Chapter 89: Martial Warriors Are Superior!

The marble table shattered into pieces and dropped to the ground.

Everyone retreated in shock.
They were all caught off guard because everything happened so quickly.
Some people fell from their chairs, looking extremely bedraggled.

Jia Guiren’s foot got smashed by the broken marble table.
He screamed in pain, sounding like a pig.

Li Xiumei and Wang Yanan were sitting beside Wang Teng, so all the marble pieces were forced away by Wang Teng.
They weren’t hurt at all.

Even so, they were given a huge scare.
They looked at Wang Teng absent-mindedly.

Bao Zeqing and the rest of the people were pale in the face.
They crawled up from the ground in a disorderly manner.
Their suits were dirty from the dust, but they didn’t have the time to clean themselves.
They were all staring at Wang Teng in astonishment.

“Oh my god!”

“Uncle, look at our Young Master Wang’s ability.
He doesn’t need us.”

Chen Ergou had also hurried over with the rest of the security guards.
They were standing outside the door with Old Sun.
When they saw this scene, their jaws almost dropped to the ground.

Wang Teng walked in front of Bao Zeqing and looked at him.
“What right do you have to educate me?”

“Brat, don’t think that you can be arrogant just because you have some capability.” Bao Zeqing swallowed his saliva and took a step back unconsciously.
He shouted, “Zou Lei!”

A muscular young man rushed out from the corner and aimed his huge fist at Wang Teng.

“Be careful!”

“Son, be careful!”

Li Xiumei and Wang Yanan’s expressions changed.
They shouted at the same time.


Wang Teng snorted.
He also raised his fist and welcomed his punch like a man.


The sound of bones cracking spooked everyone at the scene.

Li Xiumei and Wang Yanan’s faces turned white.
They thought that Wang Teng was hurt.

But, the next moment, a scream of agony came out from the muscular young man’s mouth.
His entire body flew out like a golf ball and slammed heavily into the wall.

His arm was completely distorted.

The fats on Bao Zeqing’s face started to tremble uncontrollably when he saw this gruesome sight.
Cold sweat kept dripping down his forehead.

Wang Teng glanced at the man.
Then, he looked out of the window.

There was a tall building right opposite.

“Is that your company?” Wang Teng asked.

“So what if it is?” Bao Zeqing’s legs were getting weak, but he still forced himself to remain calm.

Wang Teng said, “Someone told me that we can’t keep a low profile forever.
When the time comes to display our abilities, we should display them.
If not, other people would step on you.

“In the past, I didn’t agree with what he said.
Now, I think his words make sense.”

After he finished speaking, he patted the weapon carrier casket beside him lightly.
He took a battle sword out from the casket.

“What are you planning to do?” Bao Zeqing shouted in fear and astonishment as he retreated continuously.

Wang Teng glanced at him without any expression.

He walked in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

Suddenly, a red Force exploded out of his body.
It seemed as though he was wearing a red gown.
The red Force raged in the air.


He waved the sword!

The sword light cut the air in half!

The window instantly exploded.
The red sword glow cut through the walls of the building opposite them, leaving a long and burnt black sword mark.

Everyone was flabbergasted.
No one spoke for a long time.

“Martial… martial warrior!”

Bao Zeqing’s face had turned completely white.
He kept stuttering and spent a long time before he spat out these two words.

“How is that possible?”

Jia Guiren looked at Wang Teng in a daze.
His mind was filled with Wang Teng’s back view when he was executing his move just now.
He was utterly shocked.

How could this playful and cocky child be a martial warrior?

He wasn’t able to accept that the ‘useless son’ Wang Shengguo always mentioned was actually a martial warrior!

This was so sarcastic!

If this was useless, what was useful?

A general-rank?

All the founding members of the company had the same expression on their faces.
None of them could accept the fact that Wang Teng was a martial warrior.

This was nonsense!

Wang Teng was still so young.
How could he become a martial warrior?

Li Xiumei and Wang Yanan felt dumbfounded at first.
Then, immediately after that, happiness gushed out of their hearts like eternal springs.
They understood clearly what it meant to become a martial warrior.

Now, as long as Wang Teng was around, their company would never collapse.

A martial warrior could suppress his opponent with his abilities if anyone wanted to seize his assets with evil intentions.
He could even sue the other person in court.
The winner would definitely be the martial warrior.

A martial warrior could even kill someone for a valid reason.

They could kill first and inform later.

This was the rank of martial warriors in society.

Martial warriors were superior!

“Look at the cut of the sword clearly.
If you dare to play any more tricks, this sword wouldn’t be cutting your building the next time.
It will be your body.

“I don’t know if you’re able to withstand one of my attacks.”

Wang Teng looked at Bao Zeqing and said indifferently.

Then, he glanced around him.
His gaze landed on Jia Guiren for a second before he looked at other people.
However, no one dared to look back at him.

“No matter what your thoughts are, keep a low profile and remain humble until my father comes back.
Once he returns, those that want to leave can do so.
You can follow whoever you want to follow.
I will not stop you.”

The entire meeting room was dead silent.
The people that had thoughts of leaving were overwhelmed with regrets.

This was a martial warrior.

With a martial warrior guarding the Wang family, there was no need to worry about the company’s growth.
At that time, as the founding members of the company, their assets would definitely increase exponentially.

But, now…

After Wang Shengguo came back, there would probably be a massive cleanup.

Anyone that harmed them by taking advantage of the situation and those that didn’t have a firm mentality would not be able to stay.

No matter how good the prospects were, it had nothing to do with them.

How many millions did they lose? Their hearts… It hurt so much!

The most important thing was, they didn’t dare to act rashly now.
If not, they would face the revenge of a martial warrior.
Their ending would be even worse than the reformation that would happen after Wang Shengguo came back.

Jia Guiren’s face turned green.

He was the person who had offended the Wang family the most.

Bao Zeqing had promised to give him 10% of the company shares.
That was why he agreed to make the shares of the company drop so that it was easier for a merger to happen.

Looking at the situation now, everything he did was for nothing!

He wouldn’t have any shares of the new company, and his journey in Xinteng had come to an end.
Very soon, he would get kicked out by Wang Shengguo, and he might even seek revenge.
He probably wouldn’t be able to survive in Donghai anymore.

Wang Teng disregarded these people who had different thoughts.
He brought Li Xiumei out of the room and asked, “Mom, what happened to Dad?”

“Your dad went to the neighboring province to discuss a project.
There was an issue with the interests of both sides, so he wasn’t able to reach an agreement.
However, the other party broke the rules and detained your father with the help of a local tyrant.
They won’t release him unless he agrees to sign the contract,” Li Xiumei explained with a worried expression.

Wang Teng had already displayed the ability of a martial warrior, so she no longer treated him as a child.

“Grandfather has already sent people over to help, but there haven’t been any results,” Wang Yanan added at the side.

“What project is it? Why is Dad so stupid.
He can just agree to them.
We might lose some money, but life is more important,” Wang Teng frowned and said.

“It’s not that simple.
There’s something wrong with this project.
It has huge implications.
They want to use your father as the scapegoat,” Li Xiumei knew some things, but she didn’t know the exact details.

“Huh?” Wang Teng sensed that there was something strange.
Was this a scheme by those people inside? However, in his past life, they only attacked the Wang family after he attended university.

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