Daede The Eternal

Here we go again

”Glub Glub ”

”Hm? ” Daede was alerted for probably the first time since his new life as a royal space jelly was self decreed.

Looking around he spots a few things he hadn seen in a while.

”Bubbles? ”

Suddenly from another direction.

”Glub glub ”

Turning around he notices more bubbles.

Daeded started swimming around and as he did he noticed two things. His movement speed had increased significantly and he couldn believe how much easier it was than compared to his first day as a space jelly king. The second thing however, was an oddity in his kingdom.

Bubbles for miles and miles. Everywhere. It was as though his kingdom was coming to a boil and he didn understand why.

As he was exploring around he kept passively absorbing some jelly inside him as he had naturally become accustomed over the short period of time. While keeping this up, he kept surveying what could be the cause for the sudden shift.

He wasn happy seeing this as this was now an indispensable resource to him.

Daede does not like leaving his house and the fact remained the same in his hermits hut made of goo.

As he looked around, he eventually came upon a strange feeling as he looked a little off into the distance. He could see much more clearly since he started eating jelly for dinner, and he seemed to finally be seeing the border of his space kingdom as he noticed actual space beyond a ridge.

A bizarre sight but his existence being what it was. He couldn really judge anymore.

As he swam closer he started inspecting around him and he noticed the bubbles were actually being generated from the sections of goo that was in the outer perimeter of the mass of goo.

The more he inspected the more he was puzzled but it was then he caught sight of something.

”What? Did that just move…? ” Daede looked out in the vastness of space and felt like he had seen a small planet in the distance move. However, he brushed it off the moment he thought it as celestial bodies do move but not fast enough for someone to react that quick or at least Daede thought so.

Yet as he returned to investigating his nations bubble problems, he flinched because he legitimately saw it move this time and it wasn a short movement it jumped a significant amount of space.

How did he know? Because of late nights watching the space channel, he understood relatively little but knew that distance gets larger the further out you are in space so for a planet to suddenly move a tiny bit in front of your eyes and at that speed.

Something definitely wasn right.

”Is this another bout of space crazy? Shit, I was just getting the hang of this stuff. Sigh… What to ! ” Daede was talking to himself as usual but this time he definitely saw it move.

It moved a lot closer than it was and the frightening thing was that the bubbles being produced around him increased at an alarming rate. It really looked like his space jelly kingdom was going to get evaporated.

”What the f*ck is that!?? ” Daede officially lost on the matter almost shut down from the shock.

Freaking out, he started to analyze what he knew and what it could be but nothing matched the description of a colossal planet jumping around the universe and causing vibrations strong enough to cook his space food and home to oblivion.

Still his day was getting a lot more chaotic as the moment he noticed that planet. He actually heard something.

It was the sound of bubbles popping and ..


A shockwave of orange and red fired off from a distant section not too far off from the colossal planet and as Daedes consciousness formed space jelly turned wide eyed.

The shockwave actually hit the moving planet. The planet didn just take it and as they were somehow getting closer to his location. Daede started seeing things he was not ever expecting.

A giant arm shot out the planet like colossus and fired off a strange brownish energy which impacted the beam of scorching heat. The shockwave generated from that single exchange blasted chunks of space into cracks where space itself was tearing and a fearsome void was releasing horrifying blades of spatial turbulence.

The whole thing seemed like a joke but the increasing size of what Daede was seeing left him rooted.

The planet like monster was getting bigger and bigger the closer the distance they got to his kingdom and from what he seen around his area. His massive land was probably useful for many more than himself.

As the fight continued, Daede finally saw some mythical look beast. It looked humanoid but also like a freakish dragon from the universes pits. Missing the wings but for a titan of this size. They weren very necessary now were they?

The two creatures fought and as they did, Daede in panic started absorbing the space jelly that weren fried into bubbles. As a cooling sensation returned, his mind calmed but it was racing with fear.

The sight before his eyes was simply unbelievable.

Two horrifyingly large existences many times the size of the sun were losing their shit in a brawl which was literally causing the universe to shatter in their wake.

For a single space jelly king to confront these titans was quite the bold idea in itself.

What was power? These guys.

What was size? These guys.

What was unequaled under the heavens? These guys.

Definitely these two. Destroying the entirety of a section of the universe as though it was a walk in the park and swaggering around as though they weren going to get caught doing property damage.

Who the flying f*ck would get in their way!? Daede thought as he kept hungrily devouring more jelly as he really didn know what was going to happen beyond this point and that was literally all hes figured out so far.

Even though it may seem like he was eating popcorn while enjoying a show. The sheer destruction these two giants were causing wasn leaving very much room for a hopeful movie ending.

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