Darkness and Vengeance

Empty fulfillment

The memory fades with the pain and all I feel is anger and regret and sadness. I stand to see the destruction brought on by the king and his soldiers. All the maids were strung about looks like they have been assaulted before the they were killed. Theres almost nothing left of the property the rubble was clearly pillaged by the soldiers. I hear crowing of a raven pirched on top of a cross and my heart sinks. I run towards it in a panic to see that it was my father. With grieving tears pull him down from the cross with the heavy loss I scream in rage and sadness. My body pulses as my hatred for the pope and the king grows. black and violet flames explode around engulfing everything covering the mansion, maids, and my father. I watch as everything turns to ashes within minutes there was nothing. A glint of light shine from the evening sun bounce off of something shiny in my fathers ash. I reach down to pull out my fathers wedding ring gifted from my mother I pull string through it and tie it into a necklace.

I put the necklace on and look for any other items that may not have burned. As I look around noticed a sheath for a dagger I don recognize. I pick it up and noticed it goes to the dagger that was plunged into my stomach. I grab both and some clothes to change into. As Im changing I notice every scar and wound has been healed completely no blemishes or flaw. I look into a mirror on the ground to notice my face has slightly changed. Im gorgeous as I touch my face and I froze thinking how much more powerful am I. I grabbed dagger and cut my hand and I barley felt pain as I looked at the wound the black and purple flame pour out of my hand healing it instantly. HAHAHAHAHA this is fantastic but I still have to be careful just because I heal quick doesn mean I can be killed. As I finish changing I hear something behind me.

I stand up and hear hey you this property has been siezed by king Zander of Ashora put your hands up were I can see them. I noticed that it was two patrol guards they must have heard my laughter. Well I gotta start my revenge somewhere besides I remember that voice hes the one who killed my maid. As they came to arrest me the anger swelled inside me. I turned to rush him and tackle him it was an instant like a flash light I rammed into him and he launch a good 20 yards away. The other guard instantly terrified screamed DEMON!!!! THERES A DEMON!!!! I grabbed my dagger and threw it at the terrified guard. He fell instantly as I walked up it looked like the dagger was his new nose I laughed as I pulled out the dagger and started walking over to the other guard. He was trying to crawl away but I flip him over and grab his foot and start dragging him to the cross. I noticed his chest plate was dented in he probably has a few broken ribs. He cried out who are you and do you know who you just killed. I turn to him and lift him onto his knees.

There is no need to tell him who I am bcs once he seen my face he knew you can mistake these black eyes of mine. His face was struck with terror and said NO! I saw the arch bishop kill you. You were laying over there dead for two days. I grabbed the collar of his chest plate and said I am the apostle of the goddess of darkness it is time for her to show herself once again and Im the one who bring her. I start to yell in his face saying I will use you to start my revenge as well as well as showing everyone that darkness has come! I scream in anger right in his face then black purple flames shoot out of my face into his face and suit of armor. Instantly he screams in pain so loud that the innocent would flee in terror. As the flames ingulf his face and body like hes in a oven his skin chars and floats off his face till theres nothing but charred black skeleton remains. I pull the corpse up and his lower half just falls off. Most of the armor was melted and adhered to the bones I stuck him to the cross were they put my father then walked over to the other body grabbed some blood. Then I wrote atop of the cross the goddess of darkness has come. after that I burned the body as well as my hands to get rid of any evidence that I killed recently. After all that I started walking to the death forest there I can relax for a moment and make a plan to figure out how Im going to exact my revenge so no one dares to enter that forest bcs of the giant monsters in there. I head onward it took about a half a day to walk but I made it with no problems I enter through thick bush and branches.

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