17 Foodie (吃货)


“Are you saying it was done by someone who had conflicts with you during the interview yesterday?” Fang Xia was very surprised when she got Bai Xinyan’s answer.
“It’s just a little bit of quarrel.
A newcomer who has not signed a contract has the courage to talk about the Chairman of Xinghuan for this quarrel?”

Bai Xinyan said with an innocent look, “But no one else will have a grudge with me except him.
I have always stayed in the mountains in my hometown before.
I only came to S City a few days ago.
I basically haven’t seen any outsiders.”

Fang Xia suddenly remembered what Bai Xinyan had said during the interview that he had lived in the mountains since childhood and had never attended school.
She couldn’t help but feel confused.
But this time she didn’t question Bai Xinyan anymore, instead, she said, “That should be this person.
Since he came for the interview yesterday, he had a chance to take a sneak shot.
He doesn’t seem like an experienced person if the things are done so stupidly.” She thought it too complicated at first, but she angered Bai Xinyan who seemed to be very obedient.

“I’ll try to check with those marketing accounts again.
If there is conclusive evidence, it will be easier.” Fang Xia said and found the information of the person who interviewed yesterday then asked Bai Xinyan to identify who was in conflict with him.
After that, she communicated with the public relations department very efficiently as if she wanted to make up for the mistakes she had made with Bai Xinyan before.

“By the way, with regard to the relationship between you and the Chairman, which direction do you want to clarify?” Fang Xia arranged the first step and asked Bai Xinyan, “Directly explain the relationship with the Chairman is just friends or simply deny it is related to the Chairman?”

Anyway, the photos and videos only captured Bai Xinyan’s face and the chairman of Xinghuan had always been low-key and mysterious, without exposure.
Even few people within the company had seen it, including Fang Xia, it could be said that they didn’t know anything about him.
Therefore, it was obviously a better choice to just say that they have nothing to do with each other.
Otherwise, the bosses and artists, even if they were friends, it was always easy to think about and what resources Bai Xinyan got in the future would be easily suspected by people as through the back door.

Bai Xinyan said in a strange way, “Huh? Of course, what I want to tell is the truth.
Because of the car accident to rescue people, I became a friend at first sight.” Bai Xinyan said as he nodded, thinking that although he might be more than just a friend in the future, it was really true to say so now.
There’s no problem at all.

Fang Xia was taken aback when Bai Xinyan said to tell the truth.
She just wanted to ask and heard the sentence behind him, so she closed her mouth silently, but couldn’t help thinking, is this the truth? When President Zhao specifically asked me to interview and sign, the car accident hadn’t happened yet.
Unexpectedly, this time I would be in bad, this Bai Xinyan is not simple.
This kind of appearance and this kind of mind… Tsk, maybe it’s really suitable for mixing in this circle.

Fang Xia, who concluded that Bai Xinyan’s mind was not simple, although she still didn’t like this kind of artist who walked through the back door by relationship and appeared to be a set of artists behind her, she did not show any dissatisfaction again.

Regardless of the game, the east wind overwhelmed the west wind or the west wind overwhelmed the east wind, Fang Xia lost the initiative because of “underestimating the enemy”.
Now, she could only put herself in the position of the loser and be honest and obedient.

Bai Xinyan, who thought he was just telling the truth, didn’t know that Fang Xia had thought so much.
Seeing that the other party was still active and efficient in handling business affairs, he slightly reduced his dissatisfaction with this agent.

Although Bai Xinyan felt that it would be better for him to directly deny that he had a relationship with the Chairman, Fang Xia, who had already determined that Bai Xinyan was very scheming, did not choose to say more and directly followed Bai Xinyan’s meaning to make the next step.

“At present, you don’t need to come forward.
When the evidence about Sun Zhi and the contact with witnesses and the police are in place, and the company gives you almost the same operation, I’ll inform you to make a statement.
The explanation of the whole thing, including the clarification of your relationship with the Chairman, I try my best to apply for Xinghuan’s official account.
Is this okay?” Fang Xia concluded.

Bai Xinyan had no opinion and nodded.
Fang Xia took out another form and handed it to him, saying, “This is Xinghuan’s artist training course.
Newcomers generally have to go through at least two or three months of training and then they will officially start taking a job after formulating a suitable development route based on their performance.
I have selected a few necessary basic courses for you and you can choose the rest according to your own conditions and preferences.
If you are sure to take the actor route, you have to take classes such as performances, lines, and film and television appreciation etc.
In addition, I suggest you learn another skill, such as learning a musical instrument, so that you can attract fans in the future.”

Bai Xinyan looked down at the form in his hand when he heard the words and found that Fang Xia chose etiquette, shape, lens adaptation, styling, and public relations for him, all of which did not involve professional skills.
Bai Xinyan then checked all the performance-related classes on his own and then followed Fang Xia’s suggestion.
After thinking about it, he chose a sketch.

He had several skills in musical instruments and he was not interested in learning another one.
Although he had learned painting from Father Bai, he had learned traditional Chinese painting, but he has never tried sketching.
Therefore, Bai Xinyan was still interested in it and it will be easier to learn.

Fang Xia saw this.
Although there were some disagreements in her heart, she still held it down and completely following what Bai Xinyan meant.
In fact, she also wanted to know more about Bai Xinyan’s situation.
The other party’s almost “empty” resume might have some hidden dangers.
As a broker, she should have understood clearly and prepared for it in advance.
However, consider that she and Bai Xinyan just broke out in conflict, there was still some rigid relationship at present.
Fang Xia decided to wait for the online matter to be resolved first and to get Bai Xinyan’s approval before going further.

After basically reaching a consensus, even if Bai Xinyan came to Xinghuan today to finish his business, he then visited and understood the location of the various areas in the building before he could go home directly.
However, the one who led Bai Xinyan to visit happened to be the staff member who helped him on the day of the interview named Chang Jiayi (常佳怡对).
Chang Jiayi was very enthusiastic about Bai Xinyan and offered to invite him to try the company canteen at noon.
Bai Xinyan couldn’t refuse.
And he really wanted to know how Xinghuan’s cafeteria tasted, so he followed Chang Jiayi to Xinghuan’s staff restaurant.

Xinghuan’s restaurant was free for employees and the dishes look very good, but Bai Xinyan found that the restaurant was divided into artist area and employee area.
The food in the employee area was rich and colourful, while the artist area was the opposite.
The clear soup was less watery, less oily and had less sugar, which made people lose their appetite.

Bai Xinyan was a little dazed, realizing that he might also be trapped in this miserable situation surrounded by various boiled vegetables and boiled chicken breasts in white water.
He felt a panic in his heart.

Chang Jiayi couldn’t help but laugh when he saw this and said, “I’ll take you to the staff meal today, so you don’t need to eat those.
There are so many delicious foods here, you can choose!”

If I can eat this time, I probably won’t be able to eat it next time. Bai Xinyan, who recovered from the shock, couldn’t help but sighed slightly and decided to cherish every opportunity to eat in the future and have fun every time!

However, considering that it was a public place, Bai Xinyan restrained his appetite and chose only one steak, one lobster baked rice, two fried vegetables, one soup, and one dessert.

But this had already surprised Chang Jiayi.

The dishes in the staff area were quite sufficient.
The average adult male was almost full of baked rice and one dish.
Bai Xinyan took at least the portion for two people.
And Bai Xinyan was still an artist! Chang Jiayi, who clearly knew how other artists ate in order to keep in shape, looked at Bai Xinyan’s small body and didn’t understand how he could eat so much.

Maybe he’s just being irritated by things in the artist area, so he took more? Chang Jiayi thought so and then realized that Bai Xinyan was destroying the food in front of him at an astonishing speed.
Although he didn’t seem to be gobbled up at all, his chewing speed was faster and his posture was even elegant, the food was reduced unexpectedly.

Chang Jiayi, who had only eaten half of his meal, finally stared at Bai Xinyan, who had solved all the food one step ahead of him.
He couldn’t help wondering if there was a different dimensional space in the other person’s still-looking flat belly.

Being looked at like this, he didn’t realize that the amount of appetite he showed was still a bit astonishing.
Just now he felt a little strange and he was attracted by the sound of the mobile phone message.

Bai Xinyan’s eyes lit up suddenly.
There were few contacts on his cell phone, so he would be contacted at this time.
Thinking about it, there was only Yin Heng.

Bai Xinyan took out his mobile phone and looked at it expectantly.
It was indeed Yin Heng who sent the message.
Congratulations on passing the interview.
He also asked him if he was still in Xinghuan and whether he wanted to have a meal together to celebrate.

Bai Xinyan, who had just emptied six large plates, saw the last words.
His excited expression could not help but slowly become disappointed.

【Ah? Mr Yin, are you also in Xinghuan? It’s a pity that I just finished eating…

Bai Xinyan was halfway through typing the words.
Suddenly there was a flash of light in his mind.
He erased all the content of the previous type and then quickly sent another sentence—

【Okay, where are you, Mr Yin? I’ll go find you for dinner right away!】

Bai Xinyan, who didn’t know how to lie, rejoiced that this was a remote message that was not easy to reveal.
At the same time, he couldn’t help but feel guilty and fantasize about the delicious food that he would see later.

And there is beauty.

Bai Xinyan, who hadn’t enough eaten himself yet, felt more appetite as he thought about it.
His big round eyes involuntarily bend into two cute crescents.


The author has something to say:

No responsibility OOC small theatre:

Bai Xinyan:  ̄﹃ ̄ 【Bright eyes.jpg】

Yin Heng: What would you like to eat?

Bai Xinyan: You! 【Focus closely.jpg】

Yin Heng: ? 【Did you make a mistake about the direction of the food chain.jpg】

Bai Xinyan: There is a word called beautiful and delicious, so you must be the most delicious in the world! 【Eager to try.jpg】

Yin Heng: …do you really want to eat? 【Unpredictable.jpg】

Bai Xinyan: Of course!

After eating~

Bai Xinyan: Wait… Wait! Is that how you eat? There seems to be something wrong!? Σ(っ°Д°;)っ

Yin Heng: Don’t worry, I will feed you

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