I thought he would be looking at me, so I was embarrassed.
As I circled the room in surprise, I quickly realized the reason for his absence.

That man took him.

Men often leave this room with a child, so it seems that the absence of the child is probably that reason, but I was worried about the last appearance of the man who was very angry with him.

“Is he going to hit him again?”

The child who had never resisted seemed accustomed to such behavior.
However, seeing that the child’s limbs had never been red when observing the child in the form of grass, it did not seem like the man was beating the child on a regular basis.

“He didn’t starve him and gave him food as usual, so I guess he’s not angry because of the grass.
Then he won’t hit him, right?”

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I relaxed a bit and sat down on the floor.
I flapped my wings and looked towards the door.
When will the child come?

“I miss you.”

As I flapped my wings blankly for a while, I realized that this room without him was so quiet and there was nothing to do.

Bored, I looked around the room.
The only objects were the chains that bound the child, and an old lamp hung on the wall by the door.

There was a small candle inside the lamp, but when it went out, the light also went out, so this room was often engulfed in darkness.
The man occasionally changed the worn out candles, but the child was forced to stay in the dark all the time.

It didn’t matter to me, but I don’t think it’s a very good environment for a human child.
I’ll have to get some stuff like the flashlight the guy was carrying later.

When I got there, there was nothing more to see.

I flapped my wings blankly again.
Wow, there’s really nothing to do.

“But what happens when he’s being taken away?”

I had nothing to do but think, so the curiosity I had buried abruptly jumped out.

“Where are you? Why are you locked up here?”

“I miss you.
I really want to see you.”

The curiosity and deep regret that rose to the surface one after another made me realize anew that the child left me here and went out alone.

“Why didn’t you take me?”

I hated being out of his range, so I would have forced him to take me anyway, whether it was tucked in a rubber band in his pants or on his head, but I was left in a corner like this and alone.

Because you don’t want my existence to be discovered? Has he not realized that I cannot be seen or touched by anyone other than him after going through that incident?

Maybe not.
He should have recognized the fact that others couldn’t see me even when he was standing in front of me, seeing with his own eyes that the man’s outstretched hand passed through me.

“Then why?”


I guess he wanted to put me to bed comfortably without disturbing me because I was far away.
That’s why he laid me down neatly in a place where the light doesn’t reach…

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“It’s impressive.”

Thanks to this, my Fatuma was full of vita.


It flapped my wings a little faster.

“Shall I go out too?”

Although the child hated to be separated from me, he didn’t seem to hate it seriously enough to leave me like this.

I wanted to see him and I had a lot of questions, but I didn’t want to sit quietly in this boring corner of the room.

Let’s go.”

I am not a grasshopper, I am a fairy.
Feeling thirsty for not being able to quench my doubts and desires, I was born as a fairy to satisfy them.
A being who sits still and is frustrated cannot be called a fairy.

“I’m going to him directly.
Let’s take a look around here.”

I smiled brightly and flew from the corner.
I put a bunch of grass in the corner to prevent the child from returning to the room first while I was looking outside.

It will be more reassuring than not having me, and even if a man finds and tramples grass, the child already recognizes the grass separately from me, so he will know that it is not me.

Today, let’s find the child and find out what he is doing.

Let’s also check where this place is.


I went through the door and exited the room.

As soon as I stepped out the door, I saw a staircase going up.
There were no stairs going down, and there were four more doors here and there that looked just like the children’s ones.


The 4th child’s door had a sign labeled No.
4 as if it were his room number.

I went into all of the rooms, but there was neither the owner of the room nor the chain that had to be attached to the wall.
There was a thick layer of gray dust on the floor as if there had been no entry or exit for a long time.
It looked like the room had no owner at all.

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Well, if I had been born in this empty room, I would have been a million percent dark attribute fairy.
With that in mind, I left the last room.

I went back to the front of the stairs and looked up.
The child was locked up alone in the basement of an unknown tower.

I’ll check out the reason why they put a child in this place.

I flew up the stairs without hesitation.

At the end of the pale brick staircase, a very thick and heavy-looking door was blocking it.
The crude cast iron door without a single slot looked like an obstacle that meant the separation between the child and the world.

“This is not a big deal for a fairy.”

I rushed vigorously to the door.
My head passed through the door as if there was nothing ahead.
Afterwards, my shoulders, waist, legs, and toes came out perfectly through the door.

I glanced back at the door that was still stubbornly closed behind me.

Fairies have a racial trait called ‘recognize’.

Living and inanimate objects that are not permitted to be recognized by the fairies cannot recognize the fairies and have no effect unless they ‘detect’ and recognize the fairies themselves.

Conversely, it had no effect on the opponent until the fairy was recognized, but even considering that point, it was a very useful characteristic.

However, cognition was a one-time characteristic, and since it will continue to be influenced by the target who has recognized the fairy once, recognition had to be allowed only to the person who really wanted it.

I took a light breath and looked ahead.


In front of the door was a straight hallway, and a staircase leading up to the next floor was placed at the end.
On either side of the hallway were 20 doors, 10 on each side, similar to that child’s door.

Even though there was no mirror in the middle, both sides of the hallway look identical like decalcomania.
The extremely obsessive spatial arrangement caused a suffocating discomfort rather than an orderly stability.

I flew forward without looking inside.
There was one path that turned sideways for each of the two doors, so when I went to one of those paths, another big hallway came out.

There were another 20 doors, and beyond that there were another 20.
I went back to the stairs and went to the other side, but only came across the same structure one more time.

A total of 100 doors.

What is this?

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