The scent of flowers was very subtle and the smell was not bad.

Is it really delicious? I chewed a handful with anticipation for a bit, then spat it out.
It didn’t taste very good and it just made my mouth itch.

Thinking about it, it was weird.

He put it in his mouth last time, so he should’ve known that my hair didn’t taste good.
So why did he look at me and feel hungry as if he had a very tasty meal in front of him?

Do I look delicious? Does my hair feel good because I look so delicious?

Yes, then it could be.
It’s better than looking bad.
Or maybe my hair was really delicious because he only ate low-quality bread and soup, so the standard of taste was so low.


I was watching with pleasure.
The child suddenly jumped and spit out the flower.
My ego fluttered wildly.
The child was anxious and glanced at me.

“Did you eat all the honey? How can you only suck and spit it out?”

I groaned and picked up the flowers.
My flowers were non-toxic.
The flower was made by a fairy with Patares, so the petals were full of nutrients.

“Here! Eat this too.”

I picked up the flower and brought it to the child’s lips.
The boy clenched his lips and turned his head.

“I told you to eat it! You wanted to eat it! You can’t eat me, but you can eat this.
Eat it!”

I pressed it against his lips, but the child did not open his mouth.
I held the flower in my arms with a slightly suspicious feeling.

“You don’t like it?”

…Does it taste bad? It could be bitter.

Curious about the taste of my flowers, I cut the petals and ate them.
As expected, it had a fragrant grassy taste.

Then the boy pulled my hair a little.

“Uh? What?”

“Well, well…”


“…Don’t eat it.”

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I opened my eyes wide.

He said it!

“Don’t eat… Don’t eat.”

The child tried to separate me from the flower with a nervous expression on his face.
I let go of the flower and flew up, and the child laid down my hair and held the flower tightly.

“Do not eat.”


It’s a little sad that the first thing the child said to me was ‘don’t eat’, but…the first step is important.
Yeah, sure.
Read only at pm tl.

“Did you know what the saying “don’t eat” means? Or did you learn from me?”


The child didn’t answer, so I decided to just assume the latter.
Even if he knew a few words, it was unlikely that he would have learned it normally.
It would be better to assume that he doesn’t know anything and I would teach everything from one to ten properly.
By the way…

“Why don’t you eat it?”

Because he doesn’t like eating those flowers?

Or because I told him not to eat me?

I put my hand on the child’s finger holding my flower.

“You can eat it.”

“Do not eat.”

He hesitated, pointing his finger at me, and moving towards the flower.

It was the latter.
The person I told not to eat was definitely ‘me’, but seeing that he shouldn’t even eat flowers, this guy also can’t tell the difference between me and that flower.

It’s ridiculous, but it’s cute and it’s also fun, so it made me laugh.
Although there was a slight misunderstanding, this child understood my words not to eat and was obeying.
The feeling wasn’t bad.

Yes, right now.

The word ‘eat’ is also taught as an added bonus, and this is a great opportunity to separate myself from this flower!

I took the flower and poked it into the child’s mouth.


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The child was confused and shut her mouth tightly.
Instead of the flower, I took a loaf of the remaining bread and put it in the child’s mouth.


The child carefully took the bread and ate it.
I said, holding out flowers, just like when giving bread.


The child blinked.
I wonder if he would really eat it.
When I urged him to continue eating, the child slowly took the flower, bit it, and murmured.
He pointed at me this time and said.

“Do not eat.”

“Don’t eat it.”

I taught the child two words by blooming flowers and breaking loaves again and again.

Finally, flowers, bread, and soup were lined up on a tray, and I stood beside them.
The child pointed one by one with his fingers.

I can eat.
Do not eat.”

“Well done!”

I smiled broadly as I heard the child murmur.
He even learned ‘I can eat’, which I didn’t expect.
He must be a genius! From the moment I was trapped in this room, I felt a sense of accomplishment because I had longed for the child to speak a word to me.

“Your voice is really pretty.
I want to hear more.
Are you going to speak to me a lot in the future, right?”

I couldn’t stop smiling, so I just laughed out loud, but the child stared blankly at me.

“Do not eat.”


“Don’t eat…”

The child murmured over and over not to eat, and grabbed me by the hand and pulled me.

Oh, I suddenly felt nauseous.

Does he know my name as ‘Don’t eat’?

Oh, come to think of it, I haven’t decided on my name yet.

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