At the bottom of the sea, a gigantic ape was standing in the middle of a sea trench.
It was the ruler of the sea and the king among all the powerful sea beasts.
On this entire planet, it was at the forefront of evolution.
None of the humans was its match.

However, at this moment, its huge eyes were filled with seriousness.
It was staring intently at the incomparably tiny human figure ahead of it.

A ray of gold light traveled towards it at lightning speed.
It cut through the sea, ignoring the strong pressure thousands of meters below the sea level, and shot toward Windstorm Giant Ape as though there was no resistance.

When the golden light was about ten meters away from it, the pupils of the Windstorm Giant Ape constricted furiously.

It gave an earth-shaking roar.
The soundwaves forced away the seawater around it.
A long rod appeared in its hand, and it swung it out viciously.

There were purple sparks of lightning flickering on the long rod.
It struck down like a huge bolt of lightning.

The golden ray of light collided with the purple bolt of lightning.

The seawater was pushed outwards strongly.
An empty area was formed with the two martial warriors in the center.

The seawater formed a terrifying undercurrent at the bottom of the sea.
It tore down everything in its path.
The sand and mud that had remained stationary under the sea for millions of years were swept into the current.

Fortunately, there were no other living creatures in this depth of the sea.
The powerful undercurrents were strong enough to mutilate a lord-level star beast.

Wang Teng stared at the scene quietly with a calm expression.

After some time, peace resumed at the bottom of the sea, revealing the gigantic body of the Windstorm Giant Ape in the trench.

It stood there motionlessly.
The long rod in its hands had broken into two.

Suddenly, the stench of blood floated over.
A bloody flower blossomed silently on the forehead of the Windstorm Giant Ape.

A beam of gold light pierced through the back of its head and made a u-turn in the seawater before returning to Wang Teng.
It twirled around Windstorm Giant Ape like a loyal guard committed to its duty of protecting its master.

Wang Teng glanced at the spinning Golden Crescent Blade.
There were no signs of blood on its sharp and smooth blade.
It was so clean as if it was washed.

“This is good!” A tinge of astonishment floated into Wang Teng’s eyes.

“Hmph, of course.” Round Ball’s unhappy voice appeared in his mind.

Pretending not to hear it, he glanced at the Windstorm Giant Ape below and saw many attribute bubbles floating around its body.

The king of sea beasts that caused Donghai to fall into desperation had been easily killed by Wang Teng.

He remained composed.
The Windstorm Giant Ape did cause him much trouble in the past.
If he hadn’t used the ultimate move, Space Tornado, he wouldn’t have been able to force it to back down.

If he didn’t stop the Windstorm Giant Ape, it might have massacred the entire city, sparing no one.

But now, Wang Teng had already gone through many things.
He even killed a few planetary-stage martial warriors, so he was no longer afraid of this Windstorm Giant Ape that hadn’t reached the emperor level.
He didn’t even think much about it.

He killed the Windstorm Giant Ape to get rid of future trouble for the human race.

Wang Teng glanced at the attribute bubbles below and picked them up.

Ultimate Stage Lightning Talent*3200

Ultimate Stage Wind Talent*2800

Ultimate Stage Water Talent*3500

Constellation Force (Lightning)*1000

Constellation Force (Wind)*800

Constellation Force (Water)*1500

Wang Teng widened his eyes in shock when these attribute bubbles merged into his body.

He couldn’t help but curse.

This Windstorm Giant Ape dropped amazing loot!

Wang Teng was stunned.
He didn’t expect the Windstorm Giant Ape to give him such a large amount of attributes.

He sensed the ability of the Windstorm Giant Ape and knew that it hadn’t reached the emperor level, which was comparable to the planetary stage for humans.
Yet the attribute bubbles it dropped were as good as the ones planetary-stage martial warriors had.

He had to admit that the Windstorm Giant Ape was blessed by nature.

It possessed three different talents, wind, lightning, and water, and all three had reached the ultimate stage.
Wang Teng gained 3200 points of ultimate stage lightning talent, 2800 points of ultimate stage wind talent, and 3500 points of ultimate stage water talent from it directly.

These three attribute bubbles entered his body and pushed his talents up.

Before the addition, all three talents hadn’t reached the emperor level.
Now, with the help of this windfall, all of them achieved a breakthrough.

Emperor-Level Water Talent: 80/10000

Emperor-Level Wind Talent: 15/10000

Emperor-Level Lightning Talent: 25/10000

Wang Teng felt extremely lucky when he saw the change on his attributes panel.
The wind and lightning talent just barely managed to advance to the emperor level.

If the Windstorm Giant Ape had dropped slightly lesser attributes, his talents wouldn’t have advanced.

Mind you, lightning and wind were special mutated elements.
It was hard to find someone who possessed them, so improving these two talents was extremely hard.
He was fortunate and managed to raise both to the emperor level.
Wang Teng wouldn’t need to worry about his talents not catching up with his ability for some time.

Besides the talents, the ape also dropped other amazing attributes like Forces.
Besides ordinary Forces, there were constellation Forces too.

Wang Teng was surprised at the appearance of the constellation Forces.

The Windstorm Giant Ape didn’t receive any legacy and managed to turn ordinary Force into constellation Force solely with its own effort and talent.
This wasn’t something an ordinary star beast could do.

He believed that if given enough time, the Windstorm Giant Ape would definitely reach the emperor level.
At that time, it would be able to dominate the Earth with its three impressive talents.

Of course, that was before Wang Teng killed it.

The three Forces flowed through Wang Teng’s body.
The water Force entered the water star while the wind and lightning Forces entered the Force nucleus.

Wang Teng’s wind and lightning Force were still at the 13-star general stage.
Thus, they hadn’t formed their respective Force stars.

There was another attribute bubble containing 25000 points of blank attributes.
Wang Teng was satisfied with this number.

The last attribute bubble contained a special battle technique.
It was the Lightning Tornado!

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows when he saw the name of the technique.
There was some fate between him and tornado battle techniques.

He could make a tornado series in the future.

Wang Teng thought to himself silently.
It would be quite interesting.

As the Lightning Tornado attribute bubble merged into his body, a huge shadow appeared in his mind.
This was a giant ape.
Wind Force was gushing around its body, creating a tornado.
Lightning Force turned into terrifying bolts of lightning and merged into the tornado.
The two of them mixed with each other and reached an intriguing equilibrium.
Then, they released a frightening power.

After some time, Wang Teng opened his eyes.
He was enlightened.
A sharp green glow flashed in one of his eyes while a bolt of purple lightning blinked in his other.
It was a mysterious sight.

“This lightning tornado is interesting,” Wang Teng muttered to himself.
He liked this skill.

The Lightning Tornado was definitely not as powerful as the Space Tornado, but it was still many times more powerful than an ordinary planetary-stage battle technique.
It could be one of his trump cards!

The most important thing was, the Lightning Tornado was easier to execute compared to the Space Tornado.
The strain on his body was smaller.
When he executed the Space Tornado, his body needed to withstand the backlash of the power of space.
His body would have been crippled after one execution if it wasn’t strong enough.

But his body still suffered damage and his ability was impaired after executing the skill.
If he met a powerful opponent at this moment, he would be in grave danger.

The Lightning Tornado was different.
Wang Teng’s physical body was able to resist the damage by the power of lightning and wind.
He wouldn’t be hurt when he executed this skill.

Overall, it was a good battle technique.

If Round Ball knew that Wang Teng marked the Lightning Tornado as a good battle technique, it would probably start educating him again.

In the universe, many powerful martial warriors would fight their way to snatch this battle technique.

Even eternal-stage martial warriors might get interested.
After all, there was no stage restriction for this battle technique.
If it was executed by an eternal-stage martial warrior, it could release eternal-stage power.

Such battle techniques were rare even in the universe.

After collecting all the attribute bubbles, Wang Teng glanced at the Windstorm Giant Ape and wondered what he should do with the corpse.

Round Ball’s voice sounded in his mind.
“Pass it to me.
There’s a star core and a star bone in the Windstorm Giant Ape’s body.
They’re good materials for making a battle armor.”

“Battle armor!” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.

“That’s right.
I’m going to make a battle armor made of star bones for you,” Round Ball chuckled.
It sounded excited.

“Are you going to make it personally?” Wang Teng pointed out.

“Why not? Come on, I was a famous grandmaster blacksmith back in the old days.
It’s a piece of cake for me to make battle armor for a planetary-stage martial warrior like you.
You should feel honored,” Round Ball said.

“You’re a grandmaster blacksmith? You have my respect.” Wang Teng rolled his eyes secretly, but he still remained polite.

“Hmph, I know you’re a master blacksmith, but you’re still a distance away from becoming a grandmaster.
You can learn from me,” Round Ball said proudly.
It finally found something it was better at.

Wang Teng chuckled to himself.
Round Ball didn’t know that he could raise his secondary jobs’ level by collecting attribute bubbles.
He didn’t need to learn.

He might be able to become a grandmaster after watching it a few times!

He would surprise it again!

Round Ball kept the corpse of the Windstorm Giant Ape.
After that, Wang Teng left the deep sea and rushed back to Country Xia.

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