Daede The Eternal

Change of sceneries

Daede was in his room as usual. Working.

On what you may ask?

He was working on his belief.

The belief that this universe we live in. The true meaning of our existence. Beyond unsurmountable doubt. Is the creation of ourselves.

A true meaning to the power behind the scenes.

We are not bound by any chain or power. For we truly live our lives according to our choice. The only problem being our free will is governed by repeated habits engrained in our bodies.

A soul, the driving force behind your power.

A mind, the logistical tool of creation.

A body, the vehicle for its motion.

With all three, we combine into the ultimate being. One who can achieve any task and one who can truly outshine all.

The true story of life is meant to exist within the boundaries of our imaginations.

Without limit, a truly unique existence amongst the stars.

We are the true creationists behind our existence and we truly deserve our limitless existence. Why? Because we simply have the ability to dream beyond our present lives. Meaning we can conceive how to transcend our current state of existence. For if one can conceive with their mind, one can succeed with their body with the power from their soul.

Transcendence must easily come to be by that logic, correct?

Lets hope so for Daedes sake.

-Back to the present-

Daede found himself absorbed by his recent findings. He had finally found a potential solution to his 2 year old problem.

For the past two years, Daede has been faced with an unsurmountable dilemma in which he was lacking an appropriate power source for his world genius portal way to the unknown.

Yes, Daede decided to defy his limits by creating potentially destructive wormholes.

Of course, one should totally consider their safety and sanity when considering creating wormholes as they may or may not have a tendency to kill you in the process.

Yet Daede the bold, the fearless leader of himself and his hairy arse, how could he cower at the thought of the potential and very harmful portal radiation that he would be creating by even attempting this ridiculousness.

Aha! Here is the truth folks. Daede was clinically insane if ever tested by a professional of such health departments. As such, him opening portals under wild and inane ideas of transcending his mortal body may be considered appropriate but please do your own research and use real life experience to judge whether potentially destroying the planet with unprotected, unguided, non-funded, personal pet project wormholes is a good idea.

Daede, however, with his godly willpower and unflinching mind had opted for the former of the two choices and decided to go against any sane mans recommendation by 100% certainly building a wormhole.

He wished to use use the wormhole radiation to potentially create a situation in which mystical energies can be absorbed into the body through short distance contact with the skin.

He wanted to be fully thorough and as such he decided to be close to naked for the part.

Daede looked at his hands and the giant electronic circle he created in his one bedroom apartment that looked like any old sappy villains ”death ray ” machine of the year. Yet our little lunatics electronic circle was a portal. A f*cking wormhole, as he loves to put it.

With it he will either fry himself to death, die from alien invasion or potentially luck out.

He totally died…yeah. It was an explosion.

Really bad explosion.

So bad, ones mother would cry.

Yeah, that bad.

-Present time-

”Uhhh… what the *********** just happened? ” Daede groaned as he thought feeling his whole body as though it had been sent through space and time. However, he shrugged it off as he tried to wake up though it was proving difficult for him.

Slowly opening his eyes he sees a blurry grey light surrounding him.

As his discombobulated self regained consciousness, the memories started flooding back.

His eyes flash in realization, especially as he intakes the surrounding walls with his eyes. He realized then and there. It had happened.

”I AM TOTALLY FUCKED!!! ” Daede screamed at the top of his lungs.

Yet he didn hear a single thing.

The last event he remembered was the explosion. He barely understood what was going on as his entire being was basically reduced to a pindrop before he regained a semblance of consciousness.

It was as though one would wake up from their drinking fever and their body just does not understand the commands from the brain while the brain is as confused if not more from the pounding headache and alarming amounts of signals heading its way to inform it how shitty the rest of your body feels.

The returning consciousness was loaded with blurry sights, mixed fears and a general panic as to what was surrounding him.

Daede had not felt like this since his college days.

A total wreck.

Time slowly passed as such.

The recovery of Daede was taking much longer than he had anticipated and for some reason the idea of going to sleep sent alarming levels of fear towards him which somehow managed to keep him awake.

Daede was innately intuitive as a person and his delusional years of heavy research did not result in only negative effects. He had learnt many a good behaviors and habits that surprisingly kept him sharp and allowed him the ability to afford to remain focused.

As more time passed and his mind slowly recovered its basic ability to allow thoughts. Daede started thinking quietly on what he knew.

”The portal definitely exploded. However, why? Was it defective equipment? Those bastards… I can believe they ripped me off. God damn 1 star review and a god damn virus for your pc! Thats what you deserve you bastards! ” After more cursing the reality dawned on him that he was deaf. He couldn hear a single sound other than his own thoughts.

Daede finally started realizing that the explosion had caused much more damage than he believed. Yet he was nowhere near the real truth as to what happened.

Daede continued to think as he could see and feel nothing but a weird squishiness and grey.

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