Darkness and Vengeance

Belligerent Vengeance

Why did this have to happen… I never done anything to anyone so why am I being punished? Was it jealousy? Or greed? It doesn matter anyways I feel the cold of the blade in my stomach and my warm blood is gushing down my legs thick and sticky. I feel so tired I think Im gonna sleep for a while take my dirt nap he he…

WAKE UP!!!! My eyes in shock open to see a blood red moon and beautiful women floating in my view her eyes darkened and black long hair flowing so elegantly in the breeze. Her lips were like roses with skin so white and fair that it seemed to glow in the blood red moonlight. She wore a red silk dress and said her name was Violet but to you humans I would be called a goddess I come here with a proposal for you I will give you the gift of life and magic power to avenge your family your friends you could even rule this world. I scanned the scenery to see that I was in a meadow of grass and black orchids. I looked at her and asked where I was and what all happened. She gave a wicked smile while saying you died boy, and I used some power to bring your soul to me but you need to hurry I can hide you from the God of death for long I need your answer her voice rang in my head I could feel it splitting my head and I asked and what do you want in return for all these things? She looked sad for a moment and said all I want is to be free from my prison and for that to happen I need people to believe I exist. Sure enough I do not recall reading about any goddess that looks like she does and theres many. Okay I agree to your proposal so what happens now? She leans in and pulls out a tiny little sack out of the orchid and mumble some to it. Then she flies over to me fairly quickly but elegantly and said swallow this and become my first and only apostle with this you will have part of my power and it will only grow the more people believe in me. I take and swallow it then say what power do you govern she smiles and says darkness and vengeance. Then everything goes black.

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