38 Propaganda (宣传)


Because of the accident that Bai Xinyan encountered, the final assessment of the first phase of the program that should have been carried out that night had to be temporarily delayed.
Zhang Kai took Bai Xinyan to discuss the propaganda plan with the program team all night.
During this period, Bai Xinyan was lazy around most of the time.
After receiving the news from Yin Heng, he avoided other people and chatted for a long time.

After Yin Heng learned that there was an assault with a knife at Bai Xinyan’s program, although he knew that Bai Xinyan wouldn’t be hurt by ordinary people, he still asked Bai Xinyan to let Zhang Kai follow at any time in the future.

Because he was promoted from an assistant to an agent, Zhang Kai had to do a lot more.
Bai Xinyan didn’t let him follow the whole process like an assistant, so Zhang Kai wasn’t around when the incident happened.
Otherwise, Bai Xinyan directly told Zhang Kai about the situation and asked him to use a few spells and the matter would be easier to solve.

Even so, Bai Xinyan still felt that it was unnecessary and couldn’t press his agent like this, although the other party wasn’t that easy to get tired as a demon.
Once Bai Xinyan persisted, Yin Heng naturally had no choice but to take him, so he could only tell him to be more careful.
He turned around and told Zhang Kai to pay attention.
He also considered whether to find another assistant for Bai Xinyan.
After knowing that the program team was going to take the opportunity to announce Bai Xinyan, Yin Heng secretly told Xinghuan to cooperate fully.

The program team finalized the propaganda plan the next day and after the arrangements were made, the recording of the first summary was added.
Bai Xinyan had undoubtedly won the first place in this period of police dog trainer career.
The total score of the assessment was far ahead.
The rankings of the other people hadn’t changed after the practice assessment.
At this point, the first recording of 《Career Story》 had ended successfully.
At the same time, it was time for them to leave the training base and say goodbye to the dogs.

It was only a three-day short experience.
When it was time to leave, several people were very reluctant to be apart.
Even Li Zhibai was a little reluctant to let go of Lizi, temporarily forgetting his dislike for the smell of dogs, holding Lizi for a long time, and taking many photos.
And these clever little guys also felt something, they were reluctant to part and became sticky to the “master” they had known for three days.

Bai Xinyan was the most popular “human being” present.
In addition to Xiaotian, the other dogs were also reluctant to be apart and urged him to stay, flocking together, and rushing at him, forcibly letting other people who had already been put down their envy, felt jealous and hate again.
Especially Ai Qiao, who was very obviously envious of Bai Xinyan.

In the end, Xiaotian drove the others away.
Probably in its opinion, letting them suck Bai Xinyan for a while was already considered kind and generous.

Xiaotian and Bai Xinyan could almost be able to communicate.
Therefore, Xiaotian understood that Bai Xinyan was going to leave and seemed to know that it couldn’t stop him, and didn’t blindly pester him.
Instead, it squatted at Bai Xinyan’s feet and looked at him silently with reluctant eyes as if it was ready to watch him leave.

Bai Xinyan was the first human being fully recognized by Xiaotian so far, but it knew that the other party wouldn’t become its own master.
They only met briefly and they were about to separate.
Xiaotian was a somewhat special dog.
Its pride seemed to be better than loyalty.
Although it couldn’t bear Bai Xinyan, it still maintained a decent posture, doing parting salutes.

Bai Xinyan squatted down, reached out, and touched Xiaotian’s head.
He asked it softly, “Xiaotian, do you still want to be a police dog to protect others and prove yourself like yesterday?”

Xiaotian paused for a while before whimpering in a low voice.

“It’s okay, I understand.
I have a way.” After Bai Xinyan comforted it, he said, “If you want to be a police dog, you have to get along with your trainer in the future.
If you can’t treat the other person as the master, you can also be a companion.
Just remember to obey the order.
With a powerful police dog like you, your trainer will definitely be very happy.”

This time Xiaotian was no longer reserved.
Hearing Bai Xinyan talked about its future trainer, it directly put its head into Bai Xinyan’s arms and rubbed it fondly.
Bai Xinyan hugged it and smoothed its fur.
While releasing some vitality to it, he smiled and said, “Well, you made a great achievement yesterday.
I know you must like that feeling.
You are a dog with pursuit, right? So you have to behave well in the future, understand? Get more credit, so that you can be worthy of your domineering name, okay?”

Bai Xinyan said, letting go of Xiaotian, and finally shook hands with it, “I will come to see you if I have a chance.
Come on!”

Xiaotian let out a loud “wang” (bark) in response to Bai Xinyan.

Although Xiaotian was already the eliminated dog in the base, there was yesterday’s credit, and Xiaotian’s performance during the two days of training was indeed excellent.
Bai Xinyan asked the police dog brigade to give Xiaotian another reassessment.
The opportunity was still agreed upon.
After that, Xiaotian would be reassigned to a dog trainer to train for a period of time before being assessed.

Bai Xinyan believed that Xiaotian would pass smoothly.

Bai Xinyan’s request was unexpected by the program group and the director was immediately surprised when he knew it.
He quickly asked the cameraman if he had taken the film.
He thought it was another good topic.
When Xiaotian was assessed later, it might give the show a wave of attention.

The director now looked at Bai Xinyan as if he was looking at a priceless treasure map.
Unknowingly, he was almost more attentive to Bai Xinyan than to Li Zhibai.
This naturally caused dissatisfaction among some people (especially Tang Yuying), but Li Zhibai himself was completely indifferent.
Others also vaguely felt that Bai Xinyan was obviously about to develop, so they didn’t feel anything wrong for a while.

It was originally planned that they would start the recording of the second part of the program this day, but due to unexpected circumstances, the recording schedule of the first part of the program had to be postponed by one day.
After spending half a day on this day to close the first period, the program team simply gave them a half-day vacation.

Ai Qiao and Jian Han were so popular and their schedules were quite tight.
The program group naturally apologized for delaying the schedule for a day.
However, it was nice to have a half-day holiday.
The two girls who had established a certain friendship in just two or three days simply dressed up in disguise and ran to the famous scenic spots in H City.

Li Zhibai originally wanted to go out, but Bai Xinyan said that he wanted to pay attention to the program’s propaganda and had no time to accompany him.
Tang Yuying, who heard that he wanted to go out to play, almost stopped by to invite him to travel, so Li Zhibai had to dismiss this idea, staying in the hotel with Bai Xinyan honestly and checking Weibo.

Bai Xinyan looked after Xiaotian’s thrill to subdue the assailant.
After a whole night of fermentation, the heat had gradually accumulated.
When it came to social hot news, the video content was very exciting and interesting.
Just like the last time Bai Xinyan rescued people by dismantling the car door, it quickly spread without deliberate promotion.

And this time, it was faster than the last time.
After all, the news that someone was attacking people with a knife in kindergarten had attracted more attention than ordinary car accidents.
While Bai Xinyan was an unknown amateur at the time, he was now an Internet celebrity who could be recognized without too much effort.
It could be regarded as a small celebrity.

After netizens quickly matched the video with the news from the official announcement, apart from scolding the assailant who was insane and deserved to die, half of the hot topics of discussion were on the brave Xiaotian, and the remaining half were naturally on Bai Xinyan, who punched and stunned the assailant.

After netizens gradually discovered Bai Xinyan’s identity, the enthusiasm gradually concentrated on him.

【Is this the boy with strange power before? It’s only a few days now, and it’s another big news】

【Awesome, my little cutie power, it’s another courageous act to pull strongly against a crazy tide, nb】  (见义勇为, to see what is right and act courageously; 力挽狂澜, to pull strongly against a crazy tide; nb (牛逼), niúbī meant an arrogant, annoying person, but also for an awesome, impressive, person, similar to “badass”)

【I want to ask him if he has any special physique that will meet big news and act bravely? This is really a coincidence!】

【Fortunately, the assailant was obviously caught by the police dog, and Bai Xinyan rushed to arrest the man in the end】

【Who said that, he clearly beat the person stupid with a punch!】

【By the way, why did the knife in the hand of the assailant suddenly fall? Can you see it?】

【Of course, after my frame-by-frame research on the video, a small stone hit the assailant’s wrist and knocked the knife off [Screenshot][Screenshot]】

【F*ck, this is too NB, isn’t it? You have to be a material arts expert to do it, right? Who did it?】

【Unfortunately, the video didn’t show the person throwing stone】

【emmmm, actually, I have a guess.
I don’t know if it’s inappropriate.
From the video, the direction of the stone flying over is the same as the direction that Bai Xinyan later rushed over】

【…you mean Bai Xinyan who threw the stone? Isn’t it? Except for someone with a strange power, he is still a martial arts master? It’s really not like…】

【Although… I don’t really see it, but it suddenly feels reasonable to think about it this way.
With such great strength, it is normal to be sent to learn martial arts to become a master… right?】

【Strength goes back to strength, this hand looks like it has internal strength.
Tsk, I heard that Bai Xinyan is a newcomer who hasn’t made his debut in the entertainment industry? What kind of entertainment industry is so awesome, is it not good to be an athlete to win glory for the country?】

【Stars earn more money than athletes and depending on the looks of others, they do have capital in the entertainment industry.
If it’s me, I would rather be a star.】

【No, are you sure that the martial arts master is that Bai Xinyan? I don’t think he would have any skill in arresting people, I don’t think it is.】

【He seems to be recording a show in the video, right? There is a cameraman to follow along.
Bai Xinyan recorded a program in H City.
After searching for a long time, I couldn’t find it.
Otherwise, you could go to the program group and ask.
They must have high-definition video.
Maybe you can see who threw the stone.】

There was an online dispute over Bai Xinyan’s force value.
When netizens were discussing in full swing, 《Career Story》 program team just released the high-definition video they wanted.

And the news that Bai Xinyan was a resident guest of 《Career Story》.

【Fuck! It’s really him! And it’s not a hidden weapon to throw, it’s kicked!】

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