What was left in the building was pure carnage. As it was night and the kid moved unbelievably fast, no one had a chance of calling for help.

The only thing that alerted the knight from outside the building was the scent of blood.

Knights aren like normal humans, but rather they were humans that trained every aspect of their body to almost limits.

For that reason, knight 5 sensory organs were sharper than mundane humans. Some of them even developed 6th sense.

There were different stages of Knights that ranged from Trainee, Squire, Master, and Grandmaster. This was according to their power and authority.

Trainees were a bunch of kids with the aspiration of becoming knights and they joined a Knighthood and their training was basic.

Squire is a Trainee that reached the prerequisite to becoming a Knight. That means their physique, Will and Mentality are up to standards and they have the heart to absorb the codes of knights.

This is when a human began his journey as a Knight.

Squires are categorized by their level which was from Level 1 to 10. When one reached level 10 then he was ready to be a true Knight.

Master, this is a true knight. Their strength, speed, and senses were beyond the human level. They have a code of honour they abide by and also have numerous Squires under them that followed their footsteps.

True Knights differ in strength and comprehension. They were categorized into Rank 10 to 1.

Rank 10 is the lowest while Rank 1 is the strongest.

Rank 1 Knight is the highest power a human can achieve when it comes to using their physique.

There were so few Grand Masters that their knowledge was not known in outskirts cities and towns.

Even the Shifting Steel Knighthood has only 2 Rank 1 Masters and zero Grandmasters.

The kid that caused the massacre sat on a roof as he observed the moon above. He had no idea what to do, all he knew was that he was playing outside with his squires when suddenly his mother called him.

He went to her and she asked him to enter a closet to play hide and seek. He refused by claiming he wasn a child anymore and also because he had noticed she was sweating.

She broke into tears and emotionally blackmailed him, saying if he didn enter the closet, that was a sign that he didn love and respect her because he was now too strong for her to be punished.

He still refused only if she told him why, to which she explained that his grandfather was going to take him away from her, so she wanted to hide him. The kid obliged to hide from the scary old man… but it turned out it was a lie.

They were invaded and ransacked. The closet was a bunker as well as a safe room. It does not transmit sound from inside but one can hear all sound from the outside if one pulls a lever.

So he heard the clashes of steel, the death of people and his father fighting. While his family tried to take the closet with them.

At first, Shifting Steel Knighthood expected the invaders to come to seize some resources and they would leave after that but as the war continued for a day and more siege weapons were brought out by the enemies they realized these people came to wipe them out completely.

They were outnumbered and unprepared, kids that were unlucky to be kept in the safe room were all trapped. And this kid was one of them.

”Ummma! ” He whimpered, he was in a foreign land that he doesn know, and he also doesn know what to do now.

Calling his mothers name activated something, his necklace glowed and the coin head shifted toward the north.

”Mom! ” He jumped down and dashed into that location fast.

His speed and running pattern made the blood that smeared on his body and clothes slide away as the wind whipped on them. By the time he reached the new district he was pristine and clean, coupled with his innocent and tender skin he looked like a rich kid that knows no hardship.

Following the necklace guide, he ran forward, using his swift movement he avoided all guides and he finally found the house that had his mother in it.

His small stature allowed him to sneak in without causing a commotion until he arrived at a door that went downstairs.

He passed through, mansions have dungeons underground. He knew his mother had been kept captive there.

Entering the corridor he heard slaps and moaning sounds echoing. His face scrunched off and he dashed toward the sound, but he met with two guards in full armour guarding the door.

Seeing a sudden appearance of a silhouette where the master of the house plays with special guests, they unsheath their blades, however, they were just squires.

The kid stood before the door, he couldn open it. He knew exactly what was happening inside because at one time he had sneaked a peek at his parents when he was a kid. It horrified him.

But when he grew older he came to understand how to get a woman pregnant and the ethics of his culture told him that the worst possible thing to happen to a woman was for her to be forcefully stroked by a vile man.

The kid knew his Knighthood aren clean either when the conflict happened and they capture bandits that have women, those women are slaves.

He calmed down his raging emotions as he recited one of his knight codes.

”Emotions are Force but only when wielded! ”

He gently picked one blade from the dead guard and slowly opened the door and he walked inside. His eyes were down, he dread to see his mother in a vile situation because if he did, he might not be able to wield his emotions.

But he has to look, to know what to do.

The slapping was still there, the moaning was still there. The bed was creaking back and forth, cracking.

As he looked up, he saw more than 7 naked women fast asleep on the ground. Some have blissful and painful expressions while most are just blissful. They were all well satisfied.

But none of them was his mother, the kid sighed in relief and raised his head. He almost jumped for joy, his assumption was wrong.

But the man responsible for the 7 women, 8, including the one that was still holding on against his thrust, was looking at him, but the knight didn forget to keep rocketing his hip back and forth.

There was a surprise on his face, seeing a kid with a blade and the blood of his guards flowing through the door.

”Monster Transitioner! ” The man said, he was naked but with an armed guard and leg guard. His blade was beside him and now he was gripping it.

The woman has blond hair, and smooth skin and she seems young. She was in doggy style as she moaned her way in the pleasure she was having.

She was a Knight too, though, she had an armed guard and her blade was close by. Well, being a knight was what made it possible for her to last for more than 30 minutes.

The kid was underage, and his hormones were stable. Their horny situation might have impressed those at 15 but he wasn that old yet.

There, the necklace that was calling his necklace was glowing and it belonged to his mother.

”So, the blade should never strike without opposing force! ”

The kid whispered and he dashed forward.

The woman stiffened as she heard the code recitation. Instead of grabbing her blade, she fell limb as she heard her lover being cleaved in two.

She was Rank 9 and the man on her was Rank 10 but knowing where that code came from she closed her eyes and lay down.

She sensed and heard the person come close and a blade was raised above her head but she fought the urge to grab her blade, she refused to listen to her fight instincts and… She was right to.

Whoever it was that has a kids voice didn kill her.

~So, the blade shall never strike without opposing force~

As a bystander, if she dared to grab her blade she would be an opposing force and the knight would kill her, but if she wasn an opposing force, then she was safe from him.

She might have loved the man she was sung sex with but she loved herself more!

The kid on the other hand took the necklace and left the mansion.

Knight Codes are special words, sentences and phrases that were embedded in Knights.

These codes usually gave guidance on how knight utilized their power.

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