39 Question (质疑)


Although things were coming, the program team found that they had ignored the issue that Bai Xinyan hadn’t opened his Weibo, but fortunately, this wasn’t a big problem.
Bai Xinyan stayed in the hotel honestly and waited to cooperate with the publicity.
After agreeing, naturally, he asked Zhang Kai to make a Weibo for him.

So the promotion of Career Story official blog comparable to squeezing toothpaste (挤牙膏, meant to extract a confession under pressure, here), finally they announced another big news on that day.

Career Story V: Today we announce the second resident guest of the program group—beautiful, kind-hearted, adorable, yet strong person; strange power contrasts with his cutie, stand up bravely as a little angel, everyone must know, right? @Bai Xinyan【Video recording】

Bai Xinyan silently forwarded it after seeing it: Thank you for your attention, please support 《Career Story》 // Career Story V: Today we announce…

The tone was very perfunctory, the wording was very official.

Li Zhibai on the side couldn’t help but stare when he saw this, “You just post on Weibo? Is it possible to take the route of prudent veteran cadre (老干部)?”

Bai Xinyan raised his head, “What veteran cadre? Isn’t it right for me to say this?”

Li Zhibai looked at him endlessly to say, “It’s too wrong.
How cute you are.
You see, the person arranged by the program group isn’t so rigid.” Li Zhibai said, suddenly remembering Bai Xinyan’s rigid WeChat nickname, he couldn’t help but realize that there might be a boring old cadre soul in the other party’s bones.

Bai Xinyan curled his lips when he heard the words and said, “I just think the description of the program group is too silly…” so the response wasn’t very enthusiastic.

Li Zhibai looked at it again and could understand Bai Xinyan.
He patted him on the shoulder and said, “No way, publicity is like this.
You are pretty good.
When the official announces me in the future, the words used must be more shameful.
Artists are like this, just get used to it.”

“…such as the coquettish fox-spirit bitch?” Bai Xinyan paused when he heard the words, and couldn’t help but say, “Then you really have to be ashamed.”

“…how is it possible!?” Li Zhibai was so angry with Bai Xinyan that he rolled his eyes wide.
“My character set like a noble son, okay? The program group will only use words like handsome, noble, and elegant to describe me.” Li Zhibai habitually walked to the mirror in the room to admire himself, pretending to be modest and said, “Although it’s not wrong to describe me this way, I was praised so solemnly by people other than fans.
Sure enough, I am still a little embarrassed.”

Bai Xinyan: “……” Wake up, is anyone complimenting you now?

Li Zhibai didn’t know that after the broadcast of 《Career Story》, his noble son persona no longer existed.
Later, the adjectives used on him were more sand-sculpted than the copywriting for Bai Xinyan.
However, at this time, he still maintained his superiority and enthusiastically watched the reactions of netizens with Bai Xinyan.

The response of netizens was naturally very enthusiastic.
Whether it was the melon-eating people who were curious about Bai Xinyan’s force value, or the gossip star-chaser group who was concerned about what program Bai Xinyan was participating in, all of a sudden, they had enough surprising and worthy of discussion.

After Bai Xinyan finally had Weibo, a large number of people swarmed in and enthusiastically commented on his only Weibo.
But in a short time, Bai Xinyan’s number of fans had reached six figures.

Upon seeing this, Li Zhibai suddenly remembered and said, “By the way, let’s be close mutual.” (咱俩互关一下吧)

With that, he took out his mobile phone and was about to follow Bai Xinyan when the notice sent by the program producer in the group just jumped out.

Producer: For publicity, apart from @Gu Chenghao, please don’t talk to Bai Xinyan for the time being, thank you for your cooperation @Li Zhibai @Ai Qiao @Jian Han @Tang Yuying

When Li Zhibai knew it, he immediately took his finger back.
Thankfully, he was almost there.

It was also that he didn’t think much about it.
This attention almost directly exposed himself as a guest of《Career Story》.
Although he and Bai Xinyan were both Xinghuan artists, the current coffee positions were too far apart and there was no direct intersection between them.
Suddenly following each other was obviously not common.
The same went for other guests who were still strictly kept secret.
The program group also intended to rely on them to bring the heat.
It must not be fully exposed this time.

Li Zhibai simply withdrew from the Weibo interface, lest he accidentally shook his hand and made mistakes.
“How many fans do you think can you get today” Li Zhibai asked curiously.

Bai Xinyan looked at the rising speed, estimated it in his heart, and said, “Six to eight hundred thousand.”

Li Zhibai flipped through the comments, shook his head, and said, “You are too reserved, I guess at least one million.”

The police in City H issued a more formal and detailed report on the incident, which indeed affirmed Bai Xinyan’s role and help, and announced the assailant’s injuries, one hand broke and the other hand suffered a fractured bone (一只手骨裂一只手骨折), plus mild concussion.
The side proved Bai Xinyan and Xiaotian’s force value and brutality, which naturally aroused heated discussions among netizens.

At the same time, when the incident occurred, Bai Xinyan was recording the program with a not service police dog, which was also explained in the notice.
This revealed a little bit about the content of the first episode of the program.
Netizens had guessed.
It didn’t need much effort to think that the first experience career of 《Career Story》 was mostly a dog trainer.
Fortunately, with such free publicity and enthusiasm, and the combination of celebrities and police dogs would be attractive.
It wasn’t a loss if the theme of the first issue was guessed.
And it had to be said that with the wonderful performances of Bai Xinyan and Xiaotian, some people who didn’t know about 《Career Story》 were also interested in this program.

【A police dog that isn’t in service is so powerful, it bit people and broke him in one bite.
Wouldn’t it be even more powerful if it was a police dog in official service?】

【Ah ah ah, the police dog is really great! After hearing Bai Xinyan’s order, it bit someone fiercely in the video.
When it was next to Bai Xinyan before, it was so well-behaved, so smart, and very intimate.
Unlike my two stupid dogs in my family, strangers come in and they give slippers.
I can say that I am very envious】

【Bai Xinyan is really a master of martial arts.
He used a small stone to break the man’s wrist, NB! Admire!】

【I think that besides being strong, he really has any internal power.
He could kick it from a distance so far.
Moreover, it seems that his eyesight is also very good.
Before the man could take out the knife, he had locked the target】

【I just have a thought now, can Bai Xinyan save the national football if he goes to play football?】

【…buddy, you have a lot of ideas, but if you look at it this way, Bai Xinyan can run fast and has great strength.
Maybe he can really be the saviour of national football? Wow, if the national football team can go to the World Cup again, it will be exciting to think about it】

【Brain hole collection (脑洞收收, wth is this again), stop dreaming in broad daylight.
What kind of national football team is he playing, are you looking for scolding? You don’t know how comfortable it is to participate in a reality show, making fans, and making money.】

【Although I know that Bai Xinyan is a master, but I thought of letting him go to the football field to face the eleven big guys on the opposite side… Wouldn’t your conscience hurt?】

【…indeed, I looked at his face, I really can’t bear it…】

【Why are there a group of football rough guys in the comments, is there no fans to discuss wuli Baibai’s variety debut? The team of career story should be very good, have you analyzed whether Baibai can become famous in an instant hit?】

【Wake up, nili Baibai, isn’t he already red? The hot search reached the top, the whole network discussed, from professional media to gossip marketing accounts, all of them were posting his news, and they were all exaggerating.
Generally, small fresh meat doesn’t have this treatment, okay】

【Although Yanyan even opened Weibo so late, it seems that there is no agent, but I feel that this time I must buy the stock right.
Thinking of being able to develop a new person, watching him change from transparent to fire, suddenly excited.jpg】

【Our village has been connected to the Internet, I didn’t catch up with the excitement of removing the car door last time, but it’s not too late to get on the bus now.
Bai Xinyan is definitely a potential stock that will skyrocket at a glance! Good people have been set up (颜好人设好) and he has been on the whole network twice before his official debut.
I haven’t seen such a blessed person in many years of chasing stars.
And more importantly, Xinghuan super! Class! Take him seriously! Career Story isn’t a small resource.
The resident of Strawberry TV’s blockbuster variety show recorded the show with at least two popular first-lines.
Is this a resource that a newcomer can get at will? Moreover, Xinghuan Official directly issued a statement for him at the beginning.
Looking at the tone and wording, Bai Xinyan’s resource treatment will definitely not be bad in the future, and he will definitely not lose!】

【I believe it upstairs.
When selling Amway, remember to pack after-sales!】

【The residents of Career Story are indeed very powerful.
To tell the truth, I knew that Bai Xinyan was recorded in H city.
I didn’t even dare to guess on Career Story.
I didn’t expect it was actually… emmmmm, suddenly I remembered what the chairman of Xinghuan official Weibo said before.
The chairman is very pleased  appreciates Bai Xinyan, I really believe it】

【Hey, hey, what philosophical symbols did you add upstairs? Our starlings have all set up flag to ensure that they are in a pure appreciation relationship!】

【…what do you mean? Chairman Xinghuan has an affair with this Bai Xinyan?】

【Big brother dei, I advise you not to talk nonsense, Xinghuan never relents when sending lawyer letters…】

【Actually… I don’t know if I think too much.
I always feel that in the video, Bai Xinyan seems to have known that someone is going to commit a crime before, and he has been looking for the other everywhere…】

【Emmmmm, you don’t mean to say that that person was arranged by Bai Xinyan?】

【…Fuck, don’t scare me.
Your conspiracy theory is a bit scary】

There were many people discussing this matter, so naturally, there were many different ideas.
Bai Xinyan was indeed looking for the hidden assailant in advance.
Although the cover-up wasn’t obvious, you could indeed tell it a bit if you look at the video carefully.
After discovering this, it was inevitable that some people would think in the direction of Bai Xinyan’s self-directed and self-acting.
After all, Bai Xinyan could feel the emotions of other people and realize the truth in advance that there was wrong.
Obviously, it was even less likely for anyone to think of the truth.

Naturally, some people also defended Bai Xinyan, saying that he wasn’t necessarily looking for the assailant.
Since he was recording a show, he was probably looking for a mission item requested by the program group.

Compared with Bai Xinyan’s frenzy about such a frenzied thing, obviously, the latter statement was more likely, so the trend of conspiracy theories didn’t blow up.
However, after the show was broadcast, the related doubts might come back again if you didn’t explain them.

During the police investigation, Bai Xinyan was also asked about this.
Bai Xinyan directly pushed the cause to Xiaotian and added a little bit of his sixth sense.
The police didn’t have any doubts.
After all, it was impossible to hype up this kind of accidental criminal responsibility.
After their interrogation and investigation, the perpetrator really had no relationship with Bai Xinyan.
He also explained the motive and the process of committing the crime, without any doubt.

So seeing netizens questioning, Bai Xinyan directly replied to one of the conspiracy theory comments.

Bai Xinyan V: someone who can predict isn’t me, but the super-sharp Xiaotian [Xiaotian with sharp eyes and fierce grinning teeth.jpg] // XXX: Could it be a play performed by someone deliberately arranged by Bai Xinyan? Otherwise, his reaction is too unpredictable, right?

Then, Xiaotian’s photos were immediately widely circulated and turned into the latest popular “I’m super fierce” emoticon.

Although Bai Xinyan’s reasons were still a bit unbelievable, no one was arguing about conspiracy theories that were inherently untenable.
Everyone was sucking the fierce handsome big German shepherd.
While sucking it, they complimented the unknown prophet, from the looks to the name, they were super powerful.

XXX of conspiracy theory: …?? This TM is also OK!? (他媽, short for the vulgar 他媽的 = motherf*****g,)

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