Chapter 95: Pfft, Shameless!

Wang Teng felt happy for Lin Chuhan too.
Getting into the martial arts course was her goal.
With her points, she would surely enter a good university.

“What about your other subjects?” asked Wang Teng.

“Language 138, Math 143, English 146, martial arts written 148.”

“Oh my god, you must be cheating!” Wang Teng was sincerely astounded.

Lin Chuhan’s results were even higher than his.
He didn’t put in his entire effort, but he did cheat.
However, Lin Chuhan could be on par with a cheater like him.
If she wasn’t a bug, what was she?

On the other side, Lin Chuhan instantly felt speechless.

But, she could tell that Wang Teng was amazed by her results.
She couldn’t help but feel a little proud.

Although you are powerful, the results of my general papers are much higher than yours!

She asked, “How about you? How much did you score?”

“Language 136, Math 141, English 143, martial arts written 145.”

Lin Chuhan’s jaws dropped as Wang Teng told her the results of his exam one by one.

After some time, she finally said, “You are the cheater.”

At first, she thought she would be able to beat him with her general paper results since the gap between their abilities was too huge.
That way, she could gain back some standing ground.
In the end, she was the one who thought too much.

This result didn’t make any sense.

Wang Teng could imagine Lin Chuhan’s flabbergasted expression.
He laughed uncontrollably.

“How did you do your papers? No, I’m not suspecting you.
I just feel that you never study normally, so how can you score so well during the exam?” Lin Chuhan asked.

“That’s simple.
I’m a genius!” Wang Teng replied shamelessly.

“Genius is not enough to describe you.
You are a monster!” Lin Chuhan complained.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Oh right, what’s the score for your actual combat assessment? It must be very high, right?” Lin Chuhan asked again curiously.

“Full marks…”

“Indeed, you are a monster.
You are able to score full marks in the actual combat assessment! Wang Teng, you amaze me,” Lin Chuhan exclaimed.

“With an additional 20 points,” Wang Teng continued.

Lin Chuhan didn’t know what to say anymore.
Her words were stuck in her throat for a long time before they came out of her mouth.
She asked, “What the hell are additional points? And you got 20!”

“Sigh, it can’t be helped.
I can’t hide how outstanding I am.
The examiner just had to give me 20 additional points,” Wang Teng said in a helpless tone.


Lin Chuhan was full of respect for Wang Teng’s shamelessness.
Normal people’s skin couldn’t be so thick.

“Pfft, you’re so thick-skinned.”

Lin Chuhan hung up the call in frustration.

When she saw her results, she wanted to share her joy with Wang Teng for some reason.

However, after sharing her joy, all she got back was a basket of frustration and stimulation.
This fellow was infuriating.

The moment Wang Teng put down his phone, it rang again.

This time, it was Yang Jian.

“Hahaha, Wang Teng, guess how much I scored for my actual combat assessment?” The moment he picked up the call, Yang Jian’s duck-like laughter came from the other side of the phone.

“65!” Wang Teng picked a number casually.

“Erm… how did you know?” Yang Jian’s laughter stopped abruptly.
He sounded as though he had seen a ghost.

Wang Teng: …

Wang Teng didn’t expect to hit the jackpot, either.
He was just making a casual guess.

“What’s so good about scoring 65 points? Why do you have to laugh so happily,” Wang Teng pretended to look down on him.

“F**k, Wang Teng, the wearer knows best where the shoe pinches.
I’m delighted with my marks.
At least I’m able to get into the martial arts course.” Yang Jian was pretty satisfied with his score.
He continued, “How’s your assessment?”

When Wang Teng listed out his score, the other party turned silent.

“Boss, you are impressive.
I should get going… beep, beep, beep.”

He directly hung up the call.
Yang Jian was very satisfied with his results, but comparisons were always scary.
Whenever there was a comparison, someone would be hurt.

The harm that Wang Teng’s result had on him could be calculated by the tons!

“Was the first caller a female student?”

The moment Wang Teng hung up, Li Xiumei, who was sitting on the sofa, leaned over and asked ambiguously.

Wang Teng got a fright.
He patted his chest and said guiltily, “It’s my table buddy.”

“Is it the one that your dad asked Mr.
Fan to arrange for you? What’s her name? Lin… Lin something.
She’s very pretty and outstanding.” Li Xiumei’s eyes lit up instantly.

Wang Shengguo looked over too.
The expression on his face was the same as Li Xiumei’s.

Wang Teng knew that something bad was about to happen.
He forgot that his parents knew about Lin Chuhan being his table buddy.
In the end, he could only summon up his courage and reply, “Her name is Lin Chuhan.”

“Oh right, Lin Chuhan.
Her name sounds pretty too.” Li Xiumei complimented.
Then, she chuckled and said, “Son, it looks like your relationship with her is not bad.”

“Mom, what are you thinking? We have been table buddies for so long.
It’s normal for us to have a good relationship,” Wang Teng explained.

“I understand, I understand.
It’s good that your relationship with her is good.
Ask her to come to our house to play someday.
Mom will make good food for y’all.” Li Xiumei didn’t continue probing.
However, the expression on her face made Wang Teng feel numb.
He felt that his mother was hatching a plot.

Wang Teng immediately turned on his vigilance.
At this moment, his phone rang again.

After that, Bai Wei, Xu Jie, and his other friends called him to ask about his results one after another.
When they knew that he was able to get into a top martial arts university, they congratulated him.

They decided to find a time to come out and celebrate.
Wang Teng agreed readily.

After a few calls, Wang Teng let out a huge sigh.

“Your exam has ended, so you should go out and meet your friends adequately.
But, the most important thing you have to do is to consider which university you want to apply to.
With your results, you will be able to get into The First University if you apply for it,” said Wang Shengguo.

“I haven’t thought of the university I want to go to.
Actually, our Donghai University is the no.
3 university in the country.
It’s a good choice too, and it’s closer to home,” Wang Teng said.

“Have you considered military academies?” Wang Shengguo nodded and continued asking.

“There are many restrictions in the military academies.
I don’t know if it’s suitable for me.” Wang Teng was a little hesitant.

As the two of them were speaking, the doorbell rang.

“I’ll open the door.”

Li Xiumei stood up and walked to the main door.
When she opened the door, she was surprised by the visitors.
“Principal Yu, Mr.
Fan, why are you here?”

“Hahaha, the top scholar of the martial arts exam is from our school, so I’m here to congratulate you,” Principal Yu smiled and said.

“Top scholar for the martial arts exam? Our Little Teng is the top scholar for the martial arts exam?”

Li Xiumei was astounded and elated when she heard this news.

Wang Shengguo hurriedly got up and welcomed them.
“Principal Yu, Mr.
Fan, come in.
Please come in.”

“Haha, we came without informing you.
Sorry to disturb you.”

Principal Yu and Mr.
Fan walked in.
There was a whole bunch of school leaders behind them.
The scale was so large that people might think they were here to cause a ruckus.

“Principal Yu, Mr.
Fan,” Wang Teng got up and greeted them.

“Little Teng, go and take out my tea leaves from the third layer of the cabinet in the kitchen,” Wang Shengguo said to Wang Teng as he called the leaders to take a seat.

Wang, you have a good son!” Principal Yu praised Wang Teng, who was going to the kitchen to take the tea leaves, with a huge smile on his face.

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