The stimulation to Xu Jie wasn’t light.
For some time, he felt poor in spirit.

He had already decided to repeat his year three and practice his martial arts properly.
He must take the martial arts exam next year.

He wasn’t unhappy that Wang Teng managed to pass.
He was just a little envious.

Actually, he had predicted this result beforehand.
After all, Wang Teng had already displayed the ability of an advanced stage martial disciple in front of him.

But, this time, Wang Teng scored a little too well, so well that he started doubting his life.

Their results used to be equal.
Now, one had to repeat his year, while the other managed to get into a university.

Even so, he still had the hope that he would catch up with him and not lagged too far behind.

However, if Wang Teng got into a university like The First University, he knew that no matter how hard he worked, he would never be able to catch up.
The distance caused him to feel despair.

“Brother Wang Teng, you’re really a monster.
I don’t dare to compare myself to you.” Xu Jie sighed and took a huge swig of beer.

“Don’t think like that.
If you don’t compare, how do you know that you won’t be able to beat me?” Wang Teng said.


Xu Jie thought that Wang Teng was consoling him and felt a little happy.
But, unexpectedly, Wang Teng continued, “You will only know that you can’t win after you have compared.”

Xu Jie: …

“You don’t have to console me, but why are you hurting me? Can we still be good friends?”

“Only friends will tell you the truth.
Trust me, life isn’t just about resigning to circumstances now.
There’s also resignation to fate in the future,” Wang Teng said.


Bai Wei spat out a mouth of fruit juice when she heard this sentence.

Yu Hao choked and coughed without stopping.

“Brother Wang Teng, the saying goes like this: ‘Life isn’t just about resigning to circumstance now, there’s also poetry and the future.” Bai Wei rolled her eyes at Wang Teng.
Why didn’t she notice how cheeky he was in the past?

“I’m comforting Xu Jie.
After all, there are many stimulations in life.
He needs to get used to them earlier.
After a few shocks, you will get used to them,” Wang Teng said.

There was a ball of air stuck in Xu Jie’s chest.
He felt extremely frustrated.
His pupils moved, and he suddenly said, “My sister is coming back soon.”


This time, it was Wang Teng’s turn to put on an ugly expression.
His face changed immediately.
It was quite interesting to watch.

Xu Jie smiled naughtily.

“Sister Xu Hui is back?” Bai Wei was pleasantly surprised.

“That female devil!” Wang Teng gritted his teeth.

Xu Hui was Xu Jie’s older sister.
They had known each other since they were children, but the memories weren’t very good…

Anyone who got their pants taken off and their little bird flicked when they were a child wouldn’t have any fond memory about it!


No, he must stay as far away from her as possible.

He mustn’t let the devil see him.
If not, he couldn’t predict what she might do.

“Brother Wang Teng, my sister has always been talking about you.
She even said that after she returns, she must drag you out for a meetup,” Xu Jie said.

Bai Wei and Yu Hao sniggered at the side.
They never had this kind of treatment before.
Xu Hui always treated Wang Teng exceptionally well (in reality, she always tormented him).

Wang Teng’s face turned green.
“I’m not free.
Tell her that I’m not free.
Don’t look for me if there’s nothing important.”

“I can’t make the decision.
If she goes to your house to look for you, I can’t help you.” Xu Jie shrugged.

“Oh shit!” Wang Teng said in frustration.

“I don’t have shit, but I have an older sister!” Xu Jie smiled evilly.

He felt that he had finally gained some of his ego back.
He felt comfortable for some reason.

He had no pressure betraying his older sister!

Bai Wei and Yu Hao burst out laughing.
It was hard to make Wang Teng suffer a setback.
This kind of interesting scene rarely occurred.

After fooling around for some time, Bai Wei asked, “I heard that Sister Xu Hui has already reached the peak of an advanced stage martial disciple.
Is she at her breakthrough now?”

“She successfully advanced to martial warrior half a month ago.” Xu Jie was a little proud.
He said enthusiastically, “After she comes back this time, I plan to ask her to train me properly.
I don’t have much hope of becoming an advanced stage martial disciple, but I must become an intermediate stage martial disciple.”

“Martial warrior!” Wang Teng was a little surprised.
His memory of Xu Hui stopped at his past life.
He didn’t expect the female devil to be a martial warrior in this life.

Damn it, she would be harder to deal with!

This was what he was thinking, but he said, “With a martial warrior guiding you and the resources your family is putting on you, there’s a high chance that you will become an intermediate stage martial disciple within a year.”

“I hope so.
When my dad heard that I wanted to practice martial arts, he was so happy that he couldn’t sleep for an entire night.
He even decided to take out his private savings to sponsor me,” Xu Jie smiled and said.

Wang Teng gave him a thumbs-up.
“Uncle Xu is amazing.
He’s able to have a private stash under the eyes of your mom.”

“Cough, cough!”

Xu Jie was caught between laughter and tears. Your point of concern is a little off.

“Xu Jie, we can practice together.
After Sister Xu Hui comes back, can you ask her to teach me too?” Yu Hao said in anticipation.

“This is a small matter.
You can just come to my house in the future,” Xu Jie said generously.

Bai Wei listened to them discussing martial arts at the side.
Suddenly, she felt a little depressed.
Even Xu Jie had a target.
What about her?

Wang Teng would be entering university soon as the top scholar of the martial arts exam.
He would definitely soar higher in the future.
Would she only be able to watch him fly?

Bai Wei questioned her own heart.
For a second, she was speechless.

They chatted until late at night.

Wang Teng only returned home past 11 pm.
He took a bath and directly hit the bed.


His Spirit was close to 100.
Wang Teng planned to go to the mental hospital and collect another round of attributes.

However, it was hard to sneak into the mental hospital in the day, so he could only secretly enter after midnight.

But, his university entrance exam had just ended.
It was a rare relaxing moment for him, so he decided to wait for a few days first.
The mental hospital wouldn’t run away.

A silent night.

The next day, Wang Teng went to the house he had rented in the university town.
The crow egg still looked the same.
There were no signs of hatching at all.

He sent a WeChat message to the beautiful shop owner, Lu Zhiqing, whom he met at the pet shop.

Lu Zhiqing: It’s normal.
Don’t worry.
The oviparous animals now have a more complicated hatching process after being influenced by Force.
Their developmental cycle is longer.

Wang Teng pondered for a moment.
Normal animals were already like this, much less the egg of a star beast.
It was reasonable that its hatching process would be longer.
He decided to let it take its time.

Wang Teng: Alright.
Thank you!

Wang Teng replied with a WeChat message to express his gratitude.

Lu Zhiqing: I should be the one thanking you.
If you hadn’t saved me in the past, I would definitely have gotten hurt…”

Lu Zhiqing hesitated for a moment before she sent the next message.

Lu Zhiqing: Are you free? Let me treat you to a meal.

Wang Teng: There’s no need for that.
Anyone else will do the same thing.

Wang Teng felt embarrassed.
If the other party knew that the giant crow came to Donghai because of him and everything that happened after that was his fault, how would she feel?

Lu Zhiqing: There’s a need for it.
If you don’t let me treat you, this will always be on my mind.

Lu Zhiqing’s tone seemed serious.

Wang Teng: Alright… you can tell me the address and the time.
We’ll meet and have a casual meal.
There’s no need to spend too much.

Wang Teng felt helpless, but he still agreed.
This beautiful sister was a little straightforward!

But… since she was a beauty, he could feast his eyes.
It would be a waste if he didn’t go for the meal!

Lu Zhiqing: Alright, it’s decided then!

Lu Zhiqing hurriedly sent the time and the address over.
She seemed to have prepared it long ago.

Yida Plaza.

Wang Teng looked at the address and the time.
It was good for him.

He replied: Okay, I will be on time.

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