53 Found Out (发现)


Although Yin Heng and Bai Xinyan were very restrained when they were living together in the past few days because they learned that Bai Yin was coming, there was nothing special that made people feel the red bubbles.
However, even so, Bai Xinyan was unwilling to give up this opportunity.
So during Bai Yin’s depart time from the airport to the city, Bai Xinyan tried hard to think about how to reject his little uncle’s request to move in with him.

However, Bai Xinyan wasn’t very good at lying.
After thinking for a long time, he couldn’t come up with any good excuses.
Eventually, he turned to Yin Heng for help.

“Mr Yin, my uncle said he found a house and asked me to move to his place…” Bai Xinyan observed Yin Heng’s reaction and said slowly, for fear that Yin Heng would immediately agree.

Yin Heng frowned slightly when he heard the words.
Although he knew that Bai Xinyan’s elder would definitely have an impact, he didn’t expect that it would cause him a problem from the beginning.
From the perspective of the elder, there was obviously no problem in letting the nephew live in his own house instead of going out to rent a house.
He, as the landlord, could say that he had no reason to object.
But if he just agreed, he didn’t know when he would have another chance to live with Bai Xinyan next time.

Yin Heng paused and asked Bai Xinyan, “…do you want to move in?”

Bai Xinyan immediately shook his head.
After a while, he found that he was too obvious and quickly explained, “I think it’s very comfortable to live here and convenient to go to the company from here.
Besides, my little uncle always takes care of me.
Probably, I can’t play games at will if I live with him.” Although most of it was to avoid being separated from Yin Heng, what Bai Xinyan said now was the truth.

Hearing that, Yin Heng couldn’t help but flash a smile in his eyes.
He touched Bai Xinyan’s head, “Then I’ll tell your little uncle that I won’t let you move out.”

“Really?” Bai Xinyan was surprised, “Mr Yin, you are so kind!”

Yin Heng said that he would solve it.
Bai Xinyan immediately let go of his heart and went to Bai Yin with ease.

He hadn’t seen him for a few years, but Bai Yin’s appearance hadn’t changed.
Even though his cultivation had broken through, his sense of deterrence would be stronger if he didn’t hide it.
But just looking at his appearance, he was completely an elite person among human beings.
He had a neat suit, smooth and docile hair.
He wore gold-rimmed glasses, smiling politely and alienated.
He didn’t look like a demon which most of the time was straightforward.

However, as soon as he saw Bai Xinyan, Bai Yin’s smile suddenly became much brighter.

“Little uncle,” Bai Xinyan gave him a hug with excitement, “Long time no see, you’re finally back!”

“It’s been a long time indeed,” Bai Yin looked at Bai Xinyan and said with a smile, “You have successfully transformed.”

“……” He was stabbed in the pain.
Bai Xinyan snorted, “Not only have I successfully transformed, but I will soon become an adult!”

Bai Yin raised his eyebrows when he heard the words and asked, “How did you solve it? Your parents found those good treasures from ancient times?” Of course, Bai Yin knew about Bai Xinyan’s physical problems.
Not only did Father Bai and Mother Bai had thought a lot about it, but Bai Yin also tried to find a lot of treasure remedies abroad, trying to cure Bai Xinyan.
Unfortunately, it hadn’t been effective.
Father Bai finally concluded that unless it was a rare treasure born in the past when the world was full of spiritual energy, it would be difficult to improve Bai Xinyan’s physique.

“Where is there any good treasure from ancient times? Anyway, it just got better all of a sudden.” Bai Xinyan paused and deliberately said good things for Yin Heng, “I think it’s probably because of Mr Yin.”

“Oh? That’s the boss of your current company?” Bai Yin said calmly, “Why do you think it’s because of him?”

Bai Xinyan then retold his reaction when he saw Yin Heng for the first time.
He also concealed the uncomfortable part and only said good things.
After listening, Bai Yin felt that there were a lot of speculations in his heart, but he didn’t show it on his face, but smiled, “Then you should thank this Mr Yin.
The house you rent now is also his, right? It seems that you get along well?”

“Yes, yes, Mr Yin is very kind to me.” Bai Xinyan felt a little guilty in front of Bai Yin at first but still tried very hard to make a good impression on Yin Heng. If my little uncle has a good impression of Mr Yin, it should be easier for Mr Yin to mention whether or not to move out… Bai Xinyan thought silently.

Bai Xinyan didn’t forget about Bai Yin’s routine, but in the end, he was too young too simple.
Instead, he was given a routine by Bai Yin without knowing it.
After several times of inducement, Bai Yin almost found out about his ordinary relationship with Yin Heng.
(“too young too simple” in English) (套路, meant sequence of movements in martial arts, routine, pattern, or standard method)

Originally, Bai Yin just wanted to know how Bai Xinyan was doing recently and what kind of person Yin Heng was like, but he didn’t expect to find something even more wrong after such a simple inquiry.

It sounded like Bai Xinyan had a good life after going down the mountain.
He ate well, drank well, slept well, and didn’t suffer any grievances.
He also met a few friends, both demons and humans.
However, even if Bai Yin himself hadn’t been in love or even liked someone, it was easy to hear about his relationship with Yin Heng from his experience.
It seemed that he wasn’t just an ordinary friend.
Not to mention what Bai Xinyan said, the frequency and time he spent with Yin Heng was too much.
Just looking at Bai Xinyan’s involuntarily smiling smile and the crimson crawling into his ears when he recalled some things was enough to show what Bai Xinyan thought about that Mr Yin.

And it was obvious that only Bai Xinyan was present.
Bai Yin was also wearing a pair of plain glasses, but there was no reason to feel that his eyes were hurting…

This, was this what they said about the lethal power of show affection?

Bai Yin came back to his senses after being shocked.
He looked at Bai Xinyan, who was unaware, with complex eyes and such a sentence suddenly popped into his mind.

Bai Xinyan didn’t know that he had already revealed his secrets and was still passionately promoting Yin Heng to Bai Yin and happily told him that Yin Heng was ready to entertain him.

“Listening to you, I can’t wait to see this Mr Yin now.” Bai Yin said meaningfully after drinking a sip of tea.

The meeting was scheduled for the evening.
Yin Heng arranged a place to invite Bai Yin and Bai Xinyan to dinner.
Before that, Bai Yin and Bai Xinyan chatted all afternoon while quietly extracting more information from Bai Xinyan and secretly arranging for someone to check Yin Heng’s information.

Yin Heng appeared to be quite mysterious among ordinary people, but in fact, it wasn’t too much for a demon.
Bai Yin’s subordinates were all very professional people, but they hadn’t been able to find out much.
Of course, there were reasons why, time was too tight and they were still unfamiliar with S City, but it was also because Yin Heng was very mysterious.

However, only from what Bai Yinyan knew so far, Yin Heng not only had a very high cultivation base but also had a very good status in human society.
He seemed to be very good to Bai Xinyan.
It seemed that he would probably be an excellent partner.
However, when Bai Yin went down the mountain in his early years, he encountered many people who were gentle and bright but actually had hidden evil intentions.
Although this Yin Heng seemed to be partially recognized by Father Bai and Mother Bai, it wasn’t very likely that he was a hypocrite.
Bai Yin still maintained a certain degree of the doubt when considering Bai Xinyan’s special physique.

And even if Yin Heng was as good as Bai Xinyan said, being a friend and being a lover were two different things.
There was a huge gap between Yin Heng and Bai Xinyan’s cultivation.
If Yin Heng didn’t have that mind or had the mind but didn’t really take Bai Xinyan to heart, Bai Xinyan was obviously easy to suffer.

After all, Bai Yin raised Bai Xinyan as his son.
Of course, he didn’t like Yin Heng, a guy who was likely to take his own rabbit.
Before the meeting, he had already thought about 180 reasons to reject him for further development in his mind.
Bai Xinyan was still a cub now.
Even if he really wanted to fall in love, he should wait until he was an adult!

In order to show his attitude, Bai Yin deliberately stepped on the restaurant he ordered and deliberately ignored Bai Xinyan’s request to see Yin Heng early.

Because he already knew some basic information about Yin Heng, Bai Yin felt that he was fully prepared and would definitely have an advantage in momentum.
However, when he really met Yin Heng, Bai Yin actually still couldn’t maintain his composure completely.

Yin Heng’s face changed while looking at Bai Xinyan praising him many times in front of him.
So although he was still a little surprised, this wasn’t the main reason why Bai Yin couldn’t maintain his momentum.
The real reason was that Bai Yin felt strong pressure on the other side…

Bai Yin’s cultivation talent was very good and he had already advanced to the Nascent Soul.
It was reasonable that even if Yin Heng’s cultivation was higher, it wouldn’t put him under such pressure, not to mention that Yin Heng came to see Bai Xinyan’s elder.
Naturally, his devil energy was restrained completely.
It was even more impossible to deliberately put any pressure on Bai Yin.

However, Bai Yin just felt an indescribable pressure, which was different from the suppression of pure cultivation, but somewhat like… the majesty brought by blood?

Fortunately, the pressure wasn’t too strong.
It dissipated significantly after Bai Xinyan approached.
Bai Yin didn’t lose his temper because of this, but the momentum he originally thought was definitely impossible to get back.
Bai Yin quickly stabilized the expression on his face and gave Yin Heng a polite smile, “Hello, Mr Yin.
I’m Yanyan’s uncle, Bai Yin.”

Yin Heng keenly felt the unfriendliness hidden under Bai Yin’s polite smile, but he couldn’t show a too attentive and friendly attitude.
It was hard to even pull out a smile.
He could only try to show his kindness.

Bai Yin soon confirmed that Yin Heng was a very difficult guy to deal with.
He never changed his face from the beginning to the end.
He was able to block his words again and again.
And there was Bai Xinyan who was holding him back.

After Bai Yin implicitly criticized Yin Heng’s family background, ability, status, and personality, he found that Yin Heng really didn’t seem to have any bad points.
Even the most obvious personality defect of being too cold and hard couldn’t be blamed on Bai Xinyan’s active maintenance of the two and their natural intimate interaction.

“……” Seeing Bai Xinyan unconsciously putting Yin Heng’s favourite dishes into the other’s bowl and occasionally thinking of his little uncle, Bai Yin felt a sense of powerlessness in his heart.
Then he noticed that when Yin Heng whispered to Bai Xinyan, the sharp eyes and brows were vaguely gentler.
His expression was much softer than facing him.
Bai Yin found that the relationship between the two might be closer than he thought before.

Originally, he was worried that Bai Xinyan would be deceived.
But now it seemed that this Yin Heng really cared about Bai Xinyan.
It wasn’t necessarily a matter of mutual affection.
But Bai Yin didn’t plan to let a pig go over his cabbage so easily, even if the pig seemed sincere at the moment.

Bai Yin started in a different direction and said to Yin Heng, “Mr Yin is so good.
His talent for words is too poor in comparison and he is far inferior to you in other aspects.
Besides, he is young and hasn’t experienced anything, so taking care of him during this time will really bother you.
When I come back this time, I plan to stay in the country in the future, so I don’t have to trouble you anymore.”

Bai Yin’s words seemed polite, but in fact, they were telling Yin Heng that there was too much gap between him and Bai Xinyan.
Bai Xinyan had no experience in the world, but Yin Heng’s sophisticated and deep mind was probably not less.
The two people had a lot of estrangement.
It might be possible to have a good impression of each other at the beginning, but after a long time, they might find that they couldn’t understand each other in many things.
If Yin Heng didn’t think about these things and just flirted casually, it would be better to go down the steps he gave as soon as possible and hand over Bai Xinyan’s “guardianship” to his uncle.

Although Bai Yin smiled gently, Yin Heng could easily recognize what he meant.
His expression changed slightly.
After all, he said he planned to pretend that there were no other attempts to hide from this little uncle for the past few days.
As a result, Bai Yin not only wanted to stay here but also directly discovered what he wanted to hide – he was coveting the other party’s nephew…

It seemed that he wasn’t a good actor.
Yin Heng couldn’t help thinking silently.
But since they had all been found out, there was no other way but to admit it.
After all, he definitely couldn’t give up this idea and keep a distance from Bai Xinyan as Bai Yin said.


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