Cursed Legacy

The Call of the Void

Aleksander Amberster is your typical noble. He leads his life as a high noble from birth. He has the same bearings as the other high nobles. He doesn like to interact with commoners, he behaves arrogantly to everyone, and he thinks too highly of himself.

Although its kind of ironic that his first love is a commoner herself. Though shes not your normal commoner. Shes the daughter of the biggest and the richest merchant in the Usnia kingdom, but whod thought of her as a commoner? even high noble houses as himself still respect her family and status. As they said, who doesn respect power? and the easiest way to earn power is through money.

Even though he was rejected in the end and was betrothed to the youngest daughter of the king, he still likes to chase other women, thus earning him a title of a womanizer. But being a womanizer wasn the only thing that he was famous for.

He did many bad and evil things as most other noble sons do. Hes a womanizer, hes an alcoholic, a gambler, and a drug addict too. Thus he makes enemies wherever he goes, but no one dares to touch him no matter what he did. Because hes a son of a duke and a militaristic family at that.

His great-grandfather earned merit through the big war that happened 150 years ago. Making the Amberster familys name rose and known for their militaristic power. His father too is a militaristic man by nature. It makes everyone confuses why a militaristic family could produce an undisciplined son like Aleksander.

It was only when the other nobles started to notice the Amberster family growing in power with each generation that the other nobles family feel restless. Even the king himself seems to favour the Amberster family. Making the family almost impossible to destroy.

The only way that the other nobles use to destroy this giant family is by conspiring to accuse Ambersters of working with the devils. As the big war against the devils 150 years ago still leaves trauma in everyones mind, and it incites a huge rebellion from the people.

With the support from many nobles, even the king himself can save the Amberster family. This leads to the downfall of the Amberster family. And judging by the kingdoms law, colliding with the devil leads to the execution of all members of the family.

But Aleksanders father asked for the kings amnesty to spare his childrens lives. But alas, the law is the law, but the king seeing his friends plight makes a bold decision, ”I cannot save all of your children, but I can at least spare one of yours ”, said the king in front of many nobles.

Thus, everyone in the room began to vote for whoever they thought worthy to be saved. Duke Amberster have a total of 3 sons, but only 1 can be saved. The result of the vote shocked everyone at first, but it only took them a few seconds to realize what just happen.

It turns out that only the useless and the oldest son of the Duke can be saved. When the Duke heard that, he was also shocked for a few seconds, but in the end, he gave a smile to the king and said, ”thank you, your majesty ”, before stepping out off the throne.

To this day, even the king still doesn understand the meaning behind that smile from his friend. Everyone knows the useless son of the Duke, but whys he happy that he survived? Clearly, the nobles don want to see Amberster raise in power again.

The king then declared that no noble household can harm that child and that every enmity that they had with the Amberster household couldn be passed to the son. Of course, every noble agrees, what could that useless son do? Sure everyone is fed up with the dukes son, but without power, even he can do anything much now.

It all happened when Aleks is studying at the Gemora academy. Although the name comes from the greatest wizard in the country, its not solely a magic academy as it used to be, Its also a knight academy as for now. Maybe after the big war, this kingdom learns that solely relying on magic is a bad choice.

Aleks remembers his father always want him to be a knight. Coming from a militaristic household, becoming a knight is more valuable than becoming a magician or wizard. But Aleks persuades his father to become a magician and attend the magic academy despite having no talent in magic.

Some people believe its because he doesn want to be around some big muscles dude from the knight academy and instead wants to spend his time with the girls at the magic academy, which is true by the way.

The news about the fall of the Amberster household spreads like fire in the academy. Aleks was running to the principal office when he could spot many student whispering while staring at him. He knows that the news has spread and hastened his step.

”Give me permission to leave the academy for a few weeks ”, Aleks said when he arrived at the principal office.

The principal turned her head upward for a little bit to see who was lacking in manner, and when she see Aleks was there, she began resuming her activity. There are some documents on the table and she seems to be busy reading and writing som

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