Chapter 91: I Don’t Mind… Falling To Hell!

“Brother, let’s talk at the side.” The young man held Wang Teng’s arm and seemed very enthusiastic.

“Oh right, what is inside the rectangular box you’re carrying?”

He couldn’t help but ask when he saw the weapon carrier casket behind Wang Teng’s back.

“Oh, this is the delivery box.
Do you want to look at the contents?” asked Wang Teng calmly.

“No, no.” The young man shook his head like a rattle drum.

He pulled Wang Teng to a corner and took out a few hundred dollars from his pockets.
“Brother, it must be difficult for you to run around in the middle of the night to support yourself.
This is my sincerity.
I didn’t ask you anything just now, right?”

Wang Teng rubbed the hundred dollar notes in his hand and pretended to be a money lover.
He nodded and said, “I think that you didn’t ask me anything.”

“That’s right, I didn’t ask, and you didn’t answer.
Let’s live harmoniously in peace.” The young man nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Can I enter now?” Wang Teng asked.

“Go ahead, go ahead.” The young man waved his hand.
Then, he asked again, “Oh right, do you know where our boss lives?”

“I don’t.” Wang Teng shook his head.

“He lives at… Never mind, I’ll bring you there.” The young man seemed a little worried, so he turned around and locked the door.
Then, he personally led Wang Teng into the headquarters.

It was late at night.
There was no one walking around the place.
The young man took the lead, and soon, they arrived outside a door.

“Our boss lives here.
Remember, I didn’t ask anything.” The young man still felt disturned, so he reminded Wang Teng again like a nagging mother.

“Don’t worry.
Your boss won’t know anything.” Wang Teng gave a mysterious expression and nodded.

Knock, knock, knock!

The young man finally knocked on the door.
A sound was heard from inside the room.
“Who is it?”

“Boss, it’s me, Little Wu.
There’s a delivery here for you.”

“Little Wu? Oh, the one guarding the door? What is it?”

The voice inside turned suspicious.
The footsteps came closer and reached the door.
Then, the doorknob turned.

The door was about to open.

However, suddenly…


A huge force surged out from inside.
The door burst into pieces, and a figure holding a battle blade dashed out.

Wang Teng was slightly shocked.
But, he reacted in time.

He activated the runes on his weapon carrier casket.


The battle sword jumped out and landed in his hand.
Wang Teng turned around and blocked the battle blade that was aimed at him.


Sparks flew everywhere.

The two of them separated instantly.
The muscular man, who flew out of the room, glared at Wang Teng.
“There’s indeed a problem.
Who sent you?”

On the other side, the young man called Little Wu was shocked, looking at the two people in a daze.
He didn’t know what was happening.

Wasn’t he here to send ‘I love a matchstick’?

What are you doing?

This rectangular box isn’t the delivery item? Why did a weapon jump out of it?

Are you bullying me because I didn’t study well?

Little Wu wanted to cry.
At the moment, he had turned into a curious little baby with a thousand questions in his heart.

“Idiot, how dare you let outsiders in so easily.
I will take care of you later,” the muscular man shouted at Little Wu.
Little Wu shrunk his neck in fear.

I’m dead.

I angered the boss.
What should I do? I’m so nervous.
Please help!

At the same time, loud footsteps were heard from different directions.
The other members of the Iron Fist Clan had obviously received the news and were rushing over.

Within a few seconds, the place was packed with people.

“I didn’t expect the boss of the Iron Fist Clan to be an extreme martial disciple,” Wang Teng said in surprise.

“If I didn’t have the ability, how could I sit in this position?

“You amazed me too.
You are so young, but you are already so powerful.
You should have a bright future ahead.
What a pity.
You will die here today.”

The boss of the Iron Fist Clan was quite self-absorbed.
He started shaking his head in pity.

He looked at Wang Teng and wanted to catch any hints of fear or panic on his face.
Unfortunately, there was nothing.

In such a situation, the young man opposite him remained calm and composed.
There was no uneasiness in his gaze.

“Are all your men here?” asked Wang Teng in a soft voice.

The boss of the Iron Fist Clan could sense the contempt in his nonchalant voice.
He was so angry that he smiled.
“These people are enough to chop you into a pile of meat.”

Then, his face turned cold, and his expression became sinister.

“Kill him!”

The clan members swarm towards Wang Teng.
They were all holding weapons in their hands, and they smashed them on Wang Teng’s body.


Wang Teng’s gaze turned cold as the Force inside his body exploded.
It dispersed around him like shockwaves, throwing off the people charging at the front.

Wang Teng held the battle sword in his hand and charged into the crowd.

At this moment, his heart was exceptionally cold and hard.
Every slash of his sword was a life lost.
Every fist he punched broke his opponent’s bones.
Blood splattered everywhere, and the scene was extremely tragic.

He didn’t want to kill anyone, but since they wanted to kill him, he decided to have a good time killing them.

He would kill until these people were fearful of him!

“Martial warrior!”

The boss of the Iron Fist Clan was struck dumb with astonishment and shock.
His voice was shrill as he shouted in terror.
He looked as though he had seen a ghost.

The other members of the clan finally knew what kind of opponent they were facing.
They turned pale with fright.


“He’s a martial warrior.
We can’t beat him.”

“Damn it, how did we provoke this powerful figure?”

In the end, some people started escaping in a flurry.
They didn’t even have the courage to face Wang Teng.

However, Wang Teng was immersed in the killing.
He was like a raging bear charging into a pack of wolves.
He didn’t care who he killed.

Wherever he went, cries of pain followed.

On the other side, the boss of the Iron Fist Clan knew that he couldn’t defeat Wang Teng, so he attempted to run away amidst the chaos.

Wang Teng stepped on the ground, and his entire body shot into the air like a cannonball.
He landed heavily in front of the boss of the Iron Fist Clan and swung his sword at him.


The boss of the Iron Fist Clan was panic-stricken.
He raised his blade to block the attack.

The next instant, a massive force like the weight of a mountain bore down on him.
His battle blade cracked and broke on the spot.


He vomited a mouthful of blood.
The boss of the Iron Fist Clan couldn’t control his body and kept stepping back.
He had to take six to seven steps to get his footing.

Wang Teng had shown mercy this time.

“Who asked you to catch Wang Shengguo?” Wang Teng asked.

“Wang Shengguo?”

The boss of the Iron Fist Clan finally knew the source of the disaster.
Afraid that he would infuriate Wang Teng if he spoke a second too late, he hurriedly said, “I don’t know either.
I think they come from Capital Xia.
The leader of the group is a martial warrior too.
I have no ability to resist.
That’s why I laid my hands on Wang Shengguo.”

“Capital Xia.
Martial warrior.” Wang Teng squinted.

“I had no other choice.
Please spare my life,” the boss of the Iron Fist Clan pleaded.

“Sigh!” Wang Teng heaved a breath.
“I want to spare your life, but my heart doesn’t allow me to.”

The next moment, fire Force spurted out.
The terrifying flames engulfed the boss of the Iron Fist Clan.


The boss of the Iron Fist Clan shouted in fear.
But soon, his shouts were replaced by screams of agony.

“Ah… please show mercy!”

Wang Teng’s expression remained indifferent.
He displayed no emotions on his face as he watched the boss getting engulfed by the flames.

At this instant, his heartlessness was displayed blatantly.

He was never soft-hearted towards his enemies.

“Boss… is dead.”

The bunch of clan members that wanted to fight with Wang Teng until death swallowed their salivas when they saw this scene.
They felt their lips turning dry.

A chill ran through their entire body.

Wang Teng turned and scanned the crowd.
In an instant, he charged between them and started his massacre.

Leave no chance for revival!

“Ah, hurry up and run! This person is crazy.
He wants to kill us all,” someone cried shrilly.
The terrified voice echoed throughout the Iron Fist Clan headquarters.

“Devil, you are a devil!”

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me.
I just joined the clan.
I have never killed anyone.”

“Devil, you will go to hell sooner or later.
We will be waiting for you below…”

At this moment, Wang Teng turned into a demon and destroyed everything in its path.
He would kill anyone that posed a threat to his family.

Normally, he could laugh and fool around, but he wouldn’t be soft-hearted at this moment!

In order to allow my family to live under the sun, I don’t mind… falling to hell!

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