Cursed Legacy

Evil Dragon

ed his mouth and asked calmly while still staring at me with those sharp eyes, ”Why do you want my blessing? ”

Now, this should be the last question. After ”why are you here ” and ”Are you worthy? ”, ”Why do you want my blessing ”, should be the last one right? I need to answer this question carefully then or else I don know whatll happen to me.

I know from the novel that someone from the devil race is being asked the very same question by the dragon in front of me. His answer was, ”I want to kill all of those humans ”, but this dragon soul in front of me just laugh and did not give him the blessing.

I guess if a kind or righteous answer is wrong and an evil answer is wrong, then I guess Ive got no choice now. Im thinking hard but Ive got no answer, so Ill just gamble on myself and answer him about whatever I feel right now.

”I want to live longer ”, I told him.

Theres a slight pause before he asked, ”You said therell be a big war in the future, are you going to avoid that? ”

”No, but I plan to SURVIVE that ”, I answer truthfully. This time, I didn lie. Im not that naive to think that Id prevent the war or I could avoid war. But at least, I plan to survive the war.

The eyes that have been staring at me all this time seem to be closed right now. I don know what hes thinking about, but time passed slowly right now. If he doesn give me his blessing then it means the death of me. I can even get out of this place alive in this situation.

Suddenly he opened his eyes and asked, ”What if I told you that even with my blessing you won be able to live longer like you just said? ”

”Do you mean that even with your blessing, I still couldn survive the war? ”, I asked suspiciously. Because its hard to imagine. Dragon Power is the strongest magic power in this world. As long as Im not fighting against another dragon power user, Ill be able to survive.

”Ha! youll know about it soon ”, he said amusingly, ”For now, I, Balaur, will give you my blessing. This oath will stay true until we reach the end of our journey ”

I couldn even process what he just said until he finished saying all that. Suddenly I could see darkness start to envelop me. I feel hurt like my whole body was forced to regenerate, like something big was forced into my body.


Suddenly everyone from the capital to the neighbouring countries could see dark clouds hovering over the whole kingdom. The clouds circled with a rumble of thunder like it was about to pour some big rain that would flood the entire country.

Everyones coming out of their house looking upwards and pointing towards the sky. The dark clouds keep hovering, rumbling, and sometimes give a big thunder explosion. It makes people confused, its summer right?, everyone thought the same thing.

Inside the throne room, the king is looking worriedly towards the sky, he got a bad feeling about this.

”Elanre, whats happening here ”, Asked the king, communicating to the dragon souls that reside under the royal castle. Most countries keep the location of their dragon soul a secret. But someone whos gotten a blessing of a dragon soul could still communicate with them as long as they
e close enough. When the first king of this country got a blessing of a dragon, he built a castle on top of it.

”this… I don know ”, Answered the voice inside his head. Its a womans voice that gives people a calm and soothing feeling. Very different from Balaur which gives people an evil feeling.

Suddenly theres someone opening a door to the throne room. This room is one of the most guarded rooms in the royal castle, so not everyone could just get in the throne room.

”Father ”, If Aleks was here, hed recognize her, because shes his fiancee, the youngest princess of the Ashten kingdom, Evelyn Ashten. She should be attending the academy by next year.

”Father, I brought the royal magician here ”, she said worriedly.

”Greetings your majesty ”, The royal magician bowed while saying that.

”Joseph, do you know whats happening here? ”, Asked the king.

”I never heard something like this happening in the past ”, He said regretfully, ”But those dark clouds, I could sense magic in them. Like… something evil ”

”Hmm… Yes I also feel that ”, Said the king while scratching his chin, ”Can this be the work of the devils? ”

”No, I don think so, your majesty ”

”Father, are we going to be fine? ”

”don wo- ”

Suddenly before the king finishes his words, there seems like a dark light was shooting towards the sky. And when it reach all those dark clouds, it suddenly exploded, making a big explosion sound that make even the ground vibrate. The wave of those explosions seems like clearing all of the dark clouds hovering above the kingdom. Everyone that hears it would close their ears.

Suddenly, when everyone thinks its already finished, theres a big roar resounding the whole kingdom. Like a very big and dangerous beast was about to be free. The roar was so evil and loud. Everyone that hears it could sense fear.

When the king hears it, it feels like a sound that he knows. Its like… a dragon roar. Suddenly theres a voice inside his head telling him something unexpected. The king then fall down to his butt while staring at the clear night sky.

”Father! ” ”Your majesty! ”

The source of both of those voices runs towards him to check for his condition.

”What happens to you, father? ”, Asked his daughter sensing nothing wrong with his fathers body.

”Evil Dragon ”, The king only mutter those words.

”What? ”

”Its an Evil Dragon. An Evil Dragon has been released! ”, The king said clearly this time.

And thus, thats how the legend of the evil dragon starts. From this point onwards, even the future couldn be predicted anymore. The clear night sky of the kingdom that night seems to indicate something big yet to come.

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