Some time ago, there was a big sale at a holiday event, and I got so excited that I went on a wild shopping spree.

Among the things I bought, 〈 Lindbergh’s Mansion 〉 was one of my many impulse buys.

Did I really buy a game like this? I bought it without thinking it through, but I could only guess that I chose it by mistake.

I tried to return it and get a refund right away, but when I saw the cover and how spooky its vibe was, I ended up getting tempted to play it.

However, it wasn’t long after that I quit entirely.
The game’s difficulty was set to hardcore, and all I got from playing the thing was stress.

…But if I knew I’d end up like this, I wouldn’t have quit.

“I apologize for opening the front door without knocking first.
I came here to avoid the rain, and I didn’t realize that it was an inhabited mansion.”

Seeing the man standing right in front of me, I felt an incredulous smirk tugging on the corners of my lips.

The man was still standing outside the front door, unable to enter the mansion.

He was utterly drenched from being at the rain’s mercy for a long time.

Pitch black hair that was as dark as an abyss, and purple eyes that glimmered brightly even deep into the night.

His alabaster complexion accentuated his distinct features, and it’s undeniable that he was a beautiful man.

As if in a trance, I just gawked at him for a moment before I spoke unknowingly.


“…You know who I am?”

As expected.
I didn’t get it wrong.

‘It’s really happening, huh.’

I knew exactly who this man was.

Because he was the protagonist of the game that gave me nothing but stress.

Once upon a time, I fell into the game called, 〈 Lindbergh’s Mansion 〉.

I lived in peace without even feeling the flow of time…

Then, I heard the crackle of a lightning strike, and the creaking of an old, dilapidated door.

Surprised, I immediately went out to the foyer, and there I saw the game’s protagonist.

‘This is driving me nuts.’

“…Pardon me, but how do you know who I am? I have not told you my name, Your Ladyship.”

I know you because you’re the protagonist.

While mulling over what I could answer him with, I suddenly felt myself freezing up.

Right after, my tongue hardened, and my eyes increasingly felt hot.

And soon, my mouth moved on its own against my will.

“Please, do come in.”


“Welcome to Lindbergh’s Mansion, dear guest.”

What the heck?

What I said just now were the opening lines of the game—the ones that were said during the prologue.

Perhaps because the game had started, but I couldn’t move however I wanted anymore.

It seemed like the only things I could say were the lines of the game.

“Milord is a merciful man.
That said, he actually dislikes it very much if he could not have any guests.”


“I’m sure that he wishes very much to welcome you in now, dear guest.
Come inside, if you please?”

My body was moving on its own.
As he was standing in front of the door, hovering only at the entrance and unable to take a step inside, I offered a hand towards Dietrich.

〈 Lindbergh’s Mansion 〉 would begin as soon as Dietrich enters the mansion.

In other words, now was his chance to back out.

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