32 Mind (介意)


There were a few popular front lines, as well as a new film emperor, but it was Tang Yuying, a young newcomer who finally gained a sense of presence.
Her performance was really too embarrassing to laugh or cry.

Knowing that they wanted to record the show together, she didn’t even know the basic information of other guests, especially the drama that Li Zhibai and Ai Qiao worked together was once a smash hit.
They were all people in this circle.
It was impossible if she didn’t know.
It could just be said to be ignorant.
In particular, Tang Yuying still admired Li Zhibai very much, and as a result, she didn’t even know his works.

Everyone was a little embarrassed for Tang Yuying, but she was still ignorant.
Although Ai Qiao wasn’t too cold about the newcomers that the company wanted her to bring, she still had to be polite on the surface, maintaining a lively tone, “Yes, we have cooperated before and this is the second time.”

Tang Yuying immediately showed a look of envy when she heard the words.
She then realized that her problem just now made a joke and explained hurriedly, “I just returned to China recently, so I’m not very clear about the domestic film and television dramas.
I’m sorry.”

Seeing Ai Qiao still refusing to introduce her, Tang Yuying couldn’t help but look at Li Zhibai and said with a reddish cheek, “Se, Senior Li, I’m Tang Yuying.
I’m very happy to cooperate with you for the first time.
Please give me more advice in the future.”

“…well, hello.” Li Zhibai felt bad from the first time Tang Yuying made a sound.
It was, even more, a headache when he saw it, but he could only respond indifferently.

Seeing the subtle atmosphere in the scene, the director of the program group hurriedly came over to complete the scene.
At least, it interrupted Tang Yuying’s full of tender feelings towards Li Zhibai.
(含情脉脉, silently express his feelings with his eyes or it’s often used to describe a girl’s slightly shy but infinitely concerned expression when facing the person she loves)

The group of people went to eat first.
Tang Yuying was a newcomer and couldn’t talk too much.
The atmosphere among the others was still relatively harmonious, so it was barely a matter of peace.

However, after a short period of time, everyone could see Tang Yuying’s thoughts and Li Zhibai’s awkward and headache reactions.
They couldn’t help thinking about it.
After the dinner was over, they arrived at the hotel arranged by the program group and it was private time.
Except for Gu Chenghao, an old senior who didn’t bring an agent, several others were secretly whispered by the agent.
Especially Li Zhibai and Tang Yuying, who attracted attention before the show started.

Tang Yuying’s agent felt a headache.
He tried to wink at the other party several times just now to make her stop her mind, but Tang Yuying didn’t respond at all as if her whole heart had run to Li Zhibai.

Tang Yuying was a niece of a major shareholder of Youjia.
The company looked like going to praise (raise) her from top to bottom so that the agent couldn’t beat or scold her.
However, Tang Yuying wasn’t a peaceful person.
She was delicate, headstrong, and couldn’t hide her meaningful glance (没眼色).
She was a great young lady and a princess-like type.
Except for that face, she could be said to be useless.
Not to mention that she had a bad relationship with the company’s senior Ai Qiao.
She made a mess as soon as she just joined the program group.

When he showed her Li Zhibai’s materials before, she didn’t see anything about him, but now she was acting directly in front of a bunch of people and it was love at first sight, she couldn’t see other peoples, including Li Zhibai, didn’t have a good impression of her.

“My great young lady, what are you doing again? The recording of the show hasn’t started yet, can you not get into trouble at the beginning?” the agent said tiredly.

Tang Yuying immediately showed aggrieved expression when she heard the words and was dissatisfied, “What is the trouble I’m causing? Don’t I just want to have a good relationship with Li Zhibai? What’s wrong with this? Why do you always trouble me? Be careful I will tell my uncle to replace you!”

The agent looked sallow (一脸菜色, more like got annoyed) and said to his heart that what a good job it was for me to be your agent, I’m eager to be replaced before you offend someone and hadn’t caused trouble, I have never seen such a silly person in the circle.
However, because of the pressure of his boss, even if he was upset with Tang Yuying, the agent still had to deal with the basket she poked.

The agent took a deep breath and said, “Do you think that you have a good relationship? The blushing and peeping are so obvious that Sima Zhaozhi’s heart can be seen through at a glance! You didn’t see that Li Zhibai didn’t even care about you?” (司马昭之心, Sima Zhao’s intentions are obvious to everyone (idiom) / ambition is very obvious and well-known, here)

Tang Yuying really thought that she was pretending well.
When she was exposed by her agent, she was immediately embarrassed.
However, when she heard the other party’s last words, she was immediately unconvinced.
“He doesn’t care about me, but he obviously looked at me several times while eating!” Tang Yuying couldn’t help showing a sweet smile when she said, “Isn’t he just colder to other people? He’s originally a cold character, it should be considered plausible to me like this.”

“……” The agent felt that he might not be able to break Tang Yuying’s good sense of self and the 40-meter-thick filter, so he had to take a deep breath again to restrain the spit that was almost sprayed out and tried to reason to the other party from another direction, “Regardless of whether he wants to care about you or not, please stop being so obvious, especially after you start recording.
Otherwise, when the news came out, you’ll be hacked on the front page.”

Tang Yuying was stunned when she heard the words and understood the meaning of the agent’s words but didn’t agree as the other party wanted.
Instead, suddenly her eyes lit up and said, “By the way, I can have a scandal with Li Zhibai!” Tang Yuying immediately looked at her agent with excitement, “Isn’t the scandal particularly stimulating? Let’s discuss this with Li Zhibai and the program group.
How about the scandal between me and him in the program? So that everyone can earn enthusiasm.
In case we open to the public in the future, we can also make a foreshadowing.” Tang Yuying said that she seemed to have thought of the scene of a public love affair with Li Zhibai in the future and became shy and timid again.

Tang Yuying thought this idea was very good, the agent laughed directly after listening to it and even couldn’t help rubbing his chest, which was almost blocked with anger.
“My Miss Tang, do you think it’s a good thing to have a scandal with Li Zhibai? Do you know how badly the last female artist who rubbed his heat and hyped was scolded? She was beaten directly by Xinghuan and it was over at once.” The agent couldn’t help but sneer, “Even if Ai Qiao wants to have a scandal with Li Zhibai, it’s probably doing more harm than good.
When the two of them were cooperating in filming, the film party wanted them to make a scandal, but Li Zhibai also directly refused.
Ai Qiao’s family didn’t like it, who do you think you are?” (艾巧人家都看不上, more like Ai Qiao’s fans also didn’t like her to have a scandal with Li Zhibai or otherwise)

Tang Yuying was uncomfortable and unconvinced by the agent’s unceremonious remarks.
She couldn’t help but retort, “​Isn’t Ai Qiao debuting a few years earlier than me? If I had debuted a few years ago, I would definitely be better than her! And Li Zhibai is unwilling to fry with Ai Qiao and not necessarily unwilling to fry with me.”

The agent is almost going to die stupidly by her and said impolitely, “You are still a little transparent now.
Others know that Li Zhibai is a top-notch niche.
Don’t say that you will lose fans when you are in a scandal, even if you only look at the popularity, that is, you suck other people’s blood.
Why are they willing to have a scandal with you? And don’t you just lack this enthusiasm? You are a newcomer.
Those fans of Li Zhibai can directly spray you to commit suicide, do you believe it or not?”

Tang Yuying was taught such a lesson by her agent.
After all, she broke away from the complex of the girl who yearned for love (少女怀春的情结) and realized a little bit of reality.
She always couldn’t stand being scolded.
If she really wanted to be chased by Li Zhibai’s fans so fiercely in order to fry the scandal, then forget it.
After all, it was just hype, not worth it.
Unless she and Li Zhibai were really together to make it public, it wasn’t a big problem whether to scold or not to scold.

Seeing that Tang Yuying had finally listened, the agent finally breathed a sigh of relief and patiently warned her to restrain herself a little later.
Don’t be so explicit when she saw Li Zhibai.
The company wanted to make her a pure and sweet goddess.
If she was exposed to scandals and crushed right after her debut, then she probably didn’t have to be a star.

It was about whether she could be popular or not.
Tang Yuying had no choice but to respond aggrievedly.

At the same time, Li Zhibai was also suffering from this problem.

“What’s the matter with that newcomer of Youjia?” Li Zhibai originally wanted to find Bai Xinyan to play the game together, but because Tang Yuying, he could only be held by Shao Ping to discuss countermeasures.
He was in a very unhappy mood.

Shao Ping pushed his glasses and said, “It is said that she is the niece of a major shareholder of Youjia, and she is also the great young lady of Youjia.
At present, this great young lady probably likes you.”

Li Zhibai sighed, “I know my face is too lethal, but as a colleague, I hope she can restrain herself.”

Shao Ping, who was completely immune to Li Zhibai’s narcissism, ignored him and said, “This one seems to be a troublesome person with a background.
Please pay attention later, don’t really get any trouble.”

Li Zhibai replied, “I know, I will try to avoid her.”

“You can’t avoid her completely, lest someone say that you are too cold and bully the newcomer.” Shao Ping said, “You should try not to have intimate actions with her or don’t be alone with her.”

Li Zhibai couldn’t help falling down on the bed when he heard the words and sighed, “Oh, reality shows are really troublesome.”

Shao Ping looked at his lazy appearance, couldn’t help but push his glasses again and said, “Then you just follow Bai Xinyan, don’t give Tang Yuying a chance to be alone.
Even if you want to have a scandal, you’re still better to talk to Bai Xinyan.
I feel he is more reliable than you.”

Li Zhibai was taken aback when he heard the words and then couldn’t help but widen his eyes, “I’m going to have a scandal with Xiao Bai? Are you sure I won’t be blocked by the chairman?”

Shao Ping didn’t change his expression and said, “As long as you don’t really want to develop this scandal, I believe you won’t.
Remember that you are just brothers and take care of each other.
It’s not our business how the program group makes a fuss.”

Li Zhibai: “……” The heart is so dark!

Unlike them, the program group might have liked Tang Yuying’s appearance.
After all, they wanted to know how hot the gossip scandal about Li Zhibai was.
Tang Yuying’s performance was so obvious that when that time, as long as they followed the trend, the show would be able to gather a lot of attention.

However, doing so might also offend Li Zhibai.
If the push wasn’t good, it would cause strong dissatisfaction with Li Zhibai’s girlfriend fans.

But if they pushed Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan into becoming a rotten CP, it would be different.

The two of them were brothers in the same company and the relationship looked very good.
They could make up their minds if they had previous feelings.
Even if the male and male CP was hot, everyone would agree that it wouldn’t be true and it wasn’t easy to arouse the strong disgust of his girlfriend fans.
Moreover, rotten CP was more likely to attract heat than a man and a woman these days which was generally beneficial to both parties.
Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai had a good relationship.
It was easier to discuss things.

In short, if they must push Li Zhibai’s CP, if there was a better choice like Bai Xinyan, the show would obviously not choose Tang Yuying which was easy to step on thunder.
Unless Tang Yuying used her background and Youjia’s investment to deliberately ask the program team to push her and Li Zhibai.
But even so, Xinghuan was never easy to bully.
Shao Ping believed that the program group could weigh the weight.

“Are you going to find Bai Xinyan to play the game? Just in time, I’ll talk to him and his agent about this.” Shao Ping finally said.

Unexpectedly, his agent would have seen him playing the game a long time ago.
Li Zhibai was stunned for a moment.
He didn’t dare to say any more and answered honestly.

* * *

“Fried CP?” After hearing Shao Ping’s request, Bai Xinyan looked back and forth at him and Li Zhibai with some surprise.

Shao Ping said, “It’s not speculation.
You just need to get along normally.
No, just be a little sticky.
Stay together as much as possible to let Zhibai avoid Tang Yuying.
We won’t deliberately push CP.
Just let the program group play freely.”

Before Bai Xinyan heard the words, Zhang Kai spoke out disapprovingly, “This will do more harm than good to us, and it will entangle Mr Xiao Bai with negative comments.”

Zhang Kai looked sharp and fierce and his face looked even quite scary.
However, Shao Ping wasn’t frightened and still calmly said, “As long as you cooperate well, negative comments can be controlled in a small area.
For Bai Xinyan, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
I will manage Zhibai’s fans and I will definitely try not to let them have negative emotions towards Bai Xinyan.
Moreover, this can also help you prevent problems before they happen.
Bai Xinyan will definitely encounter people who want to post it to get enthusiastic.
It’s better to find the safest one as a shield first.”

According to Zhang Kai’s idea, it was natural that Bai Xinyan shouldn’t have any negative influence at all, but he also knew that as an artist, there would be anti-fans if there were fans, which was impossible to be perfect.
After discussing with Shao Ping for a long time, Zhang Kai had to admit that the other party’s proposal was actually not bad.

Bai Xinyan was actually reluctant to fry CP with Li Zhibai.
Although listening to Shao Ping’s statement, it wasn’t a fry, just let it go.
As long as they showed that they had a good relationship, audiences like CP would make up their own minds.
As long as the remarked that Bai Xinyan hugged his thighs and rubbed the heat were stopped, there was nothing to criticize about the brotherhood itself.
If it was operated properly, it would indeed be beneficial to Bai Xinyan.

However, Bai Xinyan felt that what he liked was Yin Heng.
When he was misunderstood by a large group of people as being a pair with Li Zhibai, Bai Xinyan felt a little awkward.
What if Yin Heng really thought he had something to do with Li Zhibai? They, demons, weren’t like ordinary humans.
They actually thought that the scandal of the two males was fake.

Bai Xinyan thought so.
When Zhang Kai was about to reach an agreement with Shao Ping, he couldn’t help but say, “Wait, wait a minute, I want to ask Mr Yin first.”

After everyone was startled, they all showed a clear and agreeable expression, “You should ask.” It depends on how much Mr Yin cares about you.
We know what to ask after you don’t ask.

? ? ? Bai Xinyan felt that their reaction was a bit strange, but he couldn’t think of it, so he ignored it.
He immediately contacted Yin Heng to explain the matter.

Yin Heng frowned when Bai Xinyan said that he wanted to fry CP with Li Zhibai and almost denied it at the time.
However, thinking that Bai Xinyan was in rebellious adolescence, Li Zhibai was his best friend now, and the education book said that parents didn’t allow children to communicate with those who weren’t good enough or obedient friends, which was easy to arouse children’s rebellious.
Yin Heng didn’t directly object after a pause, but asked about the situation more carefully.

In the end, it was Zhang Kai and Shao Ping who explained to Yin Heng.
They said it was justified and reasonable.
Yin Heng actually felt that he had no reason to oppose it.
Since it was something beneficial to Bai Xinyan, even though Yin Heng still felt a little unhappy for some reason, he still restrained his emotions and agreed very fairly.

Thinking about Bai Xinyan’s kindness, he must also want to help Li Zhibai who was his friend, right? If he didn’t agree, he would have become a villain, Yin Heng thought.

However, in fact, after Bai Xinyan heard that Yin Heng agreed to, he couldn’t help but feel a little aggrieved, thinking how he promised so simply, knowing that he and Li Zhibai would be treated as a pair?

Or was it that he had always been passionate about himself and Yin Heng had no meaning to him in that respect?

Bai Xinyan’s grievance wasn’t discovered for a while.
Until Shao Ping and Zhang Kai went back to their room after discussing the business, Li Zhibai, who was relieved of his heart, began to play games with Bai Xinyan, found that Bai Xinyan seemed to be in a bad mood and looked as if he didn’t want to respond to his black proposal.

“What’s wrong with you?” Li Zhibai asked strangely, “Why are you suddenly unhappy?”

Li Zhibai never thought that Bai Xinyan was stunned by Yin Heng.
Bai Xinyan wouldn’t say his true thoughts, so Li Zhibai could only be confused and was driven away by his anger towards Bai Xinyan who was left with a blank face.

* * *

That night Yin Heng didn’t wait until Bai Xinyan took the initiative to contact him.
He couldn’t help but wonder if his consent would also make Bai Xinyan rebellious?

Worried, Yin Heng immediately checked the children’s education book again and then prepared a lot of words like chicken soup for the soul, ready to talk about life with Bai Xinyan.
(鸡汤, chicken stock / chicken soup / (fig.) chicken soup for the soul – i.e.
feel-good motivational stories, often used disparagingly because the stories don’t really effect change in people’s lives)

Yin Heng: Tomorrow will be the first time to record the show, will you feel nervous?

Bai Xinyan: No  ̄へ ̄

Seeing Yin Heng take the initiative to care about him, Bai Xinyan felt a little better.
But he was still a little angry, so his tone wasn’t as soft as usual.
He also put on an angry expression.

Upon seeing this, Yin Heng immediately raised an alarm in his heart and became more sure that Bai Xinyan had begun to rebel, so he became more cautious.

Yin Heng: How about the others in the program group? Except for the newcomer of Youjia, is there anyone bullying you?

Bai Xinyan: No  ̄へ ̄

Bai Xinyan thought, obviously you were the one who bullied me and that Tang Yuying wasn’t the one who bullied me.

However, Bai Xinyan changed his mind again.
It was exactly because of Tang Yuying, who was a moth, he needed to fry some CP with Li Zhibai, and then Yin Heng’s reaction made him angry.
From this point of view, Tang Yuying could be regarded as indirect bullying him.

Seeing that Bai Xinyan was indeed very unhappy, Yin Heng was worried and distressed.
He feared that his words would arouse the rebellious psychology of adolescents.
After thinking about it for a long time, he posted a bunch of unhappy things to talk to and rely on the chicken soup of other people’s hearts.

Bai Xinyan didn’t know that this was dug out from the guidebook for children’s education.
He was immediately taken aback by Yin Heng’s words which completely didn’t fit his style.
However, since Yin Heng meant to let him talk, Bai Xinyan didn’t hold back his anger at all and snapped back: Why did you directly agree with me and Li Zhibai to fry CP? Do you really want me and him to be treated as a couple! (▼ヘ▼#)

Yin Heng guessed that Bai Xinyan’s embarrassment should be related to this matter, but he never expected to encounter such a problem.
Why did it seem that Bai Xinyan was indeed dissatisfied that he agreed to this matter? But wasn’t Bai Xinyan trying to help Li Zhibai?

Yin Heng pondered it for a while before replying very cautiously: I only agreed because this matter is good and harmless to you.
Of course, I don’t need to hope for this.
In fact, if you didn’t want to help Li Zhibai and push this, I probably wouldn’t agree.
But I know this is a fake.
It’s just a normal operation of the entertainment industry.
You don’t need to be exaggerated, so don’t take it too seriously, okay?

Bai Xinyan saw Yin Heng saying that he might not agree.
He just became happy and then saw Yin Heng telling him not to take it to heart.
He couldn’t help but puffed up again and immediately asked fiercely: Then do you mind if others treat Li Zhibai and me as a couple?

It was the first time that Yin Heng saw Bai Xinyan’s aggressive tone and Yin Heng didn’t even need to think about the content of his words—he did mind.
Very much.

However, this answer was obviously unqualified.
He had no reason or no position to mind something that was beneficial and harmless to Bai Xinyan.
If he wanted to interfere with Bai Xinyan’s friends and career for no reason because of his own mind, he would obviously become an elder whom Bai Xinyan rejected and resented.

Yin Heng hesitated and didn’t answer.
Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but ask again: Just two options, do you mind or don’t mind, is it difficult to answer?

Looking at Bai Xinyan’s posture of asking the truth, Yin Heng really found it difficult to answer.
It wasn’t until he found a reasonable excuse to comfort him in his heart that he finally sent the past two words truthfully—

Mind. (介意)

When the chat interface displayed “The other party is typing…”, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but hold his breath.
Seeing the two words that finally appeared, he finally felt that the suffocation just now turned into honey and flowed into his heart.
The corners of his eyebrows and eyes gradually dyed with a sweet smile.

He knew, how could Yin Heng dislike him?

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