When Wang Shengguo returned home at around 6 pm, Li Xiumei asked their helper, Aunt Chen, to call Wang Teng down for dinner.

Wang Teng had just finished bathing then.
After changing his clothes, he was blowing his hair with the hairdryer.

“Okay, Aunt Chen, I will be down in a minute,” he replied.

After becoming a martial disciple, his sense of hearing had gotten better.
The noise of the hairdryer didn’t disturb Aunt Chen’s voice at all.

Within a minute, he dried his hair and unplugged the hairdryer.
Then, he went down for dinner.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei were waiting for him.

There were a few dishes on the table, steaming hot and fragrant.
The family of three sat around the dinner table and started eating.

“Son, how was your practice today?”

Li Xiumei asked the question Wang Shengguo wanted to ask.
He looked at Wang Teng intently.

Honestly speaking, Wang Shengguo had a hard time being Wang Teng’s father.
Most of the time, his friends would boast about their children in front of him, telling him how outstanding they were or whose child became an intermediate stage martial disciple and an advanced stage martial disciple or whatnot.

Wang Shengguo was the only person who couldn’t brag about his son.
He was the CEO of a huge company worth a few hundred million, but his son was ignorant.

If he talked about his son, other people would laugh at him.

Now, his son finally got his head straight and was willing to practice martial arts.
Once he became an advanced stage martial disciple, he could finally boast to his friends.


“Not bad.
My senior brother from the martial arts academy said that I’m talented,” Wang Teng replied.

He didn’t tell his parents that he was already an intermediate stage martial disciple.
He was afraid that they would faint from the sudden piece of good news.

He would release the news to them slowly in the future.


“It’s good that you’re talented.
That’s good.”

Wang Shengguo was so happy that his eyes couldn’t be seen properly.
He waved his hand and said, “You just need to practice properly.
Our Wang family might not be extremely wealthy and powerful, but we are at least better than ordinary people.
You don’t have to worry about martial arts resources.”


Wang Teng just nodded, not saying anything.

He wasn’t worried about resources.
Other people might need all sorts of martial arts resources, but he didn’t need to rely on them.

He had a bug with him.
Other people’s resources were his resources too!


“Come, eat more food.
You’ve practiced the entire day, so you must be tired and hungry.”

Rather than hoping he would become a martial warrior, Li Xiumei was more concerned if he was tired or had suffered.
She felt her heart hurting a little when she saw him stuffing down his food.

Wang Teng didn’t have the time to talk.
He had to admit that star beast meat was very delicious.
It was fatty but not greasy, and it melted in his mouth like cotton candy.

When he swallowed the meat, he could feel a stream of warmth spreading throughout his body.
It soothed his tiredness and fatigue.

Li Xiumei and Wang Shengguo ate some meat too, but they didn’t dare to overeat.

They didn’t practice martial arts, so if they ate too much star beast meat, it would be harmful to their bodies instead.

An average person in the martial arts era had a stronger physique because of the influence of the Force, but that was a long-term and gradual effect.

After dinner, just as Wang Teng prepared to go to the Jixin Martial House again, his cell phone rang.

He picked up his phone and heard Xu Jie’s voice on the other end.

“Brother Wang Teng, we are already at the Wild Rose Pub.
Come over quickly.”

Wang Teng finally remembered this matter that had been thrown to the back of his mind.
He smiled helplessly and replied, “Alright, wait for me.
I will come soon.”

“It looks like I can’t go to the Jixin Martial House today.”

Wang Teng felt some regret.
But, he knew that he couldn’t stay in the martial arts academy every single day.


“I’ll take it as a chance to relax.”

Wang Teng bid farewell to his parents and went out of his house.

Vroom, vroom, vroom…

The engine of the sports car was extremely loud.
Whether it was the sleek body of the car or the loud engine, it captivated all the passers-by’s attention.

The pub street of the South City.

There were many such pub streets in Donghai, but this one was the most prosperous in the South City.

There were all kinds of pubs here with different styles and price points.

The public bars were suitable for low-end consumers, while the high-end bars were for society’s elites or the wealthy people.

It might be hard to admit it, but humans had been segregated into different classes imperceptibly.


Every night, the pub street would light up brightly and colorfully.
The dazzling neon lights intertwined with the glamorous reflections and colors, forming a dreamy and amazing scene.

In the day, the stress from work bore down on the shoulders of these young men and ladies from the city.
Hence, at night, they wanted to find a place to relax and release it all.

Social pressure had never disappeared.
In the martial arts era, it only got stronger.

They needed to get the stress off their chest!

Of course, to Wang Teng and his friends, this was just a place for them to have fun.

There was a row of luxurious sports cars parked outside the Wild Rose Pub.
Wang Teng had to search for a long time before he managed to find a parking spot.
Then, he walked into the pub.


The door separated the outside noise and the interior of the pub.
When one stepped in, it felt like two different worlds.

The instant he opened the door, the loud music, the peals of laughter of handsome men and pretty ladies, and the blinking lights congregated and lashed out on Wang Teng’s eardrums and eyes.

“What a familiar feeling.”

In his past life, ever since the Wang family had declined, Wang Teng never visited a pub.

He felt that he was kicked out of this noisy world.

But now, he was back again!

Wang Teng strode into the Wild Rose Pub.
He had a handsome face and was wearing branded goods all over.
Due to his martial disciple practices the past two days, his body had gotten firm and muscular, and his mental state had transformed entirely.
Like a diamond in the sand, he stood out among the crowd.

Many ladies were instantly attracted to him.
His appearance had piqued their fancy.

Wang Teng used to be an old man.
Now, he was a true young man with a youthful face.
However, his aura was completely different.


He had experienced many things in his past life.
There were ups and downs, and it was like riding a roller coaster.

He had enjoyed wealth and experienced poverty both.
He used to be an arrogant youth full of high spirits.
Then, he fell to his lowest point in life and turned gloomy and blue…

His rich life experience made him mature and composed.
It easily left a good first impression on people and made them like him.

Wang Teng scanned the pub in search of Xu Jie and his friends.

At this moment, a voice sounded on his left.

“Brother Wang Teng, over here.
Over here!”

Wang Teng looked at the lady waving at him.
It was Bai Wei, the little sister in their circle of friends.


Her hair was tied in a bun.
She looked smart and cheeky with a hint of charm.

Wang Teng could still remember how beautiful this little girl was after she grew up.
In fact, she could wreck a country with her beauty.
Many men were enchanted by her.


“You came early.”

Bai Wei shifted slightly to give some space to Wang Teng.
Wang Teng sat down beside her.

“Brother Wang Teng, you’re late,” Xu Jie complained.

“The night is young, and the fun is just starting.
Why should I come early?” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

“Brother Wang Teng!”

Another young man greeted Wang Teng.

“Yu Hao, long time no see.” Wang Teng looked at the guy.

“My father has been watching me closely recently.
I had to sneak out today to come here,” Yu Hao said helplessly.

“This brat got dragged by his father to learn martial arts.” Xu Jie chuckled at Yu Hao’s plight.

“Oh? How’s your practice?” Wang Teng was surprised.

“I’m already a beginner stage martial disciple,” Yu Hao rubbed his head and said shyly.


“What the f**k, you little brat.
You secretly became a beginner stage martial disciple!” Xu Jie exclaimed in shock.
It was obvious that he hadn’t heard this piece of news before.

“You are the only martial disciple among all of us.
If someone bullies us in the future, we will seek your help.” He then placed his arm around Yu Hao’s shoulder and sniggered.

“Little Mouse (nickname for Yu Hao), we will have to rely on you in the future!” Bai Wei smiled and agreed with Xu Jie.

Yu Hao started feeling a little proud when he heard their comments.
Bai Wei’s compliment made him feel exceptionally good.

They were close friends, so it was normal to have ambiguous good feelings towards the opposite sex.


This was how Yu Hao felt about Bai Wei.

Wang Teng smiled and asked, “Why isn’t Yuan Zhenghua here?”

Everyone turned silent.

“He won’t be coming!” Xu Jie scoffed.

“Huh? What happened?” Wang Teng frowned and asked.

“That fellow is following Li Rongcheng now.
He’s his lackey,” Xu Jie pouted and continued.

“Li Rongcheng!”

Wang Teng pondered for a moment.
Finally, he managed to dig this person up from the depth of his memory.

Wang Teng and his friends had similar family backgrounds.
Their parents’ generation knew each other, and they also had business interactions.
Hence, they formed their own friends’ circle.

As for the Li family, it was quite a huge family in Donghai.
Actually, the Li family was more influential than their families.

In Xu Jie’s eyes, Yuan Zhenghua got close to Li Rongcheng because he wanted to curry favor with him.

This was how their rich second-generation circle worked.
Only those with similar backgrounds could be called friends.
If the difference was too big, it would become a form of currying favor.

“Let’s not talk about him.
Everyone has their own aspirations.
There’s nothing much to be said.” Wang Teng didn’t really care.

“You’re right.
Let’s not talk about that fellow anymore.
Just his name is enough to make me angry,” said Xu Jie.


They changed the topic and ordered some alcohol and fruit platters.
Then, they chatted happily with one another.
As time passed, Wang Teng slowly regained the feeling of his youth.

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