60 Neighbour (邻居)


Bai Yin had been in and out of Xinghuan frequently recently.
Zhang Kai wouldn’t talk about it.
Even Li Zhibai’s agent and assistant knew him.

With Shao Ping’s shrewdness, it was natural to see that the atmosphere between Li Zhibai and this guy was a bit wrong, but he was thinking about breaking his head.
He didn’t expect Li Zhibai to be a little scared, but he was almost obedient to the other party.
Not because of other things, but because of the suppression of race and cultivation as a demon.
Shao Ping just vaguely felt that Bai Yin might have some intentions for his artist, so he reminded Li Zhibai, but Li Zhibai said gloomily that he thought too much, saying that Bai Yin just wanted to make fun of him, which definitely didn’t mean that.
(但饶是他想破了脑袋, not sure)

He made such a promise and Shao Ping didn’t have much to say.
Moreover, Bai Yin himself didn’t seem to be an easy person to mess with.
Besides being Bai Xinyan’s uncle that he could take advantage of the chairman’s power, he could clearly see that he had a lot of statuses.
It wasn’t good to rush so he got a bad relationship with him in the end.
In addition, apart from getting closer to Li Zhibai, Bai Yin didn’t seem to have done anything out of the ordinary or too intimate.
He didn’t even force him regardless.
He thought even if he really liked Li Zhibai, it should be a normal pursuit and nothing would happen.

Coupled with Li Zhibai’s assurance, Shao Ping didn’t care about them anymore.
However, what Shao Ping didn’t know was that Bai Yin had done a lot of intimacy and extraordinary actions, just when Li Zhibai had changed back to his original form.

Touching people casually was an indecent act, but it didn’t matter to touch the fox for Bai Yin.
Moreover, he claimed that he was helping Li Zhibai to stimulate and desensitize in order to help Li Zhibai cure tiger phobia as soon as possible.
He had no scruples when touching his hair (撸起毛来更是毫无顾忌).

During this time, Li Zhibai had been touched by Bai Yin all over his body except for the base of his tail and under his belly.

Li Zhibai, of course, resisted at first, but due to Bai Yin’s power, he could only be obedient.
This kind of mandatory “treatment” really had some effect.
Now that he was in close contact with Bai Yin, he wouldn’t be frightened to turn back into the fox at all.
Therefore, Bai Yin also made a new excuse in order to rub the fox—helping Li Zhibai take care of his long hair.

The inconvenience of taking care of the original hair had always been a tangled point for Li Zhibai.
Before this, he tried to ask Bai Xinyan for advice several times.
Since Bai Yin changed this excuse to wash and comb his hair, Li Zhibai’s acceptance of him had unknowingly been much higher.
Although he still resisted the tigers habitually, he actually had no big reaction to Bai Yin’s contact.
Even he had begun to get used to being touched from the head to the tail.

It was just that the fox’s position was, of course, to stand firm.
Even if he wasn’t so afraid of Bai Yin, Li Zhibai was still a little angry.
Moreover, it would be too embarrassing for a well-trained demon to be molested every day, so when Bai Xinyan asked, Li Zhibai was a little ashamed to answer.
However, since Bai Yin helped him take care of his hair, Li Zhibai felt that his original form was getting better.
His desire to come out and show off his beautiful side shamelessly to other people became stronger.
He didn’t know how long he could hide the whole thing.

Li Zhibai actually knew that he couldn’t escape and he didn’t want to escape that much because Bai Yin sent him a message saying that the expensive special care for fox fur he bought arrived today and he could try it on him at night.
Li Zhibai was still looking forward to this.
The previous quarrel with Bai Xinyan was actually just a show.

However, Bai Xinyan really wanted to avoid Bai Yin wholeheartedly.
Although they hadn’t seen each other for a few years and he missed him, but he almost made up for meeting every day during this period of time.
Now Bai Xinyan was full of Yin Heng.
He felt that Bai Yin, an uncle who really knew how to “fight the mandarin ducks”, was a little in the way most of the time.

After getting in the car, Bai Xinyan asked, “Little Uncle, are you here to pick up Li Zhibai and take me with you?”

Bai Yin glanced at Bai Xinyan, whose face was full of spring breeze recently, and said, “No.
I changed my house, just in time to have dinner to celebrate it.”

It didn’t take long for Bai Yin to change the house.
Bai Xinyan was stunned, and then he remembered that his little uncle seemed to have said… he wanted to move next door to Yin Heng?

Seeing the change in Bai Xinyan’s face, Bai Yin understood that he was thinking of this.
He couldn’t help smiling slightly and said, “I will be next door to you in the future.
After practicing every day, you can sleep there.”

Bai Xinyan: “……”

Ah ah ah ah ah ah! Why was his little uncle so committed to hindering his emotional development! Bai Xinyan couldn’t do it properly, so he quickly and secretly sent a message to Yin Heng, hoping that the other party would have a way to deal with it.

Yin Heng, who received the news, didn’t respond much.

Yin Heng: It’s okay, I already guessed it.
Your little uncle should just talk about it and won’t really let you move in.

Bai Xinyan: Really? The reason for this cultivation is useless…

Yin Heng: It doesn’t matter.
If he really wants you to move in, I will solve it.

Yin Heng made a promise and Bai Xinyan was relieved.

Saying that it was to celebrate Bai Yin’s move, this time they didn’t have dinner in the hotel, but went directly to Bai Yin’s new home, and then… ordered takeout.

No way, this group of demons were all guys who couldn’t cook.

This house was next door to Yin Heng.
The layout was similar, but the interior decoration was very different.
Bai Yin only kept two bedrooms and the other rooms were transformed into other functions.
Not to mention the study, gym, video room, etc.
Bai Xinyan was surprised to find that there was a room that seemed to be… a pet room? And there was also a pet bathroom, which contained some strange professional machines that Bai Xinyan couldn’t recognize.

“Little Uncle, do you want a pet?” Bai Xinyan asked.
The size of those utensils couldn’t be used in Bai Yin’s original body form.

“Sort of.” Bai Yin smiled and gave an ambiguous answer.

Bai Xinyan’s eyes widened in surprise, “What do you want to keep?” He remembered that Bai Yin didn’t like those animals when he was in the mist mountain.
He wondered why he wanted to keep pets now.

Bai Yin glanced at Li Zhibai, who was beside him, curled the corners of his lips and didn’t answer.

It happened that Yin Heng arrived late at this time.
Bai Xinyan didn’t ask any further questions.
After being surprised, he turned his attention to Yin Heng who had just arrived.

Li Zhibai couldn’t help but have a guess when he saw the layout of this room and bathroom, but he felt that he must be thinking too much until he saw the storage compartment in the bathroom at a glance.
Bai Yin told him that the fox haircare just arrived today…

Li Zhibai almost choked, and then he couldn’t help swallowing his saliva.

This room and these things seemed to be really prepared for him…

Li Zhibai’s face turned red in an instant and an indescribable feeling came to his heart…

Bai Yin glanced at him with a smile at the corner of his mouth but didn’t say anything.
He turned to take them to other places.

It took a while for Li Zhibai’s face to cool down.
But the dam in his heart seemed to be broken so that after the wave rushed over, it couldn’t block it back.
Instead, it flooded in directly and it had completely surged in.

Li Zhibai remembered when Shao Ping told him that Bai Yin seemed to have intentions toward him before.
He swore that there was absolutely no possibility of such a relationship between them and couldn’t help covering his face with his hands.

It was really terrible.
Clearly, Bai Yin hadn’t said anything.
It was just a room.
Why did his face hurt now…

Li Zhibai’s psychological activity, except for Bai Xinyan, a guy who was insensitive to anyone other than Yin Heng, everyone else saw it and was happy to see its success.
Needless to say for Yin Heng about Bai Yin, with Li Zhibai around, it was obvious that Bai Yin’s focus wouldn’t be on his relationship with Bai Xinyan, which was naturally a good thing.
And he could be regarded as Li Zhibai’s boss, so Bai Yin had to be more or less polite to him.

Sure enough, Bai Yin didn’t mention the matter of letting Bai Xinyan move from Yin Heng’s place to live here.
He just asked Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan to play first after the meal while he asked Yin Heng to talk with him.

This time Bai Yin’s attitude was serious.
Yin Heng vaguely guessed something and became more energetic.

“I asked someone to check your past,” Bai Yin took out a thick document and put it in front of Yin Heng.
He said lightly, “What I mean for doing this, I feel that with your experience and character, it’s not suitable for you to follow Yanyan.
Now I can’t see anything when you’re in a good relationship.
After a long time, the differences in personalities and things will become more and more obvious.
But Yanyan likes you now.
If I just take future guesses and deny you, he definitely won’t be happy.”

Bai Yin said with a slight smile, “Although he has a soft heart, he has had ideas since childhood.
There’s nothing that he wants to do that can’t be done.
My sister and my brother-in-law have always followed him, so you have to do this.
I don’t plan to directly oppose it.
But,” Bai Yin changed the conversation, “I don’t want to be this bad guy, but I won’t let anyone confused Yanyan, so the matter is, you have to let him know and let him judge for himself.” Bai Yin paused, and then said, “For me or for you to talk about these matters, the effect is probably different.
You understand, right?”

Yin Heng understood that he had better take the initiative to tell Bai Xinyan everything about himself first.
Otherwise, Bai Yin might add fuel to the flames.
Yin Heng actually had some plans for this because Bai Xinyan occasionally asked him about his past, but he didn’t mean to get to the bottom of it for the time being.
All of those came to mind in minor details.

To be honest, if Bai Xinyan really wanted to ask about his past experiences, Yin Heng would probably have said it on the spot.
Therefore, at this time, he didn’t feel anything about what Bai Yin’s request was and said solemnly, “I understand.”

Seeing this, Bai Yin nodded, “I still have to put the bad words first.
If Yanyan is unhappy and doesn’t want to be with you anymore, don’t think about relying on your cultivation or helping him cultivate.
What kind of threats are you doing or biting the hand that fed you, our Bai family won’t let you go.” (恩將仇報, idiom of biting the hand that feed you meant to pay the kindness you get with a bad thing or kind of revenge)

Bai Yin said that.
Seeing Yin Heng’s expression still as if he didn’t worry about it at all, he couldn’t help but smiled and finally said, “Of course, if Yanyan doesn’t change his words and thoughts, then I will naturally not stop you two from being together in the future.
But one thing I want to emphasize is that you can’t have too much intimacy until Yanyan reaches adulthood.
Is that okay?”

“……” Bai Yin is Bai Xinyan’s elder, but he is much younger than Yin Heng.
He asked him not to be intimate with Bai Xinyan for the time being.
Yin Heng was a little embarrassed.
He coughed lightly and said, “No problem, I originally planned to wait until he became an adult.”

Bai Yin raised his eyebrows in surprise, “Really? I thought Yanyan looked like…”

He thought they had already done it behind him, but it turned out that they haven’t?

Then why did Bai Xinyan look like a bunny with pink bubbles every day?

Bai Yin looked at Yin Heng, who looked helpless, and suddenly felt a little fortunate.
Fortunately, although Li Zhibai’s cultivation base was also poor, he had already grown up.

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