Chapter 88: Rise In Revolt

That stupid Bao Zeqing actually came out in advance to cause trouble!

No problem, he would take revenge for the old and new grudges today.

A cold glimpse appeared in Wang Teng’s eyes.
He walked towards the conference room without any expressions on his face.

“Young Master Wang, wait for me.
That Bao Zeqing brought quite a few people.
Let me accompany you there.
I can call some people along to add to our number.”

Old Sun chased after him in a hurry.
At the same time, he took off the intercom on his body and shouted.
“Hello, Chen Ergou, Chen Ergou, can you hear me?”

“Yes, I’m here.
Boss, what orders do you have?” A rough voice appeared on the other end of the intercom.
The person seemed to be flattering Old Sun.

“Hurry up and assemble on the eighth floor.
Our enemy has already arrived at our doorstep, but you didn’t notice,” Old Sun shouted angrily.

“Which bastard is so bold and dares to create trouble in our Xinteng? I’ll come immediately.”

A loud commotion could be heard on the other end of the intercom.
They caught Chen Ergou shouting, “Time to work!” to someone.
Then, the line disconnected.

Old Sun laughed awkwardly.
“Young Master Wang, this is my nephew.
He’s not very educated, but he’s daring and hardworking.
You can watch his performance later.”

Wang Teng didn’t reply.
He walked into the lift with Old Sun and went up to the eighth floor.

He looked at the familiar but unfamiliar structures around him and headed to the meeting room based on the memory deep inside his mind.

The instant he reached the meeting room entrance, he heard Li Xiumei’s angry voice inside.

“Jia Guiren, my husband treated you very well.
How can you collude with outsiders to seize the company’s shares when he’s in trouble?”

Wang, you don’t have to make it sound so bad.
Boss Wang indeed treats me well, and I’m grateful to him.
However, it is in man’s nature to strive for better.
Boss Bao is a man of great talent and bold vision.
His company has more potential, so understandably, I’m more willing to work with him.”

A man’s voice could be heard after that.
He sounded so hypocritical that Wang Teng frowned uncontrollably.
His expression turned colder.

“That Deputy Jia seemed like a good person.
I didn’t expect him to be a rotten egg,” Old Sun said with disgust.

Wang Teng didn’t say anything, just pushing the door of the meeting room.

In an instant, everyone looked at him.

“Little Teng, why are you here?” Li Xiumei asked in surprise when she saw Wang Teng.
She looked exhausted.

“I heard that something happened, so I came to take a look.”

Wang Teng walked into the meeting room.
He glanced at the men who looked like successful people.
They were wearing suits and sitting calmly on the chairs.

“Little Boss Wang, this is a matter between adults.
There’s no need for you to interfere,” a man who looked around 40 years old said.
He was wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses.

“Jia Guiren!”

Wang Teng smiled calmly and sat down beside Li Xiumei.
He pulled the chair for her.
“Mom, have a seat.
Aren’t you tired from standing?”

As he spoke, he noticed that there was a young lady around 20 years old sitting on Li Xiumei’s right.

He exclaimed in surprise, “Cousin, you’re here too.”

“Younger brother.”

Wang Yanan nodded at Wang Teng.
“Grandfather was worried when he heard about this, so he asked me to come and see if I can help.”

This lady was Wang Teng’s uncle, Wang Shenghong’s, daughter.
She graduated from a top university.
After she completed her postgraduate study, she joined the Rongsheng Group that Wang Teng’s grandfather had founded.
Her capabilities were outstanding, and she gained the approval of the higher authorities in the company within two years.

She was able to undertake tasks alone now.

It was obvious that his uncle sent her over to help because he trusted her ability.

Jia Guiren frowned when he saw Wang Teng ignoring him.
Anger appeared on his face.
In the past, Wang Shengguo had told him about Wang Teng’s playful acts frequently.
He listened to them until he felt that callus was going to grow on his ears.

This arrogant and useless person actually disregarded him!

“Hmph, Little Boss Wang is still the same.
You don’t have any respect for an elder like me.”

A sinister glimpse flashed past Jia Guiren’s eyes.
He took the chance to influence the thoughts of the other higher-ups in the company.

Look, this is the future heir of Xingten.
He shows no respect to his elders and superiors.
Are you still going to place your hopes in him?

Many of the company’s founding members frowned slightly.

They had heard of Wang Teng a long time ago.
It was alright if he was just arrogant and playful.
He was still young, so it was understandable that he would be wilful because of his parents’ love.
After he matured, everything would be fine.

But, if he showed no respect to his elders, that was a little disappointing.

Li Xiumei and Wang Yanan shook their heads secretly when they saw everyone’s reaction.
They exchanged glances and read the helplessness on each other’s faces.

Wang Teng’s sudden arrival had caught them off guard.

They were already at a disadvantage, but Jia Guiren was now making an issue out of Wang Teng’s character.
Any minor problems could be amplified and move the hearts of the company’s founding members.
They were in a passive position.

“Little Boss Wang, we are having a meeting.
If you have nothing, you can leave first,” a founding member said unhappily.
He seemed to think that Wang Teng was kicking up a fuss and embarrassing them.

“Why should I leave?” Wang Teng placed his weapon carrier casket on the ground and put his right hand on it as he said indifferently.

“Hmph, Mrs.
Wang, it looks like your family’s education is really bad.
Our Little Boss Wang doesn’t know his manners and shows no respect to his elders at all.
Boss Wang’s ability must be limited since he’s unable to teach his child properly.

“Also, our Little Boss Wang isn’t young anymore.
It’s time to educate him.
If not, he will definitely cause trouble in the future!” The fat middle-aged man sitting beside Jia Guiren laughed as he said.

“If you can’t bear to do it, let me educate him properly for you.”

Jia Guiren suddenly burst out laughing as though he had heard a funny joke.

The other founding members of the company watched the scene indifferently.
A few of them wanted to say something, but the situation was still uncertain.
They didn’t want to stand out.
Bao Zeqing might target them in the future.

This time, Bao Zeqing came well-prepared.
Wang Shengguo was in trouble, and there was no news of him even until now.
The company was in danger.

No one knew if the company would be able to survive.

If it was really bought over by Bao Zeqing, they would need to work under him.
It wasn’t a wise move to stand out now.

However, at this moment, a short middle-aged man suddenly stood up and pointed at Bao Zeqing furiously.
“Bao Zeqing, you are a reputable businessman.
Yet, you are attempting to take over Xinteng when our Boss Wang isn’t around.
You even bully and humiliate his wife and son.
What is this?”

Bao Zeqing looked at him mockingly.
Before he could speak, Jia Guiren opened his mouth first.
“Haha, Old Guo, I didn’t know that you were such a loyal dog.”

“You…” Guo Mingda was so angry he didn’t know what to say.

Even a refined lady like Li Xiumei was trembling in anger.
Her face was covered with soot.
Just as she was about to blow her fuse, Wang Teng held her hand and patted it softly to comfort her.

Then, he stood up slowly.
Everyone couldn’t help but look at him.

He pressed his palm on the marble meeting table in front of him.
Force seeped out of his body, and his strength exploded.


Cracks appeared on the entire marble table.
Immediately after that, it shattered and smashed on the ground in front of everyone.

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