Chapter 93: I’m Gifted!

At home, Aunt Chen finished cooking breakfast.
Wang Teng and his family sat down and had breakfast together.

“What? Our son is a martial warrior?”

Wang Shengguo almost spat out the food in his mouth, as though he had heard some shocking news.
He stared at Li Xiumei in astonishment.

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask your son yourself,” said Li Xiumei.

“Son, your mom is lying to me, right?” Wang Shengguo stared at Wang Teng without blinking.

Wang Teng didn’t say anything.
He just stuck out his finger, and a strand of fire Force appeared at the tip.
The flame silently burned in the air, a spectacle for the three.
Wang Shengguo was shocked.

You really are a martial warrior!”

“But, how did you become a martial warrior? It’s been only days since you started practicing martial arts!” He was still in disbelief.

The main thing was Wang Teng’s short training time.

Everyone knew that martial arts was an arduous path.
It was still manageable at the martial disciple stages, but many people were unable to step over the threshold to become martial warriors.

Now, Wang Teng had already taken that step.
This jump was a little too fast, though. Are you telling us that the obstacles are fake?

Wang Shengguo suddenly remembered the dead silent Iron Fist Clan. Did this child…

Never mind, he has already become a martial warrior, so I can’t judge his actions like that of a normal person.

Also, those people were bad too.

“Will you believe me if I tell you that I met an old man who reluctantly took me in as his disciple because he noticed that I’m extremely talented in martial arts? He imparted a formidable skill to me.
That’s how I improved so quickly,” Wang Teng ate and smoked at the same time.

“This child is spouting nonsense again.” Li Xiumei rolled her eyes at him.

Wang Shengguo was speechless too.
He obviously didn’t believe his son.

“There’s only one explanation then.
I’m extremely gifted!” said Wang Teng helplessly.

“Indeed, my son is a genius.
As expected of my son,” Wang Shengguo nodded with a proud expression.

“What do you mean by your son? Didn’t he come out of my womb?” Li Xiumei refused to admit defeat.
She glared at her husband and continued, “Without my outstanding bloodline, how can the Wang family have such a gifted child?”

Wang Teng looked at the couple as they boasted about their outstanding bloodlines.
They even pulled out their ancestors as examples.

One said that their Li family had groomed a powerful official in the past, while the other reasoned that their Wang family had an amazing general ancestor.

No one knew if they were speaking the truth, but Wang Teng felt that the system would definitely be unhappy.

You take all the credit.
What am I?


The breakfast was lively.
Li Xiumei took the chance to tell Wang Shengguo what happened in the company in the past few days.

“Bao Zeqing, that coward.
He doesn’t even dare to make a sound in front of me.
Yet, the moment something happened to me, he sprung out like a toad and caused trouble.
It looks like I have to settle the accounts with him once and for all.”

Wang Shengguo wasn’t easy to bully.
This time, he was really angered by those people, so some upheaval in the company was to be expected.

“Jia Guiren too.
I treated him so well.
I promoted him and gave him shares, but he was helping others under the table to destroy our company.
That ungrateful fellow!”

When he talked about Jia Guiren, Wang Shengguo felt even more furious.
The feeling of getting betrayed was stifling and uncomfortable.
It was as if something was pressing down on his heart.

“Forget it.
Don’t get too angry.
At least our son managed to salvage the situation.
You don’t know how frightened everyone was at that time.
They didn’t even dare to let out a peep.
Also, this time, there are gains for us too.
We were able to see their true natures and know who’s trustworthy and who’s not,” Li Xiumei said.

“You’re right.
This is a good chance to clean up the people in the company.
They have pulled many of their relatives over throughout the years, so the employees are diverse and jumbled.
We can kick out useless people and get some fresh blood in.” Wang Shengguo nodded in agreement.

They chatted casually for some time before going back to rest.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei hadn’t slept properly for many days, so they were spent.
If they didn’t rest soon, their bodies would collapse.

In the noon, Wang Teng woke up.
He laid on his bed and felt a little absent-minded.


He couldn’t help but heave a long sigh.

So many things had happened recently, one after another.
He couldn’t even have the time to rest and experience the joy of carefreely picking up attributes.

He climbed down from his bed and pulled the curtains open.
Sunlight shone into the room.
It was a little glaring.
He squinted his eyes unconsciously.

Speaking of attributes, when he killed the members of the Iron Fist Clan, he had picked up quite a lot of attributes.



Now, his Enlightenment had reached 98.5, and his Spirit was at 95.
They were both close to a hundred.

Wang Teng suddenly felt excited. What changes would occur when these two attributes hit 100?

As for the rest, they were mostly strength and speed attributes.
After all, those people were just martial disciples.

Most of them used blade skills, sword skills, fist skills, and other basic battle techniques.
Wang Teng had already reached the peak for these skills, so no related attributes would drop anymore.

But, there was one thing that surprised Wang Teng.
Killing people would give blank attributes too.

Blank Attribute*8

These were the blank attributes the members of the Iron Fist Clan had contributed with their deaths.
It was little, but Wang Teng still appreciated it.

They are all good people.

He had 35 blank attributes now.
He contemplated for a moment and decided to save them.

Ever since I was young, my teachers taught us the good habit of saving.

As for his Spirit and Enlightenment, he could go to the mental hospital and the martial arts academy to gather them.
He only needed a few points to reach 100.
It wasn’t that difficult.

He scanned the attributes panel again before going downstairs.
Li Xiumei and Wang Shengguo had already woken up.

“Dad, Mom, why are you awake? Why don’t you sleep more?” asked Wang Teng.

“We’re getting old, so we can’t sleep too long,” Wang Shengguo replied.

“Old people,” Wang Teng raised his eyebrows and teased them.

“Get off!”

“That’s right, your mom is still young,” Li Xiumei said as she walked out of the kitchen with the dishes.

“I’m talking about Dad.
Mom, you’re forever 18,” Wang Teng flattered her.

“You used the word ‘old’ so smoothly.
I don’t believe you.” Li Xiumei glanced at him from the corner of his eyes.

Wang Teng was speechless.
He was used to calling them this way,[1] but his mother still found faults in his words.
As expected, women were all narrow-minded.

They couldn’t afford to provoke them!

Wang Shengguo laughed secretly.

“Oh right, your martial arts exam result should be out, right?” he suddenly remembered this and asked Wang Teng.

At first, he didn’t have any hope, but Wang Teng had suddenly become a martial warrior.
In that case, the martial arts exam was a piece of cake for him.

If he didn’t top the assessment, he couldn’t explain his martial warrior’s ability!

The top student! No matter how successful he was as a businessman, achieving the first position of the cohort was still something that would bring glory to their family and ancestors.

“It should be out today.” Wang Teng almost forgot about it.

“What do you mean by should? If you aren’t certain, hurry up and call your headteacher.” Wang Shengguo was speechless.

I’ll call and ask my classmate.”

He called Lin Chuhan and asked her for the time.
He confirmed that the results would be out at noon.

He looked at the clock hanging on the wall.
It was 11.48 am.
There were still 12 minutes left.
Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei could only wait anxiously.

[1] (in Chinese, a way of calling mother is ‘old woman.’ This is how Wang Teng calls his mom)

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