I wake to my body throbbing as air forces itself in my lungs and blood fills my veins reaching to my heart. I shriek and scream so hard from the pain while gasping for more breathes. I look down and noticed the dagger sticking out of me. I grabbed the leather wrapped hilt and noticed the small jewel implanted in the center of the hilt.

I pulled the dagger out of my stomach and watched as the wound closed up almost instantly. Then the pain finally started to subside. With the pain gone my memories of what transpired before my death flooded in my head.

My name is Draven from the longsword family, and my family is from a long line of noble births. My fathers name was axel longsword and was a marquise, he won that title during the war to unite the country of Ashora. What caused the war was the former king died, and the crown prince became king but the second prince threw a revolt for he believed he was a better ruler.

My father fought with the second prince and wound up winning. After his accomplishments he married a noble viscounts daughter her name was Erika Piercer. The piercer family owned a lot of business, and merchant groups are very wealthy through out Ashora. But like with any good thing bad things followed. My father had conceived me for those 9 months it was like nothing bad could ever happen till the day I was born. I was born with rose red hair mixed with my parents black hair with black iris eyes.

My mom died right after I was born. My father even though mom died he never blamed me. When I first seen my father he had black short hair with blue eyes, strong chin with a beard that was well kept. A very muscular built but it was so soft to cuddle in. My father always told me that I was never allowed to leave the mansion due to my eyes. He said that if people saw my eyes it would cause panic but it wasn so bad there was always maids to play with me. As soon I was four my father had the maids teach me about math writing history and magic. My father said I was a better then he did when he was my age. By the time I was 16 I mastered the art of the sword. my father felt satisfied with my training but through all through the years he always looked like he was hallow inside. Remember what I said earlier good luck only lasts for so long.

last night while I was getting ready for bed father told me he had important things to discuss tomorrow and that I should be up early tomorrow. So I went to go to bed earlier than usual. Laying in bed I kept dreaming of women reaching for me with black hair red lips and white skin as like snow glowing in red moonlight. I hear crashing and screams coming from the hall and I get up in a hurry to see smoke leaking in from the top of the door and see flickering orange color under the door. Then as if it was tissue paper the door burst open and maid ran into the room! I asked ubroptly whats going on in a frantic unsettled tone.The maid put both hand on my shoulders and said master Draven were under attack your father is fighting the intruders in the courtyard as we speak but we need to leave now! She grabs my hand and leads me out to the hall. The smoke is heavy almost unbearable and it just keeps getting hotter we ran down the hallway trying to get to the nearest exit. The smell of oak and cedar and flesh filled the air and the stench made me nauseous we finally see a safe exit from the building.

I thought to myself thank God were gonna make it! Then a knight came out of nowhere and swung his sword. The maid stopped turned to me in fear as she tried to tell me to run but I noticed her throat was cut and that came out was blood spitting on my face and she fell to the floor. The gurgling cries on her face as I watched her take her final breath etched in my brain. My attention was pulled away from her as the knight grabbed me by the arm and started to drag me to the courtyard. As I got closer all the fighting had ceased, and I saw my father kneeling on the ground in a bloody mess. There was a man in front of him his armor was alot more significant and detailed. The chest plate was black steel with gold inlay of a lion. He turned to me and took off his helmet he was very handsome with gold blonde hair and blue eyes. He then turned to my father and said Axel Longsword your son has just arrived. It saddens me greatly to know that not only did you not tell me you had a son but your son is also marked by evil. The pope and arch bishops gathered around the handsome knight and said your highness we need to get rid of this evil child as soon as possible he can not be aloud to live. My father jumped up in rage screaming at the king Ive been nothing but loyal to you I fought with you I was there when others were not and this is how you treat me!!! Hes just a boy let him go!The king yelled don speak to me about loyalty you lied to me and said both baby and your wife died that day now bcs you lied your sins are open. You will be crucified and hung right here to show what happens to people who lie and sin against the king and the church! I screamed don you dare touch him I rushed towards the king. The knight quickly grabbed the back of my neck and then one of the archbishops grabbed a dagger then stabbed me in the gut with the last of my strength I said I will haunt you all till your death! Then I collapse.

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