52 Uncle (舅舅)


Because Bai Xinyan changed his statement, Father Bai and Mother Bai didn’t think there was anything wrong.
Naturally, they had no objection.
It was the first time that Bai Xinyan had been separated from his parents for such a long time, so now he naturally spent more time talking.
Finally, Father Bai mentioned something to him, “Your little uncle has completed the seclusion.
He heard that you are going out to be an actor and is going to visit you in S City.” (小舅舅, meant little uncle from mother’s side) (闭关, meant to close the pass, seal off the country, seclusion, or monastic practice e.g.
of Chan Buddhists.
In this series, it refers to breaking through the seal probably like Yin Heng wanted to but he reached his bottleneck)

Bai Xinyan was startled, “Little uncle? Did he break through successfully?”

Father Bai nodded, “Yes, he contacted us a few days ago, saying that the breakthrough was going well.
He was going to go back here after the arrangement over there.”

Bai Xinyan was very happy to hear the words, “I haven’t seen my little uncle for a long time.
He finally finished his seclusion.”

Bai Xinyan quickly told Yin Heng that his little uncle was coming to see him.
Unlike Bai Xinyan who was happy, Yin Heng felt a little bad.
Although he didn’t plan to do anything until Bai Xinyan reached adulthood, but Bai Xinyan’s elder was coming over, he wouldn’t see anything, and then object to him being with Bai Xinyan, right?

Worrying about his return, Yin Heng still fully welcomed Bai Xinyan’s uncle’s coming, and at the same time, he made preparations secretly.
He probably knew the situation of Bai Xinyan’s family, but he knew very little about this uncle.
He only heard that he stayed in the mist mountain in the early years, and then went directly to develop abroad.
No one knew about his name or his appearance, but it was even more unclear what personality he was like.
In order (for his uncle) not to prevent him from pursuing Bai Xinyan in the future, Yin Heng decided to try his best to hide his thoughts during the period when Bai Xinyan’s uncle came while inquiring about the other party’s situation.

Bai Xinyan didn’t know what Yin Heng thinking.
When he asked about his little uncle, he answered truthfully without thinking much.

His little uncle was called Bai Yin (白寅).
He was said to be his uncle, but he wasn’t much older than Bai Xinyan.
He was almost raised by Father Bai and Mother Bai as their son.
In fact, Bai Yin had no blood relationship with Mother Bai, but a little tiger was rescued by Father Bai and Mother Bai by chance.
Father Bai and Mother Bai adopted him, but they didn’t recognize him as a son.
Instead, Mother Bai recognized him as a younger brother and named him Bai Yin.

Bai Xinyan was born a few years after Father Bai and Mother Bai adopted Bai Yin.
It was just that although they weren’t very old, but it was nothing in the demons, their growth and cultivation were very different.

Although Bai Yin had no blood relationship with Father Bai and Mother Bai, his cultivation talent was exactly the same as theirs.
Not to mention that he entered adulthood in a short time, similar to that of ordinary human beings, and immediately formed his shape after adulthood.
In comparison, Bai Xinyan’s transformation was too late.
He couldn’t completely transform until he was twenty-one years old.
Not only did he look much slower than Bai Yin, but his cultivation was even more incomparable.
So far, he hadn’t built a foundation.
He had to rely on Bai Jiahei given by Yin Heng to pretend that he was a low-middle-level demon in foundation-building.

However, Bai Xinyan was quite open about this.
Since childhood, he had never had any negative views on his little uncle, who was much stronger than himself.
It was when the other party successfully formed his shape and could go out to the human society, he couldn’t help but envy, jealous, and hate for a while.
After all, his transformation was incomplete.
It was inconvenient for him to go down the mountain to play, let alone to see the outside world by himself.

Fortunately, Bai Yin treated Bai Xinyan, Father Bai and Mother Bai very well.
Although he soon went to the farther U Country after going out, he would come back once or twice a year to bring Bai Xinyan a lot outside of good and fun things to improve their family’s life.
Originally, they could be said to be isolated from the world in the mist mountain.
It was only after Bai Yin went out that they installed the technological equipment of human beings and even took great effort to connect to WiFi in mist mountain.
From this, Bai Xinyan could be considered to have access to outside information at any time and Bai Yin also found a teacher to give him long-distance teaching, which enriched his life and had the goal of becoming an actor.

Although Bai Yin wasn’t much older than Bai Xinyan, he almost treated him like a son.
He was stricter than Father Bai.
However, after confirming that Bai Xinyan’s cultivation talent was only like this and was still a physical defect, his requirements for Bai Xinyan were almost as long as Bai Xinyan was happy.
However, in order to prevent Bai Xinyan from learning badly, Bai Yin still added a minor filter setting to the network of the mist mountain, which blocked all kinds of messy things, including some movies and TV dramas with crazy plots and games that were easy to be addicted to, etc.

However, no matter what, Bai Xinyan’s relationship with his little uncle was still quite good.
After Bai Yin went to U Country, he had fewer opportunities to meet.
More than a year ago, he was in seclusion because he was going to break through to the Nascent Soul Stage and had been silent since then.
Now that he knew that he finally had the opportunity to meet after more than a year, Bai Xinyan was, of course, very happy.
Besides Yin Heng, he also told Li Zhibai casually.

Li Zhibai didn’t take Bai Xinyan’s little uncle to heart but told Bai Xinyan another thing.

“Did your agent contact you for the future job?” Li Zhibai asked, “Brother Shao told me that Xinghuan has a TV series project to start recently and the configuration should be very good.
Do you want to fight for a role?”

Bai Xinyan was startled, “What TV series?”

“《Tracing the Source》 (溯源), adapted from a novel.
The original work is very popular.
Xinghuan invested a lot of money and it is said that the director had set to be Zhang Cheng (张程).” Li Zhibai said, “Brother Shao said that this is Xinghuan’s next key project and has great potential.
He wants me to fight for the male lead.”

《Tracing the Source》 was a suspense detective work that exploded a few years ago.
It was still on the best-selling list with a high reputation.
Xinghuan successfully bought the film and television copyright of 《Tracing the Source》 a year ago.
It took a long time to adapt the script and it was completed recently.
Next, it was ready to start the filming.
Xinghuan attached great importance to this project and had given a lot of investment.
It was said that the director was set to Zhang Cheng, one of the best-known directors in the TV series circle and had the best ratings.

In short, based on the little information so far, this TV series was definitely worth fighting for.

During the training class, Bai Xinyan gradually got to know some of the more powerful people in the circle.
Hearing that, he nodded and said, “That sounds really good.
I’ll go back and ask Zhang Kai.”

Li Zhibai let out a “tsk” and said, “Why don’t you just ask the chairman? By the way, say something nice to me and see if you can open a back door for me.”

Bai Xinyan was puzzled, “Do you still need to open the back door?” Li Zhibai’s current popularity status, the male lead of the TV series was basically easy to catch, right?

Li Zhibai sighed, “I heard that Zhang Cheng’s requirements are very strict and doesn’t he also have a royal male lead, Yu Anyan (于安彦)?”

Li Zhibai was one of the top popular niches for the young male lead’s role.
There was only one person in the circle who could compete with him and this was Yu Anyan.
Yu Anyan was the lead artist of Yuexiang Entertainment, who regarded Xinghuan as their opponent.
He wasn’t as popular and handsome as Li Zhibai, but his acting and communication skills were stronger than Li Zhibai.
Compared with Li Zhibai’s face, which was so good-looking that it would overshadow the play, the director naturally preferred Yu Anyan, who was handsome but didn’t steal the play and had more excellent acting skills.
Zhang Cheng and Yu Anyan had collaborated in two dramas, both of which were very good, and he also praised Yu Anyan many times, so it was gradually spread that Yu Anyan was Zhang Cheng’s royal male lead (御用男主).

They were all people in this circle.
Of course, Li Zhibai knew that the royal male lead’s statement was an exaggeration, but in comparison, he must be much inferior to Yu Anyan in front of Zhang Cheng.
Fortunately, 《Tracing the Source》 was invested by Xinghuan.
Without Yuexiang, the male lead would definitely not be able to reach Yu Anyan’s head, but Li Zhibai was still a little worried.

“Let me tell you, that Yu Anyan… seems to be a bit evil.
I’m afraid that he will say a lot of bad things about me in front of Zhang Cheng, which will make Zhang Cheng resolute not to let me play this male lead.” Li Zhibai frowned slightly and said, “I always feel that Yu Anyan’s look at me is a bit horrified.”

In fact, Li Zhibai and Yu Anyan had always avoided and never cooperated, but they only met briefly on certain occasions, which made Li Zhibai’s impression of this person very bad.
Although they had a competitive relationship, it was normal to hate each other, but Li Zhibai felt that when Yu Anyan looked at him, it wasn’t only the kind of hiding a knife in a smile, but also a cruel feeling that he wanted to peel him to the bone.

When Li Zhibai remembered the feeling at that time, he couldn’t help but get goosebumps again.

“You are also a demon anyway, do you need to be afraid of an ordinary person?” Bai Xinyan said involuntarily.

Li Zhibai sighed again and said to Bai Xinyan earnestly, “There are many messy methods in this circle and some things are useless even if you’re a demon.
Moreover, Yuexiang is very dark.
Although Yu Anyan hasn’t exposed anything, I don’t believe that he can really be a white lotus that emerges from the mud and is not stained.” Speaking of which, Li Zhibai, who was still frowning just now, couldn’t help but suddenly narcissistically, “It’s all my fault that I’m too good-looking.
Even if I don’t work all year round like him, my popularity still crushes him.
No wonder people are jealous.”

Bai Xinyan: “…okay, let me ask Mr Yin for you.”

Bai Xinyan’s recent schedule had no other arrangements except for the shooting of the remaining episodes of 《Career Story》.
His training content was almost completed, so the follow-up work also needed to be gradually arranged.

In this case, Zhang Kai certainly noticed the promising choice of 《Tracing the Source》.
Although he didn’t notify Bai Xinyan directly, he asked Yin Heng first.
The investment of 《Tracing the Source》 was dominated by Xinghuan, so after Yin Heng received Zhang Kai’s request for instructions, he told him, ‘If Bai Xinyan is interested, he can choose any role he wants.’

Although Yin Heng, the chairman of the board, made such a statement, in order to carry out this operation, it still needed to communicate and coordinate internally.
Therefore, when Zhang Kai told Bai Xinyan the news, Bai Yin had already returned to China and landed at the international airport in S City.

Bai Xinyan wanted to pick him up, but Bai Yin refused because he was now a star and would be easily chased and blocked.
Bai Xinyan then wanted to arrange for someone to pick him up again, but Bai Yin answered him like this, “I have already arranged for someone when I return and let them arrange all kinds of things.
I have a car to pick me up and find a house.
Are you renting someone else’s house now? Come back and live with me.”

Bai Xinyan: “!”

Bai Xinyan never expected that the first thing Bai Yin did when he came back was to ask him to stop renting! He, he just lived with Yin Heng for a few days!

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