The tea was soon served.

Wang Shengguo and the school leaders chatted casually with one another while Wang Teng sat at the side with a bored expression.

The atmosphere was very lively.

Principal Yu and the other leaders didn’t put on their stern and fierce expressions this time.
Instead, they were all smiling amiably and throwing all kinds of praises on Wang Teng as though they were free, which they were.

Incomparably talented, dignified-looking, promising future… They were commending him in all kinds of ways.

It was amazing how they could come up with so many phrases.
They were indeed well educated.

After chatting about unrelated things for some time, Principal Yu turned and said to Wang Teng, “Wang Teng, have you decided which university you want to apply to?”

“We were just discussing this a moment ago,” Wang Shengguo smiled and said.

“I haven’t made my decision yet.” Wang Teng shook his head.

“You can slowly think about it.
With your results, you can choose any school in the country anyway.

“If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can ask the teachers in school.
They have been in the education industry for many years, so they are experienced in applying for universities,” Principal Yu said kindly.

“Okay, I will.
Thank you, principal,” Wang Teng replied.

“Oh right, do you still remember the rewards I mentioned the other time?” Principal Yu smiled and asked.

Wang Teng immediately got excited.
He sniggered and replied, “Of course!”

“You little brat.” Principal Yu pointed at him and laughed.
Then, he took out a few items and placed them on the table.

“Take a look at it.
These are all for you.”

The items were laid out in a single row on the table.

There was a small black string pouch.

A small jade bottle.

And finally, a box that was slightly smaller than a palm.

Wang Teng studied all three of them.

Principal Yu smiled and said, “Open them and take a look.”

Wang Teng didn’t act polite anymore.
He opened the black pouch first.
There were ten small crystals the size of a thumb inside, all glittering brightly.

These crystals were ice-blue, and they looked as if they were made by congregating natural ice crystals.
They shone brightly under the lamp.

“These are energy stones!”

Principal Yu said, “I heard that you are an ice element martial warrior.
I especially asked someone to find ten ice element yellow-rank low-class energy stones for you.
You can use them for your personal cultivation and other things.”

Ice element martial warrior.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei exchanged glances when they heard this.
They were puzzled.

Wasn’t Wang Teng a fire element martial warrior?

But, this wasn’t the time to probe further.
They could only suppress their curiosity in their hearts.

“Principal, you’re so thoughtful,” Wang Teng exclaimed uncontrollably.

Then, he opened the small jade bottle.
Three dark blue pills rolled out from the bottle.

When these small pills landed on his palm, a cool and refreshing fragrance wafted into his nose and made him feel invigorated.

“This is ice spiritual dan.
It’s an ice element spiritual dan, and it’s first-class low-rank.
It can help with your cultivation,” Principal Yu introduced the spiritual dan to him.

Another ice element!

Wang Teng felt that Principal Yu was an interesting guy.
Once he knew that he was an ice element martial warrior, he immediately prepared all these ice element items useful for ice element martial warriors.

Although they were rewards, he more or less owed him a favor.

Principal Yu opened his mouth again.
“If you’re not in a hurry to use them, you can keep them in the jade bottle to prevent their effects from dissipating.”

Wang Teng nodded.
He placed the three pills back into the small jade bottle.

The last one was the black box.
This must be the mysterious gift Principal Yu was talking about.
He wondered what was inside.

He was already satisfied with the first two rewards, so he couldn’t help but look forward to the third reward.

This box was around the size of his palm.
Wang Teng opened the box and noticed a pitch-black stone sitting in the middle.

A bone-piercing chill was exuding from the stone.

“What is this?” Wang Teng asked curiously.

“Dark ice stone!”

Principal Yu slowly said these three words, as if the dark ice stone was some precious treasure.
A faint boastful aura could be felt from his expression.

Unfortunately, no one present had heard of this before.
Wang Teng was also looking at him in a daze.

He was boasting to a bunch of people who didn’t understand him at all!

Principal Yu smiled awkwardly and said, “This dark ice stone is an ice element heavenly treasure.
I accidentally got hold of it.
It can be used to forge weapons.
Speaking about it, it’s a real coincidence.
You’re an ice element martial warrior, so this is just right for you.”

“It’s too small!” Wang Teng didn’t know how precious the dark ice stone was, so he complained softly when he saw its small size.

“Cough, cough!”

Principal Yu coughed awkwardly.
“I only have this small dark ice stone.
It’s indeed a little small, but you can supplement it with other materials.
I’m sure that the quality of the weapon forged will increase exponentially.”

If this dark ice stone wasn’t so small that it couldn’t forge a complete weapon, it would be impossible to evaluate its value!

Principal Yu wouldn’t have given it to other people either.

Wang Teng furrowed his brows.
He felt that this item was quite useless.

Based on Principal Yu’s statement, this stone was very precious.
But, since it was small, its value was heavily discounted.

It couldn’t be used to forge a complete weapon, and it might not be suitable to act as a supplement material.

After all, forging weapons wasn’t just combining a bunch of different materials casually.
You needed to melt the materials that complemented one another.

There might be conflicts between some materials, or their compatibility might not be high.

Especially for a rare material like the dark ice stone, finding highly compatible material with it was going to be a hassle.

When Principal Yu noticed Wang Teng’s lack of reaction for a long time, he knew that he might not have liked the reward.
Hence, he said, “If you don’t want this dark ice stone, I can change it for you.”

Wang Teng smiled calmly.
“I like it.
I’ll take this.
There’s no need to change.”

As he spoke, he kept the dark ice stone.

Looking at the two rewards, he could tell that Principal Yu had put much effort into this.

For a top scholar of the martial arts exam, the principal of Donghai No.1 High School had personally put in the effort to prepare these rewards that were suitable for him.

Wang Teng was very grateful.

Principal Yu immediately smiled happily when he saw Wang Teng accepting the gifts.

The rewards weren’t just encouragement for the outstanding students.
It was an investment too.

An investment in their future.
Thus, if they achieved good results when they grew up, they would naturally repay their old school.

He had high hopes for Wang Teng.
If Wang Teng didn’t like the dark ice stone, the effects of these rewards would be heavily discounted.

You couldn’t say that he was flattering a student even though he was the principal of Donghai No.
He just knew that if he missed such an outstanding student, he would regret it.

Wang Teng was already a martial warrior.
His achievements in the future were unimaginable.

When the time came, if he was willing to give back to his old school, the repayment would exceed his rewards greatly.

“It’s good that you like it.
I have given my rewards.
I will not be disturbing you anymore.” Principal Yu got up and prepared to leave.

“Principal Yu, fellow teachers, why don’t you sit for a while longer?” Wang Shengguo urged them to stay.

“It’s alright.
Many things are waiting for me to settle in school,” Principal Yu said tactfully.

Thus, Wang Shengguo sent Principal Yu and the other leaders of the school, who came along, to the entrance.
He watched as they drove their cars and left.
His expression was a little complicated as he stood at the door.

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