The Wang residence was no doubt the most extravagant residential building in the entire Donghai.

Donghai was able to rebuild itself quickly due to Wang Teng’s sponsorship.
Hence, the Wang family was given a large piece of land.
They hired a renowned architect to design their home with an antique flavor.
It gave off a classic and elegant beauty.

There was a symphony of pavilions and terraces as the modern and ancient styles merged harmoniously.
A landscape of lakes and greenery added radiance and beauty to each other.
It was mesmerizing.

There were also villas constructed around their residence.
They were properly distributed like the myriad of stars surrounding the moon.
They created stunning scenery.

The Wang family didn’t build these villas.
Rather, they were constructed by the other powerful and wealthy families and figures.
They didn’t come for the Wang family.
They built their villas here because of Wang Teng, the most powerful martial warrior on Earth.

What was safer than being neighbors with the most powerful martial warrior on the planet?

There were two days left until the Global Union Conference, but many people had already arrived in Donghai.
Foreign faces could be roaming the streets every day.

Country Xia sent a large troop to Donghai to guard and enforce the order.

Suddenly, a beam of light rose from a certain area in Donghai.
This thick and dense pillar of yellow light shot into the sky.

Both the citizens of Donghai and the visitors were attracted by the pillar of light.

“That’s the Wang residence!”

“Look, that’s Wang Teng in the air.”

“He’s laying down an array!”

A few sharp-eyed martial warriors saw the figure above the Wang residence and recognized the person immediately.
Hence, they guessed what he was doing.

The figure disappeared quickly after the momentary appearance.

Wang Teng made an array for the Wang residence personally!

Ever since he got crowned the title of the strongest martial warrior on Earth, Wang Teng got famous.
His past achievements were dug out too.
Now, many people knew that he was an array master and a runemaster.

Thus, no one was surprised that he formed an array for the Wang residence.
Instead, they were envious.

Wang Teng had guided the runemasters in creating the defense array for Donghai.
The sea beasts’ riot proved the powerful defense ability of the array.
They were astounded by Wang Teng’s array mastery and started exaggerating his skills.

After seeing him in action, some people started to have other thoughts.

If they could invite Wang Teng to form an array for them around their house, they would be able to rest in peace even when there was a star beasts’ riot.

This thought appeared in many people’s minds.
Within two hours, the doors of the Wang residence almost cracked because of the number of visitors.

Wang Teng was welcoming an ordinary-looking middle-aged man into his residence.

The sofa in the living room was made using precious wood from the Xingwu Continent, the Purple Essence Wood.
Wang Teng was sitting opposite the middle-aged man.

Very soon, a robot dressed as a servant served them Longjing tea1.

The robot looked almost like a real human.
The outer shell was made using the most advanced simulated biochemical skin, so it looked similar to a human.

This was Round Ball’s work of art.
These robots came from the QY-E63 spacecraft.
Many of them were damaged by Wang Teng, so Round Ball used its advanced technology to repair them and dressed them up in simulated skin.
They became the security guards of the Wang residence and could even serve drinks and cook meals.
They were extremely useful.

However, Wang Teng still allowed them to preserve some traits of a robot to differentiate them from the real humans.

Wang Teng, these robots are not from the Earth, right?” The middle-aged man was surprised.

“Hahaha, Mr.
Ma, you have good eyesight.
I got these robots from the historical site.” Wang Teng smiled.

This ordinary-looking middle-aged man was an extremely renowned entrepreneur of Country Xia.
He was also widely known internationally, so Wang Teng came to welcome him personally.

Of course, Mr.
Ma was flattered when Wang Teng came to see him personally.
Mind you, he had a high status now.
He was giving him ample respect by meeting him in person.

Wang Teng felt emotional as he looked at the excited middle-aged man in front of him.
When he just came to this world, he wanted to use this famous person’s business idea and earn himself a reputation too.
However, the world had changed, so Mr.
Ma had already started his business journey.
He didn’t give him any chance.

Wang Teng had no choice but to take the martial arts path, walking grudgingly to this position.

The world was unpredictable.
No one knew what would happen in the future.

“Is it the historical site found on the Central Continent?” Mr.
Ma exclaimed.

“That’s right.” Wang Teng nodded.

“As expected, there are many good things in the historical site.
If we study these robots, the technology of our planet will rise to an all-new height.” Mr.
Ma was a smart guy.
He immediately thought of many possibilities.
His eyes lit up, and he asked in a cautious tone, “How many robots do you have? Can you spare one for me?”

“I have sent some robots to the military, and they’re studying them.
They will probably release their findings soon.” Wang Teng smiled.
“As for the ones in my house, I kept them to protect my family.
I don’t mind gifting one to you.”

“I thought so too, but I just had to ask.” Mr.
Ma shook his head with a dejected smile.

Ma, what brought you here today?” Wang Teng asked.

Wang Teng, your name has spread all over the world as a master of runes.
Many people want to seek your help in forming rune arrays for them.
I’m no exception.
I have bought a property near the Wang residence and plan to stay here in the future and be your neighbor.
I wanted to ask for your help to arrange an array for me.” Mr.
Ma rubbed his hands and gave an embarrassed smile.

“Hahaha, I won’t have agreed to others, but since Mr.
Ma came to ask me personally, I guess I’ll have to lend a hand.” Wang Teng smiled.

“Really? Thank you so much!” Mr.
Ma felt extremely content when he heard Wang Teng’s reply.
He beamed with happiness.
“But there’s no hurry.
You can come over when you’re free.”

Wang Teng nodded in agreement and they set a time for him to go over to create the array.

“I’ll not disturb you anymore.” Mr.
Ma bade farewell.

After Mr.
Ma left, Wang Teng shook his head and walked into the room.
He saw Grandpa Wang and Wang Shengguo coming out.
“Grandpa Wang, Dad, if anyone else comes to find me, tell them I’m cultivating and can’t be disturbed,” he said in a helpless tone.

Other people yearn to meet them, but you seem reluctant to even see them,” Grandpa Wang teased him.

“It’s too troublesome.
I’m leaving.” Wang Teng shook his head and ran away.

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