Daede The Eternal

The Night It All Began

In a remote part of the city where rent was cheap and the homeless stayed near. An average looking man, wearing his black hoody and looking completely as though he was blended into the mediocrity of the environment he surrounded himself in was walking home.

The way he walked, the way he maneuvered the building, a sense of impatience showed in his body.

There was a bag of corner store groceries. Although, it was nothing more than some cup noodles, small bag of rice and some cheap vegetables from the store.

The man considered these his only necessities to survive.

His world was bleak to him. Not in the sense that he had a deep hatred nor a tragic past. He simply found it dull. His emotions existed yet the joy and wonder of a child was nowhere near the man who walked up the stairs to his one bedroom apartment.

The door to his apartment laid before him. He was holding the key with a tight grip as though he had never let go from the moment he had left.

One could only wonder why he acted so but he knew why.

On the other side of the door laid another world. One he had created for himself. On the other side of that door, was his destiny calling to him and he knew he couldn give it up for anything.

Daede entered his key and opened the door swiftly after. A brilliance that only he could see stemmed from the open gateway he had in front of him.

As he enters and puts his food away, you can see piles of papers, random training equipment, and finally some of the craziest drawings and notes you can imagine strung up all over the walls. Any who enters would be lost, yet the tenant have not friends so why bother?

As he enters his washroom to wash his face, a clear reflection expresses itself in the view of the mirror.

Average face, height and hair. Handsome but nothing crazy, a lean build and black eyes and hair faced him back. He simply smiles before proceeding to clean himself and finally sit down with a boiled cup of noodles.

A lonely soul sits inside the small apartment, writing, researching and reflecting.

Daede grew up in the city, he had his family and he had his life. The world was developing and school was much more important.

Daede had an average childhood but couldn help but always yearn for something. Originally he knew not what but as time passed, slowly, he realized exactly what he… in mind, body and soul truly desired.

A life beyond the vastness of just his planet. A life beyond the realms of possibility. A life that leaves its very mark on the expansive universe we call home.

Sadly, as his realization dawned on him, his inability to truly create what he wanted surfaced.

A life filled with a surreal purpose, a world incapable of providing the means. His reality and yet his chains. Daede was a smart boy growing up and a much more intelligent man now.

He knew the futility of his actions with his intelligence yet his heart beats of yearning could not be silenced.

With little regret and a committed decision Daede had turned into a shut in.

However, he did not do so without careful planning as he knew the path he was embarking on when he made his choice.

His family was happy with his life, although they would appreciate grand kids.

His friends, non existent at this point.

A social life? Denied.

Luxury? Denied.

Woman? Ha! The women of this world cannot contain his seed or so he mumbles to himself every night.

A stable job? Homeless people don own a condominium.

As any adult, he did have to maintain a job to pay the place and purchase what he needed. However, a few years of working and extremely careful investing, allowed him a decent passive income. Allowing his true and final form to finally be born from the ashes of his 9 to 5 job.

A complete and intelligently delusional shut in.

He was obsessed with Video games, Anime, Manga, Novels, Fantasies, Super human powers, human evolution, technology, and so much more. Yet all it did was feed his delusions and grow his hearts yearning for the impossible.

The only thing he was different at compared to many of the usual tropes was that he did not have the patience to get hit by lightning or the very friendly neighborhood truck-kun.

However, he was blessed with something much more powerful.

A godly will.

A man who can cut off the world to delve into his hearts true yearning without complaint and without a single day off, deserves more praise than he will ever receive yet what are we without our will to get up, our will to move and grow, especially our will to live our life?

He relinquished his idiotic ideas of suicide under the pretense of reincarnation and decided to opt for what he believed in.

Humans born of this world shouldn ever limit themselves.

Genius is born from the sparks of insanity that light the world with its brilliant and ever advancing flames of hope.

He believed in himself. He believed in his will to create. Most importantly, he believed in his path.

He became the first ever, self-titled, Universal master of human cultivation From Earth. The title a work in progress he says yet had never put an ounce more of work into. He believed himself different from the ascetics in some ways which led to his ”first ” achievement getting unlocked.

Daede was crazy by the usual standard definition. Yet to his personally enormous self-satisfaction, he had stayed so low profile and anti-social that no one had ever suspected a thing. Including any single pair of eyes that have ever met or known the young Daede.

At 25, fully retired and insanely driven to complete a goal he may never achieve.

A brilliantly crafted life suited to his ever growing desire towards personal fulfilment.

He had dedicated himself to breaking the physical and spiritual limits that humans have had embedded in their very existence by nature or so he would say to himself every morning.

A real life fight against the Heavens one could say.

A mere mortal human from Earth, where technology advances by the day yet ones personal development is limited by natures ”evolutionary process ”.

Why can one not break past the limit that nature had deemed fit? Namely its speed of evolution?

Daede who was quite smart had never meant the side path of going through human modification or bioengineering a human when he spoke of his ideas. He meant, the honest yet painful, lonely yet true method of cultivating the mind, body and soul.

The path of a true master. Born to break all limits, prepared to face existence itself for their desires, a calamity class pursuit of their dreams.

Daede wished to walk his own path to become a master.

He secluded himself and created this perfect living situation for himself because he knew he could do it. He could not explain why but he simply believed it with his entire existence.

He wished to transcend his humanly limits and ascend to a superior being.

A fools errand, the masses would shun.

A misguided soul, the priests would pray.

A distorted sense of reality, the psychologists would analyze.

”Who cares? Do I? The answer is no. ” Daede spoke as he looked outside his window at the beautiful moon that shines its light while contemplating his decisions as he does everyday.

Yet he feels it still, his yearning heart. It still beats for its goal so he shall advance to its drums. A lonely soldier on the frontlines of his own life ready to face the hell that awaits him in return for the chance to overcome its perils and gain its power.

This is the story of a mortal who had against all odds left his mark in the Universe as Daede The Eternal.

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