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Sun Zhi was puzzled by the direction of the comments and found that a group of people not only paid attention to what kind of strange force to dismantle the car door, but also some people appreciated Bai Xinyan.
On the contrary, they basically ignored the “black material” he let the marketing account send out.

Sun Zhi frowned and hurriedly followed the directions to see what was going on.
In the end, it was not good to make the video a little bit trending.

Wonderful Things in Life was also a big V marketing account with millions of fans.
Through their own collection and fan submissions, they posted various types of videos and stories that were rare, bizarre, or funny in life to attract attention.
It was also a well-known website.
Their new video said that someone had contributed it.
He said that after watching it, he was shocked by the person’s strange power in the video, so he took a shocking title and posted it.

It was really shocking when the title was conspicuous.
Wonderful Things in Life was a big V with millions of fans.
Therefore, the video playback volume soared rapidly, and it didn’t take long for it to hang on to the tail of hot searches.
Other online self-media also followed the news and used various shocking titles on other platforms to push this video, so the matter quickly spread on the Internet.

As soon as Sun Zhi watched the video, he recognized that the protagonist on the screen was indeed Bai Xinyan and his clothes were completely the same.
Obviously, it was what happened on the day of the interview.
The video should be taken by a passerby.
It was very unprofessional.
In the beginning, Bai Xinyan was pushing another truck next to a deformed car.
The picture was a little shaky, and the background sound was also very chaotic and noisy.
However, these did not affect the effectiveness of the video.
When the truck was obviously pushed, the audience’s reaction perfectly coincided with the exclamation recorded in the video.
When the young man in the video later opened the car door in relax posture with his bare hands, the audience was already so surprised that they opened their mouths and couldn’t speak, and even cheered in response to the voice in the video.

The video started hurriedly at the beginning, but it was recorded completely at the back.
After the traffic police checked the situation, Zhuo Xuan and Bai Xinyan helped rescue people until the ambulance came.

When Sun Zhi saw Bai Xinyan appearing on the screen, he realized that the deeds that the assistant chairman said about helping others were not only true but also a major event of saving people from a car accident.
He also used such an impressive way, which was quite different from the excuse he guessed just casually.
When he saw Zhuo Xuan appear in the picture again, Sun Zhi’s face was blue and white.
Even if no one saw it, he still felt very embarrassed.

Is this relationship between Bai Xinyan and Chairman Xinghuan not an unspoken rule, but purely out of appreciation?

Thinking of this, Sun Zhi felt it impossible.
It was not normal to appreciate a passerby who met by the chance.
It was nothing to meet and get to know him.
It was obviously not normal to pick someone up and leave in a car.
Even if there was a normal situation at first sight, it would not happen to a wealthy boss and a good-looking newcomer in the entertainment industry.

After confirming that there was still a problem between Yin Heng and Bai Xinyan, Sun Zhi’s panic after seeing the video suddenly eased a bit.
If this video was true, then Bai Xinyan’s wearing bloody clothes for an interview was definitely not a good article.
But regarding the improper relationship between him and Chairman Xinghuan, there might be room for continued operation.

Sun Zhi looked at the comments and found that there were still a lot of points he could use.
Immediately, he found another group of navy forces and was ready to bring the wind to Bai Xinyan.

Before, he was worried that Bai Xinyan was too transparent and they didn’t pay much attention to black material.
He didn’t expect that Bai Xinyan would get a lot of enthusiasm first.
In this way, there was definitely no shortage of attention.
Some people liked to see moral models being exposed and stained.
Sun Zhi couldn’t help being jealous of Bai Xinyan that had become popular on the internet before he made a debut.
While thinking viciously, this time he must give him a “great gift”!

Thinking of Bai Xinyan’s transformation from a moral model to the possibility of everyone shouting and beating at, Sun Zhi’s small eyes shot a vicious and proud light.

At the same time, Bai Xinyan, as the subject, was completely unaware of the undercurrents about him on the Internet.
He held his mobile phone and didn’t see any news hot spots.
Instead, he stopped and twitched on the chat interface with Yin Heng for a long time.
After a few rolling on the bed, he couldn’t help but send a message.

【Mr Yin, are you busy?】

Bai Xinyan felt that Yin Heng was obviously a demon who didn’t like to use human technology, just like his parents, so he was ready to receive a reply after a long time.
However, what Bai Xinyan didn’t expect was that his mobile phone rang a tone soon after.

【Not busy】

Bai Xinyan suddenly bent his eyes unconsciously and cocked the corners of his mouth to reply: I told my parents what happened today, and then found good news!

【What’s the good news?】

This time it was almost in a second.
It seemed that Yin Heng was not like his parents, their typing speed was too slow, and the use of electronic products was completely antique.
From this point of view, although Yin Heng’s cultivation base was very powerful, maybe his age was not much older than himself?

Bai Xinyan couldn’t help thinking of it while replying.
Although it didn’t matter if the age difference was far between the demons, he and Yin Heng would live a long life anyway.
It was inappropriate to look at their appearance.
However, if Yin Heng was about the same age as his parents or even older, even he didn’t mind, his parents would definitely feel a little awkward.
Hmm, find an opportunity to ask about Yin Heng’s age, he hopes he is not at his parents’ age.

Without realizing that he had decided to calmly observe for a while, he had already unknowingly started to imagine how to face his parents’ problems after being with Yin Heng.
Bai Xinyan happily sent the good news: My dad said my spiritual energy’s circulation and development speed of my body have been accelerated, and it is estimated that I will enter adulthood soon!

Yin Heng, who was on the other side of the Internet, was startled when he saw the information and asked: Does it affect the body?

【My dad said that there is no bad effect.
I used to grow slower than others due to physical reasons, but now I have returned to normal levels.
I thought it would take a long time to reach adulthood, but fortunately, it suddenly speeded up (*^▽^*)】

Yin Heng looked at the bright smiling face symbol at the end and a rabbit-eared boy with a very infectious smile appeared in his mind.
A pair of fluffy ears swayed slightly on the top of his head because of happiness, making people want to reach out and touch them.

“……” A moment later, Yin Heng drove the picture out of his mind with a little headache and returned his thinking to the business.
Bai Xinyan only speeded up the circulation and development of the spiritual energy in his body, and only returned to normal levels.
No wonder he hadn’t found the problem before.
However, there must be a cause for such a change.
He didn’t know if Father Bai and Mother Bai found out for Bai Xinyan.

Yin Heng thought so, but he didn’t continue to ask.
Seeing Bai Xinyan’s explicit happiness, he congratulated him: It is indeed good news, congratulations.

【By the way, my dad saw the magic tool and demon power you gave me.
He praised you especially, saying that you are not much worse than them!】

Yin Heng paused when he saw the last sentence.
He bent the corners of his mouth slightly and shook his head.

【I’ve heard of some stories of Seniors Bai, I definitely can’t be compared to them.】

Bai Xinyan widened his eyes slightly.
During the chat, he did tell Yin Heng a little about his home, but he didn’t expect that Yin Heng seemed to be able to determine who his parents were? It seems that his parents are really well-known…

Although he knew this for a long time, he had lived in the mountains before, so Bai Xinyan, who was completely unaware of it, had a real feeling for the first time.
However, he was just astonished and put it aside for a moment.
He didn’t even consider whether Yin Heng’s special treatment of him would have something to do with his parents’ abilities, and status, but instead focused on the problem he was thinking about.

【You are also very good, and your training time should be much shorter than my parents, right?】

Yin Heng didn’t expect Bai Xinyan’s careful thoughts hidden in this simple question and replied unconsciously: It is indeed shorter, but I have entered a bottleneck period now.
I may not reach the level of Seniors Bai in a few decades.】 

Bai Xinyan saw the three words “bottleneck period” (瓶颈期) for a moment, but the next moment he grasped the key point he wanted to see: Yin Heng should be dozens of years younger than his parents!

The problem was solved, Bai Xinyan was not very happy yet, and he started to pay attention to the bottleneck period that Yin Heng said.
However, as a good-for-nothing cultivator, Bai Xinyan could not provide any useful advice.
After a few words, Yin Heng said that there was no major problem, so he brought this topic to the past.

Then, just like in Yin Heng’s office in the morning, the two naturally chatted, even if Yin Heng himself was not very good at finding topics.
Bai Xinyan just confirmed that he fell in love with Yin Heng at first sight and there was no embarrassing situation.

Bai Xinyan across the screen did not show a noticeable heartbeat reaction, but he was always in a good mood when communicating with Yin Heng.
In the end, it was the Mother Bai who reminded Bai Xinyan that it was time to go to bed.
The two ended the long chat time and said good night to each other.

* * *

Because he met Yin Heng, Bai Xinyan no longer worried about the interview.
Sure enough, early in the next morning, he received a call to inform him that he had an interview and asked him to go to Xinghuan to discuss the signing of the contract.

Bai Xinyan shared the good news with his parents and couldn’t help but send a message to Yin Heng.
Then he arranged his clothes and went out.
This time Yin Heng didn’t reply quickly, probably because he was busy.

After Bai Xinyan arrived at Xinghuan, he followed the instructions and went to an office.
He didn’t expect that besides him, there was only the female interviewer who seemed to be slightly hostile to him.

Fang Xia looked at Bai Xinyan with slight scrutiny, her eyes were a little gloomy.
From the traces of her thin cheeks and brows, it could be seen that this was a strong woman with a very strict personality.

“I’m Fang Xia, Xinghuan’s agent.
I will bring you after you sign with Xinghuan.
Do you have any comments?” After looking at Bai Xinyan for a while, Fang Xia finally said lightly.

Hearing this, Bai Xinyan was stunned.


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It is not as important as the age of Mr Yin in my family (* ̄︶ ̄) [I don’t know what to do and fall in love.jpg]

Sun Zhi: Damn! Author, when will you let me go offline? I don’t want to eat dog food as cannon fodder! (▼ヘ▼#)

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