en cooperate.
Sun Zhi felt that he had become popular for a while.

There’s a saying in the entertainment circle that black and red are also red.
Sun Zhi felt that he had tasted the sweetness of black and red.
However, he no longer rejected the current state and even felt a little smug.
As long as Xinghuan didn’t hold him accountable, he would not suffer a loss but also made a profit!

It was a pity that Sun Zhi was too happy too early.
Xinghuan didn’t move, for the time being, just waiting for a better time.
They didn’t intend to let him go.
The positive enthusiasm that connected Bai Xinyan and the strange boy had just started and there was still a lot of room for development.
The public relations department that was familiar with marketing routines would naturally wait for the enthusiasm began to drop before pushing it up for the second wave.

After Fang Xia was scolded by Pres Zhao, she was a little cautious with Bai Xinyan.
However, she couldn’t pull her face down to grind Bai Xinyan’s heart to give her a good word, so she just stiffly communicated with Bai Xinyan on official matters.
There was basically no topic other than that, and she would simply not meet when she was free.
In view of the fact that the official business was still in place, the two of them were so lukewarm and settled down temporarily.

When Fang Xia and Xinghuan’s public relations department dealt with Bai Xinyan’s affairs together, Bai Xinyan also officially signed the contract and started his days at Xinghuan training classes.

In the basic physique class, Bai Xinyan met Ding Qichen who had not seen him for a few days.

Although Bai Xinyan’s eyesight was very sharp and he felt very keen, he failed to recognize the person at the beginning.
It was only when the other party took the initiative to greet him, Bai Xinyan reacted, and the handsome boy in front of him was the smoky makeup man.

Ding Qichen not only lost his thick makeup but also changed his hairstyle.
Although it was still highlighting, the bangs that had grown to cover his eyes were pushed aside, revealing his refreshing forehead and eyebrows, which made him look much better at once.
The clothes were no longer shiny and bright, but simple and refreshing.
He looked like a sunny boy.

Bai Xinyan reacted and immediately praised, “Your new look is beautiful.”

Ding Qichen showed a depressed expression when he heard the words.
“Is it? I think the one before was better looking, how fashionable and individual.
Now it feels too ordinary.
I look like a normal person.
I depend on personality and fashion to attract people.”

“……” Bai Xinyan wanted to ask him what he had misunderstood about fashion, but he still tried to say tactfully.
“Who said? You look very good.
Although your previous dress has a personality, it covered all your own advantages.
It’s better now, definitely more attractive than before!”

“Really?” Ding Qichen looked suspicious, “My agent insisted that I change it like this, saying that my previous look was completely a disaster… The stylist who gave me the transformation also said the same.
But I think it’s because they don’t understand the fashion of young people and their eyes are too old, right?”

“……” Bai Xinyan couldn’t say “right” against his will at all.
He paused and said, “They are professional.
You’d better listen to the stylist in terms of styling in the future.”

Ding Qichen, who did not get the approval, showed disappointment, but he soon turned to Bai Xinyan.

“Er… on the day of the interview, were you okay?” Ding Qichen hesitated for a while, thinking about Bai Xinyan’s stay in the chairman’s office for a long time and he couldn’t help but ask.
However, he tried his best to be euphemistic, but only to such an extent.

Bai Xinyan was open-minded and didn’t pay attention to Ding Qichen’s caution at all.
“No,” Bai Xinyan said, “What can I do? That Sun Zhi can’t do anything to me.”

Ding Qichen looked at his arrogant face and just let go.
At the end, he heard that he was anxious again, “It’s not Sun Zhi! I mean…” Ding Qichen said, looked at the side, moved closer and lowered his voice, “I mean, the Chairman.
He didn’t do anything to you, right?”

Bai Xinyan blinked when he heard the words then remembered something.
His face slowly dyed a beautiful crimson.

Ding Qichen was shocked when he saw this.
He grabbed Bai Xinyan’s arm and wanted to know the situation.
However, Bai Xinyan came back to his senses first, and said with a little embarrassment, “Mr Yin, he’s very good to me.”

“……” Ding Qichen felt that Bai Xinyan was now like a silly little white rabbit.
He was tricked into the house of Grandma Wolf by putting on Little Red Riding Hood.
He was very happy.
He didn’t even know that the world was dangerous!

Ding Qichen couldn’t help but feel distressed.
He immediately wanted to take Bai Xinyan to instil the dark side of the entertainment circle, but unfortunately, it was already time for class, so he could only give it up temporarily.

After class, Ding Qichen immediately wanted to take Bai Xinyan to take advantage of the lunch break to continue his education.
He didn’t expect that the other party first looked at the information on the phone and then said to him with the obvious peach-faced expression that had just appeared before, “Mr Yin invited me to dinner.
I’ll go first.

“…wait—” Ding Qichen stretched out his hand in vain, but was unable to stop the back who was so happy that he jumped far away like a rabbit.

Ding Qichen: The broken-hearted old father.jpg

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