”I saw a battered Knight coming back with the spoils of war, what happened? ” A lousy man asked a bartender as he chugged down a cup of ale.

”A war in Draining Petals Islands ”

The one eye bartender said but stared at the man up and down before he recognised the person was a News Collector. He usually changed appearances and went around gathering gossip for some Underworld lords and people with money.

”Its not a secret. 13 Knighthood banded to take down a certain rebellious Knighthood! ” The one eye bartender explained out loud. But he leaned and whispered.

”What was a secret was, 700 Masters were almost slaughtered just to take down the so-called Knighthood! ”

The News Collector choked on his drink, his eyes became sharp like a blade as he glared at the bartender.

The bartender felt a chill down his spine but he was not weakling. To operate in a broader town where the beast of men and beast of the beast came, one has to be a monster himself.

The bartender held his blade under the table and added, ”Even with that might, some of the rebels Knighthood escaped. However, they are only women and children! ”

The News Collector mulled over what he heard and relaxed, ”Damn. No wonder they seem to come with riches but their faces were gloomy… by the way, which Knighthood was the siege! ”

This time, the bartender looked around, seeing no one suspiciously, he said, ”Shifting Steel! ”

At that time, a man in casual clothes walked out of the bar, he groaned with every step as his body was riddled with small injuries that were not yet healed.

700? He whispered, ”that **ing lie the News spread, it was fuking 2700. ”

The man was a knight, a captain at that, and also a Rank 1 Master. He was among those that attacked Shifting Steel.

It has been a month but he still has nightmares.

He grimaced as he remembered the harrowing experience they have faced. He had been to many wars but this one was the one that shattered his reality of war.

2000 Rank 5 Masters, 300 Rank 4 Masters, 190 Special Support and 10 Rank 1 Masters. But we couldn take down 1000 Rank 5 Masters and just 2 Rank 1 Masters! The man shivered.

He quickly pulled out a bottle and drank all of it. The alcohol pushed down his memory and worries and he felt normal again.

He sauntered forward and reached a district where people were running around in panic.

Soon, he saw a large building at the centre of the district. He stood 100m away from it, he can feel that terrifying Ex flowing from the building. It belongs to Shifting Steel Knighthood.

As he was one of the few masters that survived the raid, he was required to come and give his verdict.

”Welcome. Captain Feather, we have been waiting for you! ” The guards outside the large building saluted and then guided him inside.

”Rank 10 Master! ” He said.

”What? ” The guard asked.

”Whoever did this is Rank 10 Master but he left no signature! ” He said.

Captain Feather might have had a lot of nightmares about Shifting Steel Knights but in front of these small cogs, he appeared domineering and assertive.

What lay before him was a massacre. Blood flowed from the highest level of the building like a stream and made a small fool at the base. So also cleaved bodies of people on each level were scattered, some with calm expressions without knowing what hit them.

At the very top of the building, a large room filled with metal equipment was painted with blood.

”Three Rank 10 Masters from Tremor Earth, one from Rosy Blade and one rank 9 master from Blowing Wing. ”

The guard explained the people up there.

That was the horror of Shifting Steel Knight. They have proven to be able to kill knights of the same Rank as them and also possibly those of higher Rank.

What was the difference between Rank 10 and Rank 9? Its vast. Because Rank 9 can clap and play with 5 to 20 Rank 10 depending on his talent.

”We need to find whoever did this. Because he can bring this city to its knees if care is not taken! ”

Captain Feather bellowed, and all the guards saluted and listened to more of his findings.

To them, a Rank 1 order is a verdict from the king himself.

1 Day Earlier.

A group of knights came into the city carrying spoils of war of all kinds. But most of them were steel wares usually used by households.

Among them, one was a large rectangular closet that had no key or locker. It was the special price for a noble in

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