It’s very dark.
Narrow and fast.’

The stream of water was delightful as it poured violently from the lightless pipe.

‘Down, a little further down…’

The stream hit the ground, but it did not stop and dug into the ground.
Using the gray wall that continued into the basement as a guide, it descended to the deepest and darkest place.

Finally reaching the edge of the wall.

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As the path disappeared, the stream of water sprang out in all directions.
Most were scattered into the soil like the root of a tree, and only a small amount of water permeated through the cracks in the building.

But the consciousness of the droplet, which was the core of the stream, was right there.

A stream of water condensed into a small puddle in a corner of the room located over the wall during the rain.

The puddle was very pleased with the room that arrived.

‘It’s very dark.
If I stay here, I can become a powerful dark fairy.’

‘If I became darkness, all the darkness in this world would be mine, and it would squat under my foot.’

The darkness under my control will eat up the darkness it doesn’t want and protect its happiness.’

‘In the end, even the darkness of Doom has no choice but to become a part of me, my strength.
That way, I will be freer than anyone else.’

‘Ah, that’s great.’

‘Darkness seems like a really nice attribute.
I will become the strongest fairy.’ 

The puddle was delighted and continued to think.

But from time to time, it felt a gaze.

The puddle was robbed of all consciousness by that clear gaze.

It had no choice but to do so.

Because this was the first time anyone looked at the puddle.

And the darkness resembling Doom was buried dry in his gaze.

At that moment, the attributes of the unborn fairy were almost completely determined by darkness.
The puddle, barely holding back the urge, leaned against the dim light next to the door and cast its master’s gaze upon its surface.

Shackles and chains that bound the limbs.
Skinny body.
Skin that has turned white and cracked.
Sunken cheeks.
Dusty gray-brown hair and pale blue eyes.

He was a young boy who wanted to be about six years old in human age.
However, the vitality of the humans it had seen on the ground could not be found in this boy looking down at the puddle with his cloudy eyes now.

There was a very faint curiosity in his gaze.
The puddle, like raindrops on a still lake, realized that its presence had stirred in the numb boy a small concentric circle of agitation.

The puddle, stimulated by the concentric waves, felt curious for the first time.

‘Why is this kid looking at me with those eyes?’

There was no way to solve the question, because the boy did not speak and the puddle could not speak.

Even then, time passed just fine.

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The boy was still alone.
Every now and then, when a big, grumpy-looking guy comes into the room, drags him away, and pushes him back.

No, now that there was a puddle, he wasn’t alone.


When the boy was in the room, he only stared at the puddle.
The puddle also only saw the boy on the surface.

Towards the end of the month they had observed each other, the boy would occasionally reach out and poke the puddle.
But when a drop of cold liquid lightly wet his finger, he slipped away, as if he was afraid that a small puddle would dry up if they were in close contact for a long time.

Just as the boy became very slightly active, there was a wave of change in the image of the puddle.

‘Why don’t you laugh?’

‘Why are you alone in this dark room?’

‘Other people looked at each other and laughed.’

‘I was happy.
Happiness is a good thing.’

‘You don’t look happy.’

The puddle somehow hated the boy’s calm expressionless expression.
When he returned from being dragged by a man who walked in and out of this room, there was only one expression on his face.
His forehead would always have a cold sweat, but he didn’t want to see that expression for some reason in the puddle.

‘What about your other expressions? I’m curious.’

‘I miss you.’

One day, the first desire suddenly crept into the puddle’s heart.

The puddle scrutinized the world’s knowledge in consciousness.
After searching for a while, it found a line of knowledge that people are generally comfortable or happy to see fresh plants.

‘Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a single plant since I fell here from the top of the castle.’

Since this place was adjacent to the Doom Field, it seemed that plants could not grow.
This child must have never seen a plant.

The thought that started once spread endlessly towards the ‘plant’, and eventually the puddle was decided.

‘I will show you a plant.
Would you be surprised? It will change your mood when you see it.’

But there were no seeds that could grow into plants here.

‘Then I have no choice but to become a plant myself.’

The puddle that decided the direction of the attribute trembled.
The boy opened his eyes wide in surprise.
It was so much fun.
The puddle gathered all its mind and condensed its body.
A drop of highly concentrated water became a seed and permeated the floor.

‘I’m going to be the freshest plant in the world!’

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