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Posted on April 6, 2022by UntamedS

Bonus Chap [For my lateness]

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    Slogans resounded through the valley, echoing in bursts, and the ribbon-like starry sky seemed extremely close to the ground.




    Even such a terrible valley of death, was tinged with a touch of emotion.




    Yue Dong threw down the vine rope, Tian Yang first helped the people with mobility problems one by one.



    When all those who could climb had also gone up, he let Rong Yue sit on his shoulders and easily climbed up the valley.




    The stars were bright and the wilderness was empty.
The lake in front of the rift valley was like a jewel reflecting the starlight, reflecting the bright sparkle of the grassland.




    It was indeed a treasure land.




    The more Rong Yue looked at it, the more satisfied he was.
He had already planned to set up a high tower in front of the lakes, to be used for moon viewing later.



    But now the biggest problem was to hurry up and settle down.



    Just now when they were distributing food below, he understood the situation of this group of people.




    They were mostly injured after the natural disaster and were thrown in there by their tribe.
And those who were thrown down even earlier were almost all dead, their bodies nourishing some weird plants and small insect beasts.




    There was a legend circulating among the small tribes nearby – that the thick fog below this rift led to a fairyland, and that sending those injured people down there could heal them and keep them alive.




    Obviously, such a claim was just a pretense.
The people of the barbaric wilderness were really smart, Rong Yue admired them all for a moment.




    A total of twelve people were fatally wounded, they were quickly settled.




    The remaining sixty-seven people without mobility, mostly leg and foot injuries that made them unable to keep up with the pace of tribal migration.




    There were also forty-two people who could move and run, but mostly old people or physically weak women, they were obviously abandoned.




    There were only two truly intact young people, a girl named Gougou, who was expelled from the tribe because she couldn’t let go of her abandoned husband and a gloomy-eyed young man, he seemed to have a dark past, but Rong Yue didn’t ask for the time being.




    More than a hundred people were around that big stone, some were sitting or lying down, they occupied a large area of open space.




    The most seriously injured dozen people slept in the leeward.


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    Tian Yang had hunted that old deer, before he only had time to roast a leg because of the emergency of the situation, after the situation got better, several men came together to help him with it.






They were three mature men, who seemed to be three brothers.
A lame man, a one-armed man, and a blind man, they all looked dirty and smelly.




    Gougou glanced at them from a distance, then she quietly walked away.




One of the brothers grinned with yellow teeth: “Sacrifice Yue, if we help with the work, can we eat two more mouthfuls of it ……?”




    Rong Yue took a step back: “I’ll remember your contributions, now the situation is special, afterwards you’ll be settled.
Tian Yang–“




    He turned his head to call out for Tian Yang, motionlessly pointing to the three brothers and waving his hand.




    Tian Yang came over, and Rong Yue whispered, “I’ll leave this to you ……”




    Tian Yang stroked a handful of his hair and led these three to handle the deer skin and venison.




   The names of the three brothers were Yang Da, Yang Er and Yang San.
Each of them had hotter eyes than the other, but at least they worked well, and their actions were quick.




Yang Er saw Rong Yue walk away, and quietly asked Tian Yang: “That Sacrifice Yue, is he yours?”




    Tian Yang looked at him with a smirk and didn’t deny it.




   Yang Er slapped his thigh: “Brother, you’re so good ah! You could get someone so proud …… but isn’t he too proud ah? He didn’t hesitate to order you around ……”




     Yang San chimed in, “Yes, no matter how good he is, he became your man after you married him.
You have to handle him, and don’t let him stay in the limelight.
How will others respect you after that?”




    Tian Yang laughed: “That makes sense.”




    The three brothers felt that they had persuaded the “man behind the sacrifice” and gave each other a wink, feeling as if they had accomplished something big.




    The venison was divided into small pieces by the bone knife and wrapped in a large leaf.
After they peeled off the deer skin, Tian Yang let them go to the lake to wash the bl00d first, lest the smell would attract beasts.




    When Tian Yang returned to their tent, the campfire was already burning.
Rong Yue was hugging his knees and pretending to sleep, when he heard footsteps, he asked without opening his eyes, “How is it?”




    Tian Yang let out a hollow laugh: “They’re scheming, and then they tried to control the situation.
Not good.”

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    Rong Yue opened his eyes and watched as Tian Yang laid the meat apart on the stone to dry, “The man who isn’t hurt kept staring at us from the edge of the crowd.”




    “With malicious intent?”







    Rong Yue knew that not everyone in this group of people were good, so he wasn’t disappointed: “Let’s just observe, see what they want to do.
I have passed the period of weakness, I have the power to protect, you and Yue Dong, focus on protecting Li Shui and Ergou.”




    As soon as the words left his mouth, Yue Dong and Li Shui excitedly ran towards them with a boulder in their hands excitedly!




    “Tian Yang! Sister-in-law! Look what we’ve made!”




    The boulder was about the size of a two-person hug, with a natural depression in the middle.




    “A stone pot?” Rong Yue padded over with interest, “Isn’t it a little shallow.”




    “It’s not a problem!” Yue Dong set the stone on the ground, raised his hand for a moment, and struck heavily!




    That shallow depression from the middle had countless cracks, Yue Dong turned the boulder upside down and patted the bottom, clattering debris fell to the ground.




    Rong Yue circled around the boulder pot: “Quite a skill, we have a pot!”




    Before when they made twisted soup, they used the pottery jar that Li Shui brought along, but that was too small after all, if they wanted to temporarily solve the problem of so many people eating, the pot was necessary.




 Besides, it was still good even if it was only used to boil water.
Many people hadn’t taken a bath since they were injured.
Although people here didn’t think the lake was unclean, Rong Yue wouldn’t let them go.





    The large stone pot was set up, and the firewood was burning at the bottom of the pot, it took a while to heat it up.
The twisted seeds they brought were all poured into the pot, together with thinly sliced meat, and finally cooked into a large pot of twisted seeds porridge with meat.




    While wondering when he would be able to find rice, Rong Yue was annoyed that the porridge didn’t even taste good.




    Tian Yang felt his low mood at close range and quietly asked him, “What’s wrong?”




Rong Yue: “This paste has no taste.”




    Tian Yang knew he liked to eat good food, so he patiently responded, “Let’s make do with it until the Guanshan Fair in summer, and then we will go to the Salt Department to exchange salt bricks.
The salt department has other seasonings that can be made into all kinds of delicious food.”


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    Interested, Rong Yue turned to him, “Salt bricks?”




The salt tribe further south makes salt bricks for a living, and every summer they exchange these with other tribes for supplies.
After about sixty days, you will be able to eat flavored food.”




    Rong Yue was curious, “Then why wasn’t salt put in the twisted soup even during the previous Gongshan tribe celebration?”




    Tian Yang laughed: “Salt is very precious and is not usually put in the twist soup.
But if you like it, it doesn’t matter if you put some.”




    Rong Yue froze, although he was used to people giving him the best things, he still felt a hint of sweetness.




    “It’s okay, there are ways to eat good food without salt, I’ll study it later when I take out the recipe.”



    He checked the game menu in his head.




    The proficiency of the Holy Light had quickly increased to Level five because of the heavy healing skill he had used.
On top of that, for some reason, the character’s experience had also gone up by a large amount, and was already more than halfway through level two.




    But he still didn’t understand what the mechanism of its rise was.




    In the Xingyue Era, only ki-lling hostile monsters counted as experience, and clerics mostly teamed up with others to upgrade, but on this continent there was no standard clear “hostile party”. 




    This was a mysterious and unpredictable experience bar.




    But Rong Yue still wanted to go to the forest tomorrow to properly test this mechanism, because his most pressing desire at the moment was to upgrade – only to level 10, in order to unlock the second basic skill [Spring Return], and open his game package.




    Skills aside first, his package was very important!




    Inside was a recipe that a player once gave him!



    …… ah, and a few changes of clothes and a spare scepter.




    Rong Yue reached out and touched his side, ready to use his sceptre to brush up on his Holy Light proficiency for a while longer, but his hand felt empty.





    “?” He turned his head and watched as Li Shui threw his staff towards the bottom of the pot ……




    “Wait!” But it was too late, the staff that had been with him for three days entered the hot fire, burning itself and dying a heroic death.



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    Seeing that Rong Yue’s expression wasn’t good, Li Shui stuttered: “What, what’s wrong! The fire wasn’t strong, so I added firewood ah!”




    Rong Yue: firewood ……




    Tian Yang also didn’t expect such a development, he turned to comfort him: “It’s okay, tomorrow I’ll go help you find another one.
Just about the same shape, right?”




    Rong Yue nodded with a little frustration, “The length and thickness is about right, there’s no need for it to be too fine.”




    The twisted soup with hidden meat slices was cooked and packed in clay pots for the people near the boulder to eat, and the day finally settled down.




    The tent pitched by Li Shui went to Rong Yue and Tian Yang, Rong Yue didn’t resist, he slept with Tian Yang huddled together.




    Tian Yang’s body temperature was as high as ever, Rong Yue sighed, “If my sceptre was still there, I would have taken the opportunity to check on you, maybe your stomach is almost healed.”




    Tian Yang slightly backed up a little, leaving a gap for the two, and reassured him in a warm voice.




    Rong Yue froze, startled as he realized something.




     Since Tian Yang found out that he wasn’t Yue, apart from occasionally touching his head, he hadn’t behaved as abruptly or spoken frivolously as he had when they first met.




 But Tian Yang was as good to him as ever.




    He sighed at the warrior’s careful behavior and went to sleep while feeling an unexplainable sense of loss.




    In the middle of the night, Rong Yue was awakened by thirst and wanted to go outside to see if there was still water over the stone pot.




    He wanted to use the holy light to light up his path, he reached out before remembering that the staff was burned, so he had to walk out in the dark.




   Everywhere was quiet, the people slept deeply, Rong Yue took ten steps when he suddenly felt a cool breeze behind –




    “Don’t move.”





    A bone spike rested against the back of his waist, the person was at the side of his neck and whispered with a raspy voice : “Move, and I’ll ki-ll you.”




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